Successful Auctions And Chinese Buying

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Rumors go hand-in-hand with FIAT, both are theoretically infinite.

So now we have a gossip fueled market, CNBC might be even more powerful than the Bernank. Great.

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Regression to the Truth

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dont think more than HALF day rally and then slump again

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Yet the rumor has to be considered a success. Look at how much money some people made yesterday and the end of the world (to them) was delayed maybe up to a day. The one who planted the rumor is very happy.

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It's like a bad horror flick, "THE ECONOMY THAT WOULDN'T" DIE!!!!"

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 This should be very bearish news considering China needs Europe to be on board with the move against the dollar as WRC. Consumption of critical commodities will not drop significantly with a failed Europe in order for China to maintain growth in energy consumption. The U.S. has lots of capacity to reduce energy consumption through conservation, smaller, fewer cars, etc. 

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What happened to "this can be fixed", Peter? Surely China can help out with those interbank dollar funding woes...or did they forget where those hundreds of billions in reserves were stashed? LOL

China is waiting until they are well and truly over the proverbial barrel (but before the other proverbial barrel is over the falls) so they can negotiate for some of that port and italian gold.


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This is a time of govt and media intervention (read: lies, disinformation, manipulation, fabrication) that would bring a tear of shear joy to Joseph Goebbels face.  He would be so very proud of America and how its government and associated puppet/shill media has adopted and improved upon his methodologies of corrupt propaganda.

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The US Treasuries still seem to be the safe have choice and will likely remain that way for several more months.

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When will the Chinese come in at support gold.

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I wonder if China is leaking this disinfo to prevent gold skyrocketting... so it can continue to get its hands on physical cheaply...

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Having said that - maybe they really are dumb enough to buy all this toxic crap - they are a bunch of central planning bureaucrats, after all.

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I would not count on the Chinese to come to the rescue anywhere in the world where there is trouble.  No foriegn aid, no handouts, they would not even start a war for fear of the costs of rebuilding a mess after a conflict.  You can count them out when it comes to anything bordering on altruism. 

They like one way deals.  The dollar peg and US trade with china is that.  Their dealings in Africa are a one way bad deal for the whole continent, getting cheap fall apart infastructure for hard assets.  That continent will wake up one day to the mother of all African Rape jobs.  You think the colonialists were bad? you ain't seen nothing yet Africa.

So no suprise the Chinese are lackluster when it comes to Europe.  I am sure they want collateral for any bond buying and another one way deal.  The Chinese buy up everything for themselves, as the "One China" policy is all about being number one and that extends from the top of government down to little one child only Emporers.  They are creating a new definition for the word greed.

So I would not count on them to invest capital in USA infastructure, Europe (unless it comes with ownership of many things), places like Dubai which need new investment capital, or any place else hard hit economies.  Any Chinese in Haiti, Darfur, Afghanistan?  Na.  No money in those places.

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And this differs from us how, exactly? You think our foreign 'aid' (that just entrenches existing corrupt and failing power structures) comes without rope-sized strings attached?

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Yes and the USA is just as bad.  But at least the USA actively blows hundreds of billions on futile adventures around the world and is activley hated for such adventures.  The Chinese get off scott free for their mis-dealings.

Here is one for you.  Who is sending food to North Korea these days?  The Chinese?  The mentors and chearleaders of such psychotic regimes.  The same Chinese that brought you Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.  No.  The USA is now sending food to starving North Koreans.  

And soon enough the RMB will be the world reserve currency, with China's own genocidal mandiac as the face of 21st century global trade.  It seems fitting.

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The financial system has been short circuted since 2008, bond purchases are all a scam ECB and the FED pay forign bankers to buy bonds to keep the system a float.. they need to kill a few to make you belive it's a real war.  Greek looks like a good target... Bitchez

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I wonder how many of these Luxembourg and Cayman Island 'trusts' are just fronts for The Fed.

There's a reason they resist a full audit.

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An even more important problem is that when China buys any country's debt other than our own it creates the potential short fall of buyers for our debt.

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Of course is China buying Italian bonds. Maybe they do not like the Greek bonds anymore! So Greece has to default because there is no potential buyer left (under the prerequisite that the ECB is not doing the same as the Fed does - limitless monetizing of debt ).

So Greece is  defaulting. That is a huge relief for the Greek people. The will get rid of the bulk of their debts while still enjoying a stable and trusted currency. There is no better solution for Greece. Now they only have to find a way to manage their economic future.  This is their problem. They dont have a problem with their currency. Greeks problem are corruption, excessive military expenses, their non functioning pro-forma democraty and so on. Greek is more an oligarchy having in mind that the goverment during the last 50 years was  in the hands of 2 or 3 families.  Now they have a clean sheet and they can try out if they are able to arrive in modern days.


China stops buying Greek bonds so does evrybody else. This is forcing Greece to live within its means.  That is a reality which all countries sooner or later have to face. So Greek is in advantage because they can still expect some help from the ones not yet bankrupt. Greeks are clever.

So what bonds will China buy in the future.

Italian bonds - still an accceptable choice. Berlusconi tries to have a balanced budget within the next few years. So there is at least a good will recognizable that Italy does not plan to produce a strategic default.

The same accounts for some other Euroland countries. Spain has just altered its constitution in order to reach a balanced budget in the near future. This is well comparable with Italy.

Why should the Euro be affected by the present situation. I dont know? The Euro only gets a problem when the ECB starts to monetize like the Fed. But I do not see this in the moment.

Banks will have problems now because of the Greek default. This is the problem but not the currency.  Europe has to make the choice whether to sacrifice their currency or let the banking system go bust. It looks like the banks lost. But this is not yet sure. maybe the Money funds are going to open the tap for the French banks again before they are blowing up. This is my bet, because the default of the French banks could pull down other big European and US banks. But this a problem of other banks and not the problem of the Euro currency.


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"I only have so many fingers and toes after all." 

Randon fact: using binary, you can count to 1023 on just your fingers. Over a million if you use your toes too :p

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I don't see any changes in China buying debt as long as gold is being supressed and they can BTFD.

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China has a lot of issues of its own to deal with-- like fixing their own economy and to be messig around proppig up unsustainable situations will only create more problems for China down the road.

Of curse the bigger point being that these kind of bailouts don't fix the probkem but only make it more frequent and bigger in size can not be ignored forever even in this centrally planned/manipulated ill fated market.

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