Summarizing Boehner's Latest TV Appearance

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Less than an hour ago, Boehner had another TV appearance discussing his proposed plan. Judging by the networks' reaction even the general population is getting exhausted with this neverending soap. So here, courtesy of Bloomberg All, are the summary points he touched on. Nothing notable except for his assumption that the plan has a chance of passing both the House and the Senate, and that the house may vote on his plan as soon as Wednesday.

House Speaker John Boehner said his two-step plan to raise U.S. debt limit and cut spending can pass both chambers of Congress, and he hopes Obama would sign it.

  • Speaks after a meeting of House Republicans
  • Obama has said he would veto Boehner’s plan for short-term debt ceiling increase
  • Sen. Reid’s offers rival plan would extend debt ceiling to about 2013; says rating agencies have told him debt rating would not be cut under his plan
  • House may vote on Boehner plan as early as tomorrow; Reid said Senate vote on his plan would come “soon”


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Boilermaker's picture

Sorry, but that guy should be an Assistant Manager at a Wal-Mart and not the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  I can't believe that he's even in that position.  He doesn't even have the basic and necessary horsepower and intellect for the job yet alone the ability to speak.  Let someone else in the Republican party lead their cause.

My god...between Obama and this guy we are truly f'ed.

Iriestx's picture

In all fairness, clueless asshole idiots like these two really do accurately represent the bulk of American voters.

Boilermaker's picture

I'm not sure I can agree with that.  I think most Americans, if they can pull themselves from being blinded by the partisan weeds, can admit that there are some serious shit-for-brains in both parties.  I'm talking basic intelligence.

But, to be fair, I interact with Germans every day also and the view of their own Berlin dipshits is equally nasty.

Iriestx's picture

Unfortuately 90% of the voting populace is unable to meet that 'if' condition.

wisefool's picture

I have had several discussions, both online and person-to-person, with people I thought very, very intelligent. But if the conversation goes to the idea of voting for a 3rd party, any 3rd party, most will act like you spit in thier face. I mean abject, visceral hate at merely uttering the concept.

It is almost as if they literally think their favorite of the  D/R party solely accomplished the causes they support, such as freeing the slaves, gave women the right to abortion, lead the civil rights efforts, etc.

And in the contrary, the party they don't like literally and soley caused the wars, created the welfare state,  etc.

Pure Jiingoism in people that call other people jingoistic.

victor82's picture

Well, there's a reason for this. Most conservative activists who are free market people will tell you that Third Party movements in this country of late have come from the Right, generally out of disgust with the AssClown GOP. Nobody in the Movement Wing of the GOP trusts the Washington party, not after the Bushtards got done with Reagan's legacy. They don't now. 

Were it up the American Crossroads crowd, people like Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, we'd have Single Payer by now. The Establishment GOP is that pathetic an outfit. Everyone hates them out in the country. 

Thus, the urge to go Third Party and the invective against it by GOP people who believe that it would hand permanent majority to the Radiant Future crowd over in the Democratic Party.

Not that it matters much, I guess. It's all a banksters' oligarchy when you get down to it. The Blue/Red game is a huge scam.

ElvisDog's picture

You are correct in general terms but wrong to assign the 3rd party fear primarily to Republicans. The hatred towards Ralph Nader among Democrats is visceral because he is perceived to have cost Gore the 2000 election. That is the fear of the 3rd party - that they will split the vote and give the election to the other side.

Almost Solvent's picture

Others have noted and I agree that Boehner simply can not produce enough (R) votes to pass any increase in the debt limit, so instead of saying that and working with the (D) to get the votes, he keeps on keepin on the idea that he can deliver votes in some fashion.


Of course, if he ignores his Tea Party members and goes straight to Pelosi to get the (D) votes needed, he would likely be replaced as speaker quicker than one could imagine.


He truly is stuck in a box, unless he wants to no longer be speaker of the House.

wisefool's picture

I agree with that. My take is that all republics end up being democracies. And the people do figure out they can vote to print money (Thomas Jefferson, Plato). So the mob will get together and vote themselves a higher standard of living from the backs of the minority, or from printed money.

Whether they use the Fed+banks or the constitutional right for the government to print money, it will happen anyway. So I don't see the banking system as the root cause. I see the media/psychology/advertising industries as the root cause.

cue I-Pod commercial, brought to you by Apple the company Nancy Pelosi does not want to pay taxes for very,very personal reasons.

