Subprime Is To Lehman As Prime Is To Lehman-Buyer Barclays?

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We won't spend too much time to dwell on the following pamphlet of sheer "buy, buy, buy" desperation from Barclays' Sandeep Bordia, suffice it to say that we now know which would be the first European blue light special "rescuer" of Lehman to go under courtesy of a massively wrong bet on PrimeX should the "illiquid" market continue to flounder. Which it will. We will add, however, that it would be damn poetic, not to mention hilarious, if while long and wrong bets on Subprime is what detonated Lehman, then being John Holmes'd in Prime is what leads to Barclays' bankruptcy (and we do already know that Barc is the bank with the second largest capital shortfall in Europe courtesy of that other bank which hopes to pick up the pieces upon blue's implosion, Credit Suisse). It would appear that the vultures are already circling... And where the vultures are, the squid can't be far behind.

The funniest bit from the Barclays' pitchbook:

Technical risk: Will there be forced unwinds of leveraged PrimeX trades in a negative macro event? While this is potentially more credible than other risks, several investors put in more equity in PrimeX trades than required. More importantly, we believe that these indices look fundamentally very cheap at current levels and adequately compensate investors for this additional risk.

Well of course you do. Yet we wonder: just who are these investors who put in "more equity" in PrimeX which is now effectively wiped out?


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Barclays wants you to BTFD in PrimeX? You don't say.

A great way to measure deterioration in PrimeX will be the CNBC coverage. If they get all over it, it'll probably rally...

Don't US tbtf have massive inter-connectedness to Barclays?

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Depends, I have to call Mozillo to see if this is a buy or not.

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I would put my career on the line for this one. A++++ Would buy again!

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I just googled "PrimeX" problem never went away I take it

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SubPrime Is To Lehman As Prime Is To Lehman-Buyer Barclays? logic chain found in job interviews for Ibanking?


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From FT:


'So what is the Markit PrimeX exactly? [And why on earth does it exist?] To discuss, let’s take a look at the family which the index belongs to..... The Synthetic RMBS Family...  And in case you are wondering who traded this errr.. stuff, here’s a handy table from the marketing presentation...  An important distinction between how these indices operate versus credit indices like the Markit iTraxx and CDX, is that these are “pay-as-you-go”. Under that model, which ISDA had the courtesy to standardise in order to [allow an incredible amount of leveraged subprime exposure to build-up in the system] alleviate otherwise overly burdensome operational constraints....'

I truly believe that when the history of the last few years is written most people who read it will think that the story was made up, that nobody, NOBODY, with a single functioning synapse could possibly think any of it was a good idea.


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Presently few people have 'functioning synapses' so what makes you think the future will have (somewhat) intelligent beings?

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The humans who remember the old bucket shops are nearly all dead.

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Zero Hedge is to Matter as Barclays is to Anti Matter.

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The headline of this article brought me back to the analogy section of the SATs

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My penis is to large as Jim O'Neill's forecasts are to reality.

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On a side note, does anyone see how transparent the DHS is regarding OWS?


A new Fact Sheet we are releasing today outlines our three main objectives:

  1. Support and coordinate efforts to better understand the phenomenon of violent extremism, including assessing the threat it poses to the Nation as a whole and within specific communities;
  2. Bolster efforts to catalyze and support non-governmental, community-based programs, and strengthen relationships with communities that may be targeted for recruitment by violent extremists; and
  3. Disrupt and deter recruitment or individual mobilization through support for local law enforcement programs, including information-driven, community-oriented policing efforts that for decades have proven effective in preventing violent crime.

To implement this approach, DHS is working closely with our federal and international partners, as well as our many partners at the community, state, local, and tribal level across the country. We are an important partner in supporting the National Strategy on Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism, which President Obama released last week.


Back in 2009, this advisory was released


Statement by U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on the Threat of Right-Wing Extremism

Release Date: April 15, 2009

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010

We are filled with daily comedy on threatened central planning stages. LOL

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Statement by U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on the Threat of Right-Wing Extremism

but wasn't that a recipe for making Tea Party Kool Aid?

aren't they dealing with different ingredients now?

they best watch out or they'll bring back the ole bread & gravy song

On Monday we had bread with some gravy.
On Tuesday was gravy and bread.

On Wed. and Thur. was gravy and toast,
which is nothing but gravy and bread.

So Friday I went to the landlord and asked for us something instead.

And on Staurday morning by way of a change
we had gravy w/o any bread.


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Link no longer available?  Is it somewhere else?

I guess it was down, the link is working now.

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Never for money, home is for love.......we are getting closer

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Everybody ready for next week? 

Will it be Moanday or Tooeasyday? Sure feels like somethign has to give. Barclays is worse than it's Bitelays.

It's never the obvious thing, always from left field.



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hey Jim, thatks for that link...Alessio is a fucking legend..."there is no the end of the day, the government is a slave to GS and MS"...crucify the bitchez...

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surprised there aren't more comments on this subject. "they only dream of one thing, sir." "What's that?" "Revenge." And for that we are all to be scarred for life. Forget TBTF people and just think "too phuckin' big" cuz what's happening sure doesn't look like it has commerce as a goal but anger and rage...effected of course.

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"And where the vultures are, the squid can't be far behind."


Nice.  I come here for the laughs as much as for the news.

I'm told this one was published about a year before the Fed: