Summarizing Draghi's Epic Dud

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No commentary necessary.

h/t @Insidegame

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Draghi is so full of shit

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it's official ... Elmer Fudd is in charge of fixing Europe ... "just let me get that silwy wrabbit first and then I'll be wite on it" ...

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VIX is down.... WTF!

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Blew a snot bubble on that video.

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Shorts that bought early this AM getting taken out to the woodshed!

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that video is an epic ---  i see myself in that situation sometimes, just sent it off to my friends

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The only way that video could have been any better is if the missle had actually gone backwards out of the tube. Kind of like the French Army in just about every major war in the 20th century.

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There's an old story floating around the Canadian army that an officer in Afghanistan once took an M-72, which is a shoulder mounted recoiless rifle, put it up to his shoulder backwards, and fired it off. He was known from then on as Capt W-27. Pretty sure he left the army after that.

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We only get snapshots of the Fed's and ECB's balance sheets.  We can only assume what size the are on a dialy basis.  We don't know how much they lend day to day, or what the collateral is, so there are many things they can do to maintain the status quo.

There are also such groups as the President's Working Group, which is headed by Geithner and Bernanke, that include Hedge Fund managers, that place bets using Treasurie monie and Fed monie to do things like bring the VIX down on days after the Fed and ECB said they see a slow recovery and have tools waiting if needed.

It is all jawboning, and while all of you focus on the words, the system continues to rape muppets and pillage the middle class of their hours spend working on the corporate farm.

We have one chance to take back our rights and that is by taking control of the money supply.  Money for thousands of years was gold and silver but that changed by the decree of the banking class under FDR and then again under Nixon.  And by the way, all Central Banks still hold gold as a reserve, so even though you may not think gold is money because that is what you have been told, they do think gold is money and prove it by using it as such.

So take back your right to sound money.  End the manipulation of the fiat system.


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Fixed it for ya.

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SPY puts > VIX.  Always, everytime.

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hey vcd63, fuck you, I could fix Europe better than any Goldmanite.

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So you are not a Fudd Dudd?

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LOL!! In a sea of red, the fucking vix is red too..

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Not anymore, the Red Sea is being over-run by an army of green algae, now its turning into a swampy quagmire. No wonder the VIX was red even as the markets tanked. Pure manipulation.

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VIX futures spiked momentarily at the open until they got the memo. What a joke!

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Way to crib from


edit:  at least give Karl credit - he had this posted like an hour ago.

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Karl used to borrow a lot from ZH without saying anything

Tho this is the 3rd time recently I've noticed ZH borrowing from Karl Denninger

Guess they are borrowing buddies now

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Karl is over at my place every-other day wanting to borrow some's starting to get a little annoying.


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It's just fascinating to me how some (Karl Denninger, Nicole Foss, etc.) can recognize the same problem as others (e.g., Kyle Bass, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, etc.), but the two camps see completely different outcomes.  I know nothing...but it seems to me that the deflationists actually think that eventually the gov't and central banks will act in a sane manner, while the other camp thinks they'd rather be Zimbabwe than have deflation.  Perhaps the truth is in between, but I don't think it's in the middle.  I'm erring on the side of insanity.


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Actually, Zero Hedge gave full credit where this came from at 7:45 am, or about an hour before it appeared on some other site we haven't visited in about two years  (which incidentally gave zero credit where it pulled it from).

GetZeeGold's picture least it shoots.


We'll work on distance next.


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....that was the short range model....when you take on a tank mana a mano...



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May as well adopt the old Soviet anti-tank dog at that point.....

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It's a French weapon, no? I expected the missile to come out the back instead.

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Used French military riflles have always commanded premium. "Never used, dropped once"



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That weapon has clearly worked.  Much like QE1, QE2, OT, TARP, TALF, HAMP, shovel-ready stimulus, etc., etc.. 

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In soviet Amerika, weapons shoots you.

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Heh heh.....never gets old.


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Exactly. One can see just how that launch instantly stirred-up everyone within range.

As always, it's not the action, but the reaction that counts.

Activation energy, FTMFW!

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Looks like CADPAT, so probably French Canadian Infantry.  I used to be a Dragon gunner many years ago.  This is indeed an "Oh Shit!" moment.  I laughed anyways....

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They're doing it wrong!  Everyone knows the proper way to operate any French military equipment is to lay it on the ground and stand behind it with both hands extended high into the air.

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Ohhhh, like the French did in financing the American Revolution?  Oh wait......

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Everyone including a large number of Colonists expected the British to win as they always had. This required that they be supported by the French.

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Hey, if it weren't for the French during the revolution, we'd still be speaking....English?

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The French and the Dutch poured what nowadays can be considered the equivalent of billions of dollars into the American Revolution. Of course, if they had known back then what it would accomplish for the future, they would have given it to the British.

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Thanks for the laugh.

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Is it any wonder the most respected French combat unit is called the Foreign Legion?

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One look at Karl's hair should give anyone pause.

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Well, it IS a natural, I thought of that French army video about 5 seconds after I read the Draghi summary on BI - it has been around awhile.

Now we know what a soap opera written for the Three Stooges would sound like.

Soon, a Summit to finalize the plans will be announced! (After all the *cough* leaders get back from holiday.)

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More shared content with TickerGuy, yet worlds apart on the ultimate outcome (inflation/deflation).

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Epic, I need to clean my laptop now.

It was like someone dropping a turd.

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QE Duece.  Dropping a QE?  Who QE'd in here?  I just QE'd me pants.