EnglishMajor's picture

As has been discussed by Tyler before, if you limit the boundaries in which the debate occurs, you can have a partisan battle within that small arena and have the illusion that there are choices.  We have no choices except the ones afforded us by the rules of the banksters' Monopoly game.  Any choice that might actually make a difference will result in not passing GO, not collecting $200, and going directly to jail.  The other problem is that Americans like to stand around and watch games, whether they understand the rules or not.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The brainless elect the spineless.


toady's picture

EVERYBODY I talk to in Arizona tells me they vote a straight R ticket.

My family back East tells me they vote a straight D ticket.

I usually vote Perot, Nader, will probably write in Paul this time, like last time, not because I believe in them, but because they are not affiliated with the big two.

How messed up is that?

bob_dabolina's picture

If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a vote. There is no reason people need to be voting themselves gifts with my (or anyonelses money) 

If you can be on your parents healthcare plan till 26, that should be the legal age for adults, and the legal voting age. 

A basic IQ test, and basic US history test should be required. 

HungrySeagull's picture

Age 26. Ugh, you make me sick.

I won't junk you because I think you are somewhat young and not used to the days where when you turned 16, you were not legally bound to go to high school and could take off and get away from your Parents who probably want you gone anyway.

bob_dabolina's picture

My point being is that if you're not capable of taking care of your health care decisions by 26 how are you capable of making decisions regarding the future of a country?

Voting is a tremendous responsibility and if you have no self-resonsibility (for your own health of all things) how do you have the maturity to vote for people who will lead wars, handle the debt ceiling, and regulate business among many other things?

HungrySeagull's picture

Well, I point to our Military. They put Adult Teenagers into harms way to execute the mission. A Marine Lance Corporal at 19 in charge of a few other marines at a outpost may have to make a on the fly decision that might change the world.

I believe the people are hurting very much; having been programmed by Media, Years of rather easy eating/drinking and unhealthful habits along with drug abuse etc. They also are finding it very difficult to do anything with the exception of a very lucky few whose talent or other skills shine bright enough to be taken under the wing of a strong Private Sector to be nutured.

The rest work two to three jobs a day or are stuck chasing children trying to raise them or something else important than themselves. They are tired all the time and stumble thru the waking days yearning for a nap even for a short time.

bob_dabolina's picture

If you're any age in the military and taking on that RESPONSIBILITY you should be able to smoke, drink, vote at whatever age you enlist. Those are individuals who have responsibilty, taking care of themselves (as well as others), and defending the country. You develop a certain maturity serving in the military, a maturity that should entitle you to vote with sound reason.

I believe the people are hurting very much; having been programmed by Media, Years of rather easy eating/drinking and unhealthful habits along with drug abuse etc. They also are finding it very difficult to do anything

 Guess what buddy? Life ain't fuckin' easy, and it's not supposed to be. They can join the military (like I did many moons ago)

And maybe the person with 3 children should have been more responsible and cemented their life before bringing 3 new ones into the world. How are you going to have no savings/stable job/spouse (who can work) and start getting pregnant all the time? It's unfortunate but that's not my responsibility to pay for the bad choices of others. They're gona' have to struggle and work with the choices they made for themselves.


1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

I have 3 young children and am joyfull they can stay on my insurance until 26. Reason being the Washington sellouts have things so fucked up, it will take years to get back to some sort of the productive country we once were if ever.

SheepDog-One's picture

Bob anyone who lives off checks from the gubment should be banned from voting. MUCH of our present awful condition results from people voting themselves more money.

HungrySeagull's picture

Now, try to remember the orphan, the broken worker who has invested decades of his life into hard work and the Senior who has very little to go on and faced with deterioating health and means.

bob_dabolina's picture

Don't give me this orphan shit. Most successful people came from poor childhoods and worked hard. I think George Soros in his younger years found himself in London with $1 dollar to his name and said to himself "I can only go up from here". Rockefeller started out as clerk. Paulo Pellegrini was barely able to make his rent payments on a 1 bedroom apartment. This country used to foster an enviroment where you could be an orphan, or come from a shitty place, and have the oppourtunity to forge your own path to wealth. Now we foster an welfare mentality and get them hooked on government handouts.

If seniors don't have much than that's unfortunate, that comes down to how they lived their life. It's not my problem if someone made poor life choices, and besides that's what family and charity is for. 

HungrySeagull's picture

I agree with you part way.

