Summarizing The ECB's Press Conference Disclosures

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Update: "a word out of line" - Trichet says not appropriate to leverage the EFSF... Not what the market wanted to hear.

On one hand, the ECB keeps Germany happy with no rate cut, on the other, he promises as much liquidity as possible (but probably not enough - see below) and paints a very bleak picture of the economy in the period ahead. 

  • Trichet Says inflation likely to stay above 2% in months  ahead
  • ECB to continue fixed rate, full allotment MROs till July 2012
  • Trichet says economy faces ‘intensified downside risks’
  • ECB to resume covered-bond purchase program to the tune of €40 billion
  • Trichet says ECB to offer 13-mth LTRO
  • ECB to offer LTROs in October
  • Trichet says inflation to ease afterwards
  • Trichet says inflation expectations must remain anchored
  • Inflation risks broadly balanced, Trichet says
  • Euro-Area growth will be very moderate in 2H, Trichet says
  • Growth risks remain on downside

Bottom line: no recapitalization from the ECB, but the central bank will make rolling of existing debt as easy as possible, and allow insolvent European banks to pledge any assets they have for cool cash.

Judging by the market's response, this may not be nearly enough to satisfy those always looking for more liquidity.

Bullets via Bbberg

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Trichet's quite the clever one. Keep's GER happy - no rate cut... and yet has a (nowhere large enough as is needed btw) bond sterilization program (lets call a spade a spade) to the tune of EUR40Bn

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the rates don't matter, lust so long as there are some.


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so, how low will europe and the euro go?


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wang (not verified) Oct 6, 2011 8:02 AM

Dragi will set things right according to the Goldman way, much like Legarde has done at the IMF the takeover is almost complete

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Is Trichet a Matador?   I've placed my bets on yes.  We'll see.

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He might be a matador...and he very well may end up like this-->  **GRAPHIC** DEEP PENETRATION - YouTube

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Thanks Sheep, It's always nice to start the day with a laugh.

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  • ECB to resume covered-bond purchase program to the tune of €40 billion
  • So now the fraudulent central planners will ALSO buy covered bonds from the PRIMARY market.

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    What does an arrogant self rightous money printing Keynesian sound like? Well, like this:

    Video is from Keynes "last words".


    warchopper's picture

    What does an arrogant self rightous money printing Keynesian sound like? Well, like this:

    Video is from Keynes "last words".


    Bartanist's picture

    Yes, Keynes comes across as an insecure pompous ass. If you watch the video interview of Hayek below you will hear Hayek's comment that Keynes was not the father of his theories He simply resurrected failed theories that had been proven, in the 19th century, to be unsuccessful.

    One has to assume that the Keynesian cult realizes this and therefore the reason that they are employing a proven failed system is because it allows them to retain power if only for a while longer, not that it does anything for the economy ,,, then "midnigt", maybe? Increasing the money supply creates an illusion ... until it does not ... and the curtain is raised.

    Vincent Vega's picture bout them Cardinals?

    Bartanist's picture

    Germany gets it.

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not a big fan of usery and especially usery controlled by a useless parasitic criminal international banking cabal that thinks they are the most clever, best of breed humans in existence. Back when interest rate increases were used to attract money, the US would have raised interest rates so that money flowed here rather than somewhere else. However, that is not the problem any more. The Fed and US banks have access to all the moey they want from the printing press and the government can borrow as much as it wants from the printing press banks. Money at the bank and government level no longer has to be attracted, only created with a balance sheet entry. This really, really, really changes the rules of the game so that one player is allowed to always win through cheating and the other players always lose because they must play by the rules or be executed.

    After a while, it should be obvious that there is no incentive for the others to play the game. They are then forced under threat of death to play the game by the one cheating player. My guess is that this builds up some resentment.

    One wonders why the one cheating player can't just enjoy playing the game, winning sometime and losing sometime. The victories must seem very hollow ... do they care or are they simply psychotic?

    Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

    DAX in nervous oscillation, open +130, "no rate change" -100, intermediate +80, after presscon -90.


    SheepDog-One's picture

    Markets now swing about 4% either way daily, manic depressive basket case world.

    Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

    Indeed.. it's funny how they try to "explain" it w/ lines-in-charts. Right now they went to a 10yr DAX-chart for drawing lines... just to fit somethig.


    Debugas's picture

    Japan style for the next 20 years... Walking Zombies

    kito's picture



    SheepDog-One's picture

    Only way thats happening is if Bernanke dumps in $4 trillion into the pot, and along with big S&P rise we'll also get huge fuel and food rises as well.

    Hey go for it, set off the mass civil unrest idiots! At least I can say Ive planned and ready for it best as possible.

    kito's picture

    no way sheepie!!! europe is saved!! a goldman shark is moving into the ecb!!! SAVED!!!

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    Trichet is a criminal, who should be in prison for the short rest of his life.

    buzzsaw99's picture

    ...and allow insolvent European banks to pledge any assets they have for cool cash.


    can these "assets" come from the liability side of the balance sheet?

    FunkyOldGeezer's picture

    Euro policy makers are still in denial. If they're not very, very careful, Europe will become an offshore asset of the BRICS.

    Pretorian's picture

    The "not like" market move was due to the  Trichet refusal for "Leveraged EFSF" and thats a Cristhmas wish of Goldman Sach...  So Goldman and friends  will keep constantly mini/mega crashing the market until they obtain Euro bond or Leveraged EFESF. But Merkel said yesterday "No chance- keep crashing market give us best shoot we will take it, dirt and painfully". 

    disabledvet's picture

    When I think of Central Bankers I think of Alan Greenspan raising interest rates to blow up the economy in 2000--which didn't go according to plan due to 9/11--and then wheeling around and doing the same thing in 2008--which i imagine allows himself to pat all of us on the back for a collapse well down. When I think of war criminals that guy is the top of the list. In that sense then I guess we have a lot to be thankful for in Tricet's action here. I will say this a strong euro is better than a strong war...but certainly he's not rationalizing his decisions (which have been completely consistent) through the lens of "competiveness". The idea that somehow the social welfare state of Continental Europe can be paid for through a strong euro is not believable...which can only mean Trichet is trying to "Greenspan it." As an American I really, really, really don't think you want to make your economy like ours! Anywho we'll see which side of this paper tiger Mr. Draghi comes down on. To not take note of the public sector unions literally shutting down the entire nation of Greece strikes me as "being more than just out of touch."

    slewie the pi-rat's picture

    looks like brokebankster mountain up ahead

    man!  that thing is completely covered with broke banksters!

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