Suck It Up Buffett: BRK/A Below $100,000 For First Time In 20 Months

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Following yesterday's 1-2 BAC/WFC downgrade double penetration (which the market will very soon realize has substantial impacts on money market and other prime money access) performed on ye olde' Octogenrian of Omaha by Moody's (in which, adding insult to injury, Buffett is an investor as well) the market has had a violent reminder that Berkshire is nothing but a procyclial and levered derivative of downside market risk courtesy of the "insurance" company's massive bet that the market will only go up, yes we are talking about all those sold index puts. As a result, for the first time in 20 months, anyone owning a share of BRK/A can no longer say they have over $100,000 with the stock dropping to 99,275. And if, as the market indicates, Buffett's buddies at the global central planning committee no longer have control of the markets, pretty soon the thousands separator comma will be converted into a decimal point.

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My call? The company will survive.

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The Fed will be replaced with "The Birkshire People's Bank", which will bring Obama a landslide win in 2012.  

Ron Paul will lead the revolution to take back the country... Civil unrest will ensue 

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Does Canadians play a role in this? We stay best friends with the US, right?

Don't change your mind on this one.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

The U.S. doesn't have friends or allies in a conventional sense.

Just understand where you fit in the corporate gears. Don't apply human attributes to a machine.

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What about you? Can we be friends?

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After raping taxpayers for a minimum of 17 billion via the TARP and AIG Rescue Packages (which rescued many, many counterparties of AIG and holdings of Buffett), and probably having received government (ala taxpayer) largess many times over that amount through the years, it would be pure & sweet poetic justice to see Buffett and Munger both die impoverished, like rats in the filthy back alleys of some slum.

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Yeah, was watching a documentary the other night about the 'Plan Red' scenarios in the 30s; invade Canada and take on the British Empire for control of the world.They even went so far as to build 2 'civilian airfields' and one more made from perforated runway matting (so the grass would grow through it and hide it from observation, apparently).

Interesting to watch.

Seems the US has never had friends or allies in a conventional sense.

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"double penetration"

-> -> SafeSearch off


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People have friends. Countries just have interests. And sometimes other conuntries interests match ours. That's pretty much the case with Canada. They have oil to sell, we need to buy oil, ect, ect.

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Do you honestly think American soliders would like to invade Canada? In war, you have to have hate or fear of your enemy.

I would like to think that there is a lot of shared families between our borders.

People have friends and families. Countries are made of people.

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As with other notable -- or rather, notorious -- names of late ( NFLX, recognize the pattern ), Fidelity is also a large institutional holder of BRK ( A and B ). Indeed, FMR's flagship Contrafund lists Berkshire-A as the third largest holding. 

On the Barry O'Bama/Uncle Warren front, Buffett is participating in a Chicago fundraiser for Obama 2012. Sorry, people: plutocrats and crony capitalists only, as it is a $38,000-a-plate affair. 

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

What, no deeply discounted $25,000 plates near the kitchen door? 

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Discounts are available, but the main entree will be provided by Hardee's. Dessert courtesy of Friendly's.

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You need to throw in the words "glorious" and "democratic" in there as well.

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Yes.  And Secretary of Extra-Terrestial Affairs Kucinich will push for a ban on all earthly currency.

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Yes. But will the patient live?!

Stumpy's picture

It depends on how patient you are.

AccreditedEYE's picture

Probably Stumpy, but in what form? They may keep it together while the Old Balls is alive and well but the moment he kicks the can you'll see calls to carve it up and feed it to private equity. (which would make the old man spin in his grave) I'm very pleased to see catastrophe claims and a weakening economic backdrop hitting at the same time as it will put pressure on earnings... oh, and he can kiss his BAC investment goodbye too.

Stumpy's picture

If there is some sort of Ponzi Scheme Ethics (PSE?), US owes one to Buffet and its company. Buffet agrees to ride a cycle down, but to be one the best cycle up.

AccreditedEYE's picture

Perhaps...if he's alive by then.

Stumpy's picture

His mind is cloned on a supercomputer somewhere. His DNA has been fully sequenced. His body will be frozen in carbonite. He will ride the next leg up!

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HH called it! Five figures to stay?

'And if, as the market indicates, Buffett's buddies at the global central planning committee no longer have control of the markets, pretty soon the thousands separator comma will be converted into a decimal point.'

Long Overdue.

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Hey how much has he lost on his BAC investment? I remember the headlines on the day he invested everyione was like Buffet made over 1 billion today what a genius, then nothing, silence.


How much has he lost?

bania's picture

Maybe Gates can short BRK with the proceeds going to his foundation?

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So when is this POS will have a heart attack?

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It's the "buffett tax" in action.

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BAC is kicking his ass!! Right on!!


Sutton's picture

Is he still short all of those puts?

He'll die broke.

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time for Oligarch bashing at ZH. Well, well, there are some who put their money to save king and country, like true soldiers. Having said that, I think behind the scenes if not on this play, then on others, there will be repayment through "regulatory capture" to soldier-Oligarch. Love the sound of that catch phrase...

Archimedes's picture

Yeah and BAC is at 6.22. Nearly a dollar lower than his buy in price. Ha! I would rate this event Quadruple A!

Mercury's picture

He didn't buy the common although he got warrants thrown into the deal to buy some at around $7 I think.

He's the richest man in the world for a reason...

Archimedes's picture

The richest man in the world? Sure if you can get Govt guarantees on your investments. Ok dipshit..perhaps you are planning on taking Becky Quick's place fellating the Oracle?

Mercury's picture

Oh my goodness look at that...second richest man in the world.  You got me.

The assets behind BRK (and Warren's wealth) are arguably more robust that Bill's are however.

Archimedes's picture

You obviously can't read. The article says nothing about Richest in the World.

Mercury's picture

Whatever.  So he's #3 in the world. BFD

He's the third richest man in the world for a reason....

There - you happy now?

And again, I think I'd rather have Buffett's portfolio than Carlos Slim's even if Slim's is currently higher on a mark to market basis.

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f r e e f l o a t........i n g a w ay

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BRK doesn't have much of a history of stock interesting to see if/when they go there again...

They still have...what ~$40b in cash?

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 Id love to see Buffett die penniless.

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Buffet is now the most hated businessman in America.

Even "Bathtub" Becky has lost interest.

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And what business are you in?

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Maybe buffet and Kruglass can dial up an alien invasion...

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now he really will pay less taxes...

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But leverage and high speed trading add liquidity to the markets; LIQUIDITY!


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At least he won't have to pay capital gains taxes.  We wouldn't want him to go hungry.

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My favorite holding time?  Forever.


The poster boy for buy and hold retires in disgrace.  I love it.