Summer Is Over With A Bang As Bomb Explodes Outside Greek Bank

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If the unofficial end of the European summer season comes with the return of those 9-saying Germans who dash every carefully laid plan to stuff German taxpayers with the European bailout bill for the second year running, the official end is when the Greeks come back from their German-sponsored two week vacation in the Cyclades (soon to be known as Nieder-Niedersachsen) and start bombing things. Which is precisely what happened two hours ago. From Reuters: "A makeshift bomb exploded outside a National Bank of Greece branch in Athens early on Tuesday, causing minor damage but no injuries, police said. Windows were smashed and four parked cars suffered minor damage in the blast, which took place about 4 a.m (0100 GMT) in the western suburb of Ilion." Luckily nobody was hurt. However, it would not look good on the front page of German papers that the general Greek population is not ungrateful for the continued ECB recycling of ponzi cash, but has decided to take out an ATM machine or two, which is why... "We suspect it is linked to terrorism," said a police official who declined to be named. Sure enough, when all else fails, blame something: Bush, a glitch, or terrorism.


The medium-sized device was planted underneath the bank's ATM machine, police said, adding that there had been no warning call and no one claimed responsibility for the blast.


Arson attacks against banks, foreign firms and local politicians have become more frequent in Greece in recent years as the country battles soaring unemployment and struggles through a recession deepened by austerity policies imposed by foreign lenders. They are usually blamed on far-left groups.


In June, gunmen rammed a van packed with gas canisters into Microsoft's Greek headquarters in Athens and then set the vehicle on fire. A fringe leftist militant group claimed responsibility for that attack.

We wonder if it was the "Marxists who hate MS Office" group: they have been known to cause quite a stir when confronted with one too many BSODs.

Elsewhere, while we hope that the "Trotskyites against Teller Machine" fringe left group will remain silent after this latest provocation against computerized banking, we have a feeling the post-vacation blues in Greece are only just starting.

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Looks like US need some changes again.


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isnt a blown up bank redundant?

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Further proof that what's probably coming is not 1917, but 1905.

This will likely be ugly and messy and trying to stop it will be futile.

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Ah yes a reference to the panic of 1907.  Sounds about right.

& well timed with a few million greeks forming up into lynch mobs and killing bankers. 

LOL. I just hope someone gets a camera out while they are revolting in Greece so I can watch the glory.

& to all my little banker buddies - that base isn't the music.  That's the mob at your door with guns and nooses.

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I should have been more clear:  The lesser-known, 1905 Russian Revolution -- unrest, terrorism, assassinations, crime, vandalism, etc.

As opposed to the bigger, more well-known one a few years later:



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Bush can be blamed for plenty and rightfully so.

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Bullish for the window repair and panel beating industry? We may get an uptick in Greece GDP for August.

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And here comes the social unrest part of the party!!

I'm actually shocked it took this long, damn those Greeks did love the idea of having the euro and still spending themselves into oblivion!! But if you want to see REAL social unrest, cut off those EBT cards in America, and see what shit looks like!!!

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Its not real until light poles are being 'occupied'.

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Fiat currency makes it easy for welfare states to exist.  

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I think we can rule out terrorists and single out one of the millions of greek locals fed up with the economic and/or banking system in Greece

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It's precisely because they cannot identify the perp(s) that they instead blame terrorismo...ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS!

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Don't worry ~ It was only a debt bomb... Nobody ever gets arrested for causing those...

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If they don't label it terrorism, they can't use the military on their own people.



compare gold and silver dealer prices

Global Hunter's picture

Newspeak, any act of violence that the state didn't sanction is now called terrorism.

intric8's picture

Was thinking that earlier. There is no such thing as setting off a bomb and not being labeled a terrorist. Maybe some exceptions are a massive fart in an elevator, or something box office related

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Yeah what is the world coming to. Can't even set off a bomb in public without people labelling you a terrorist.

Global Hunter's picture

you missed my point entirely.  Any act of violence is terror, some violence though is labelled patriotic (see Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.) while others is called terrorism.  To be frank I'm more afraid of the American government than bank booms.

Terrorism is a buzz word that the politicians and media use to make some violence seem worse than the accepted kind of violence which our militairy and police dish out on a regular basis.

Dr Benway's picture

I disagree with the notion that all violence in the world is equally bad. I think that is a childish oversimplification.

Global Hunter's picture

and "ism" is a belief in something as an ideology, philosophy or religion.  its quite a stretch to come out a few hours after a bomb blast at 4:00 am in a bank (given what Greece has being going through with banks) and state that it is terrorISM-an ideology, belief or religion centred around terror. 

I think that words or phrases should be used accurately, that words should be used as they were intended, not as politicians and their whores in the media would like them to be used-to get an emotional response from the target audience that may differ from what the facts on their own would dictate.

