Summary Of Kneejerk Wall Street Responses To Latest GDP Disappointment

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with that sort of response, they can probably squeeze a few more pigeons between the seats on the titanic.

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I thought algobots are bullish by nature.

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"a shade disappointing"

What do you call that?


fuu's picture


"Two years into the recovery we're still trying to get to pre-recovery levels."

Mr. Ballew, with all due respect, you are a fucking moron.


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Popcorn is ready!  Bring on the circuses!

Long-John-Silver's picture

What about the bread? You can't have circus without bread.

Sudden Debt's picture

I also brough a few bottles of cola, which we can use if anybody need to take leak.



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QE central planning has failed, no matter how much these people want to dance on the head of a pin we're in depression, and no amount of further intervention can reverse it. 

Now imagine what the real conditions would be if the total intervention and manipulation and ZIRP was ended.

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Really bad for about 6 months, and then really good for about 10-20 years.  It will never happen.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I think more like really bad for 10-20 years, then goodish. A total systemic collapse will take longer than 6 months to heal from, don't you think?

Unless someone discovers, like I have, the secret to the Elixir of life. ;-)


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well it does...

#"It doesn't change much for us from a fundamental perspective. The consumer still barely had a pulse in the second #quarter.



SAYING 'consumer still barely had a pulse'"




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And to top it off, the t-shirt was made in China.

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

And will be on the credit card forever accumulating interest.

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"Had it been under 1 percent we'd have more of a psychological reaction, but it was too close to expectations to move the market ahead of Bernanke."

Rest assured, numbers will be revised downward to print sub-1%. 

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Semms to me they should focus more on the economic hurricane than on Irene.  Irene will come and go, this financial mess is here to stay, compliments of Greenspan, Geithner, Paulson, Obama and Bernanke.

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you think Obama is even in game? Even in the parking lot of the ballpark? Please. Add in Jamie and Lloyd, ....Barack got told way back when he walked into office to go to the back of the bus and shut up.

MFL8240's picture

Sorry, you are right.  I detest Blankfield and Dimon so its hard for me to write about them, I blank them out and hope they get caust in the eye of the hurricane.

Shock and Aweful's picture

Banks have been controlling the direction of this nation since Kennedy was assasinated.

Strange how the last two presidents who suggested, and started to implement using a debt-free, treasury-issued currency found out the hard-way that these fucking parasites play hard ball when you fuck around with their money.

I'm just sayin.....

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I just want to know when will the fed  start buying reits .

MFL8240's picture

Seems to me they should focus more on the economic hurricane than on Irene.  Irene will come and go, this financial mess is here to stay, compliments of Greenspan, Geithner, Paulson, Obama and Bernanke.

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I'm waiting for the headline, "Q1 GDP revised. Still shows economy is growing."

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"It's obviously on the lower side of expectations, so it's a shade disappointing, but it's really old news. Given the Bernanke speech today and where we are in the economy, the markets are looking forward they are not looking back. It's all about what is back to school like, it is more about the future than it is what we saw in that quarter."


No dickhead it's not about back to school, it's about the effing easter bunny , you stupid mofu

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Despite a unified statement by the Australian BDS groups outlining their action as being against Israel's clear violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention and numerous UN resolutions, BDS campaigners are being labeled as anti-Semitic, not only by the mainstream media but by the Australian Federal Government as well.

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The 3 men fighting over the bar tab on the titanic finally said, fuck you mr bartender, we are not paying it!

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The number is complete bullshit anyway. Maybe liesman and pissonme can spin into positive of less gov spending that is the big turd component of GDP.

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This is an inflation adjusted number, right? Ha, what a freaking farce.

Vincent Vega's picture

We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen. We must do something about this immediately. Harrumph!  ~Gov. William J. Le Petomane (Mel Brooks)

Cdad's picture

"The question is are we looking at a fourth quarter recovery?"

Hello dumbass, unimaginative, permabull banker.  What...three years now of waiting for recovery?  Brilliant!

And these guys are supposed to be the cream of the crop, the geniuses in our midst.

Pink slips, please.  Tens of thousands of termination notifications for useless, parasitic bankers, please. 

SheepDog-One's picture

Banksters know 1 thing, they have an empty bag held out that someone is supposed to fill with free money...hang them all.

Rick64's picture

How can we spin this to seem positive? The dog was ran over by a bus multiple times, but it looks like it is still alive. I swear I saw it move, no really.

"The question is are we looking at a fourth quarter recovery?"


LongBallsShortBrains's picture


There is still air in the bus tires.

narapoiddyslexia's picture

The last one's name backwards is Noshm Ibmomiv. Is there really any difference?

And we don't have recovery, we have yrevocer.

Say it like it is.

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CNBS Pissonme:

We've got an earthquake & hurricane in a week!

How can the markets handle this? Is the world over?

shushup's picture

Oh The Denial!

alien-IQ's picture

they are all peripheral visionaries. they can see the future...but only when it's right next to them.

SheepDog-One's picture

Or in their rear view mirror.

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I have a pulse God damn it. I am a human being you fiendddddddddd

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Main street "investment" has vacated the party. Only 5 minute traders and manipulators left. Remember that old phrase " sell?Sell to who" . I'm thinking that will be used quite a bit today as the rats exit on mass.

monopoly's picture

Just a preview to Armageddon, soon at a store near You.

espirit's picture

Jobs. No, not AAPL Jobs.  Up or down?  That's the leading indicator.

Sorry for the bad news, but it's "game over".

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It ain't over until the Bernank sings...there will be no singing today, except maybe some choice hymns sung by broken traders leaping from windows at 10:05


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Don't worry.  Something will be bullish today. 

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Reuters has an interactive feature today explaining QE::

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One thing is for sure. Tomorrow is going to be a heck of a Saturday. Ooooone heck of a Saturday.

Some things are going to go moon-wards (PM's??) and others are going sub-terranain (Dollah???).

Not sure if people will want monday to open or shut. Then there is Eyerene, in the Eye of the storm, so to say. 

Plus, who are these geniuses anyways? How come they get airtime? How come their spouting get's bits and bytes? That insurance company somewehre, whose Dismal Science blowhard is talking abotu Q4 recovery....hmmmmmmm, I see Capital Adequacy issues at his firm, say in November or so?

Joke I say, all a big joke.



alien-IQ's picture

I get this feeling that unless Bernanke comes out and literally pukes on himself and has a heart attack on national television, the market is going to rally regardless of what he says.

if nothing else, as a show of fealty.

hopefully I'm wrong...but I just got this feeling...maybe it's the shrimp I ate last night...I can't be sure.