One senior in particular, her Husband died early without taking care of adequate life insurance. And eventually the Senior was able to find rest in decent housing for the Elderly. Those have sprung up quite nicely in my area while many foreclosed homes rot.

America is a land where you make your own way or fail.

The Welfare Mentality can be broken if the Wages for whatever work is greater than any welfare check. Provided the worker is motivated and has a decent work enviornment to go to. Most of the unemployeds spend thier days seeking a path to save themselves and the family by thier own desire and labor. The rest who are lazy sit on the government check and feel that because they are making a killing off the Check's income weekly which is greater than any minimum wage easy-mcjob then, truly they dont deserve these checks.

Almost Solvent's picture

The American Dream is dead and anyone who thinks that an unemployed poor person can get into the Middle Class is a joke.

The Middle Class can't even stay in their lifestyle anymore.



Once the fiat dies, then maybe the American Dream can come back to life.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I'm doing my part, are you?

Join the mobile infantry and save the world.

Would you like to know more?*



e1618978's picture

Mandatory military service != facism, they are two seperate concepts really.  Are you suggesting that Switzerland is facist?

knukles's picture

Do the bankers control the world?

Bonesetter Brown's picture

From the Starship Troopers script:

Here in History and Moral Philosophy
we've explored the decline of
Democracy when social scientists brought
the world to the brink of chaos, and how the
veterans took control and imposed a stability
that has lasted for generations since...
You know these facts but have I taught you
anything of value ? You.
Why are only citizens allowed to vote ?

ElvisDog's picture

You forgot "the disabled veteran who fought for the freedom we all enjoy" and "the government social worker who raised crack babies by taking them into her home". Let's take the ones you did list:

The Orphan: well, no argument here. You can't throw orphans out into the street. But how many orphans are there anyway without any extended family to take care of them? This seems like a strawman argument.

The Broken Worker: Prior to the Great Society, workers were responsible for planning for their own retirement by either saving money while they worked or by making arrangements with younger family members to live with them when they were too old to take care of themselves. But now according to you, it's the responsbility of the State to take care of the elderly?

The Senior: Same as #2. As for deteriorating health, the rise in healthcare costs relative to inflation or GDP growth is directly tied to when government started taking a lead role in providing healthcare benefits.

HungrySeagull's picture

You are correct, I left out the Disabled Veteran.

Regarding Family, I feel the damage to the very basic "Nuclear" Family structure within our Nation has created a great loss because the old cannot rely on Family.

My family has passed down stories of 1870 and through to today and our Family members have died in our homes under hospice care when it's time for them to go. It was all... well and good. IF you were sick, you were tended to at home. Home was a place for all things in life. And family is a very important part of that.

Today, I would rather stay home sick and let the wife use what she learned from the Medical world combined with my experience in work tending to the injured to try and get better. My family is on Facebook and we stay in touch well enough.

The Industry in the United States that allowed anyone with a High School education could go to work, do 50+ years and retire rather well if carefully done. Now that all the basic work has been shipped off shore over the decades due to some Business decision to contain costs of labor and cut employees to please the shareholders. What is a worker to do then?

When I first started, my whole family says to stay loyal, work 50 years in the same company, work your way up and someday you will run a company yourself. But all of that has collasped because the only surviving industry is either Transport, Military or Service jobs like Mcdonalds.

Now, the health care....

Some time ago, I had a bad injury to a finger. I went to ER because bleeding wont stop. 6 hours later, they got it stopped. But the bill from that visit was about 1100 dollars. From the ER, the hospital, the lab, the testing facility, the nurse, the doctor, the triage, then the medical supplies consumed in your care along with the drugs etc etc etc.

Never again will I go to a ER with a small boo boo. I would patch it and have my family doc do it for cash on the spot paid in full.

Health care has no one to blame but themselves. You can fix a car by replacing a Alternator for about 200 dollars and a 40 dollar computer exam. But when you try to scan a human being with a MRI machine costing 15,000 dollars for a one hour ride plus a potential 100,000+ Dollar surgery to fix the boo boo and then days or weeks of hospital stay followed by PT and so forth and so on.

THAT breaks familiys by bankrupting them. Never mind the insurance. Never mind the employer. We need to get the costs down and somehow roll all that bloated over priced crap OUT and re introduce basic care as done in the 60's

StychoKiller's picture

I find it interesting that there was NO health care crisis before the enactment of Medicare/Medicaid.  The US Govt has been SUBSIDIZING DEMAND for health care, which is driving up costs -- Economics 101.

glenlloyd's picture

for a certain segment of the gubment check population a drug test might be appropriate...we could perhaps cull the number of gubment checks that way.

wisefool's picture

They can't run a tax code to properly distribute some wealth to the truly needy, or make the wealthy pay even what the middle class does.

Instituting fitness tests for welfare is orders of magnitutde beyond thier capability. Specificially, if you are a hedge fund trader making $5 million per year and you use coke and hookers (drud+std test) you get taxed at 35%. IF you are a clean living trader you get to keep you 10% tax rate.

The only way out of this thing is Flat, slightly progressive income tax. No deductions of any kind. Welfare is freely given, but is subject like to everything else to consumption taxes based on the food, shelter, water, medical treatment origin points.

StychoKiller's picture

Wisefool (how appropriate!) sez:

Welfare is freely given,

Please feel free to volunteer your FRNs for this purpose, but STOP VOLUNTEERING EVERYONE ELSE (with the help of Big Brother's gun(s)!)

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

for a certain segment of the gubment check population a drug test might be appropriate...we could perhaps cull the number of gubment checks that way.

Hey, don't slur the stoners. There are plenty of people who, even after burning some rope, are more cogent thinkers than the idiots in DC. To descend to the cognitive level of Bhoaner, Reid, Obama, et al., requires gasoline huffing at the very least.


SRV - ES339's picture

A basic IQ test, and basic US history test should be required. 

... u don't want Boehner or Cantor to vote?

Scisco's picture

I can see the history test now.

Q In 1913, what act was passed to ensure the strength of the US monetary system.

Norsky's picture

In the late 1700's, only adult, white, property owners were allowed to vote.


A quick primer on voting rights throughout US history:

victor82's picture

You realize how quickly the banksters and Washington Pols would get hold of such a system, pervert Heinlein, and turn it into "everyone serves in the Mobile Infantry to get the Franchise AND a driver's license"?

Please. Imperialism never dies.

Ident 7777 economy's picture





Vote up! 7   Vote down! -5

If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a vote. There is no reason people need to be voting themselves gifts with my (or anyonelses money) ...

- -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - -  - - 

Agreed and voted up; not everyone, however, seems to agree.

My guess is they don't pay taxes ...


Vote me down blood suckers ...



snowball777's picture

A basic IQ test, and basic US history test should be required.


We'll miss you.

JR's picture

America’s voting patterns are on track to turn over most of the nation’s resources to non-taxpayers.  In another decade, property owners and small businessmen will have no voice in the election of their representatives – because vast waves of low-information voters can literally vote themselves special perks, guaranteed incomes and even special privileges. 

All that’s necessary for political candidates is their promise to deliver from the Treasury.

On the way to this crisis, both political parties treat the politics game like a sporting event, ever severe in their attacks on each other but once candidates arrive at the legislatures and the Congress, they are united in delivering their support to their two constituencies: the mobs of uninformed Americans who voted them into office, and the central bankers who provided them with the fiat money to pay off those voters in order to keep the Banker Establishment in power.

The property ownership and tax requirements established by the Founders for the right to vote were eliminated as voter qualifications in1850…and the deterioration has extended to where today poll watchers become counselors to help minority voters who do not speak English with their voting choices.

“It will be easier for you if you just vote the straight party ticket,” one poll watcher was telling a non-English speaker voting in the booth next to me in the last election.

The point is, if it isn’t changed, it’s all over – the non payers will take it all.


BandGap's picture

I could care less what happens in Germany (I deal with those assholes on a weekly basis - note - are they drunk most of the time?), the Tan Man and Oblather would make a perfect dance couple at the Short Bus Academy Prom.

I would say I hate the leadership here in the US if there were any.

knukles's picture

And the bulk of assistant managers at Wal-Mart

SheepDog-One's picture

Sorry Boilermaker all I could make of your post was 'Blah blah Republicrats blah blah Demicans'....something wrong with this new UI looks like unintelligible gibberish to me?

HungrySeagull's picture


But don't give this goddamn mouthpeice the codes to the Store Vault. Keep him away from it at all costs. Have him go walk the shelves and make sure the workers are staying on thier feet and not sitting down on the job.

hangemhigh's picture

TO: Boilermaker                                                           Tue 7/26/2011      11:03

check this out; this occurred back in the day of newt and the hammer when dude was still a lowly bagman............

this, by the way, is posted solely as information and is not an affirmation of either yomama or any other democrat