Sorry if that is too childish for you to understand.

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Yes GH, we are assuming the governments view and interpretation of that word in its presently evolved and exploited form. It's become the natural understanding for most of us.

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It's really simple actually, just remember this:

ALL violence that is directed at indivduals BY THE state, is called "enforcement" needed to maintain "stability" and "order".

ALL violence directed AT THE State, is labeled "terrorism" and must be dealt with, without mercy or questions.

Welcome to the NWO!

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Credit Agricole Second-Quarter Net Drops 67% on Greece

"Credit Agricole SA (ACA), France’s third- largest bank, posted a 67 percent decline in second-quarter profit, hurt by losses in Greece and a writedown of its stake in Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo SpA. (ISP)"

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Gates has advanced to patenting world food supplies and owns huge percentage of Monsanto.

Sick F'er.

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I suspect it was not terrorism but a failed robbery by youths.

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No, you have been listening to too much tv.  Banksters = terrorists.  Got it? The governments sure as fuck don't (may be because they are paid not to)

wildbad's picture

999 Yeah, the bad Germans. The undertone of the mean Huns is a common theme here and elsewhere. As an ex-pat in Doitschland it has been clear to me for years that imbalances between individual responsibilities in the Eurozone are rampant. As a workerbee in the German force I was given the order to push off the government teat for two years (from 65-75) when the decree came from on high. This order caused hardly a ripple in the stoic Republic despite the EU neighbors' profilgate spending and desireable retirement ages of as low as 50 years old. To blame the Germans, or their officials, who actually DO still listen a little bit to their voters for not willingly bailing out the bnaksters who caused this is misplaced ire. When one knows that not one pfennig of bailout cash would go to help a single greek then it is no longer a question of compassion but rather one of good money after bad. Screw Goldman Sachs and its parachuted minions. Screw 2x the Europundits who would use the designed crash to further consolidate power under a larger one world currency agenda.

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Actually the Tylers are mostly supportive of the german stance as far as I have seen.

Its douchebags like Richter who won´t stop crying that we should print the banks shitty investment decisions away...

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group will remain silent after this latest provocation against computerized banking


perhaps they tried to contact MSM but everyone in media went on strike already

FunkyOldGeezer's picture

Hey guys. Is Zero Hedge your own personal Schadenfreude 'R Us store or something?

Some of you have cojones waaaay too big for your own good, for when TSHTF.

Peter Pan's picture

A close friend and observer of events on the ground in Greece was quietly confident until recently that matters would be brought under control despite my disgreement.

Exactly seven days ago, without prompting he advised me that matters are now at the point where even he could not understand how people were coping and when they would actually start rioting.

Well, it looks like the answer to his question is starting to trickle through.

Europe has miscalculated badly.

I am sure that while governments have failed to come up with a plan to get some improvement in the situation, there are those smaller and more powerful groups that must be coming up with contingency plans and blueprints for the day after the blow up as well as making all the resource preparations necessary.

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More bombing news;

Morgan Stanley is going to blow itself up as their business crumbles

When J.P. Morgan falls in the shark tank with the piranha that,will also be a great day of news.

I smell blood in the water as the brotherhood of the bell start eating their own.


Cult of Criminality's picture

One more thing.

 Paper is in a super bubble

Overflow-admin's picture

OK shut up and take my money :D


Do you have some shiny barbaric stuff in exchange?

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Greek Trader Explains Why The Country Is Heading For A 'Social Tipping Point' Of Rebellion Or Civic Mutiny

Northeaster's picture

Obviously an amateur.

If some of the "November 17" crew comes out of retirement, or are out of prison, then we'll see the real thing. They picked quite a few of us (Americans) off in the eighties, but I think our government told the Greeks enough is enough after the bombing at "Bobby's".

Yen Cross's picture

 Sounds like those ATM's got," Drachma-ed", a few months early. :-)

ZeroAvatar's picture

In other news, Pelosi renames the San Andreas to 'Bush's Fault'.

Curt W's picture

Every night she moans it is Bush's fault as she spanks her hairy.

spanish inquisition's picture

For a second, I was wondering why the CIA/Mossad would want to blow up a car in Greece. Then I realized it was not their M.O., because it wasn't exploded in a market square full of women and children.

wonderatitall's picture

ok bush can be blamed for shit. if so , how does obama not get blamed for doing the same thing, or do you facist assholes only see what the blinkers allow you.

war is the only thing that will destroy the blue state dictatorship. starve and  die in your city ratholes and leave the rest of us alone.

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""We suspect it is linked to terrorism," said a police official who declined to be named. Sure enough, when all else fails, blame something: Bush, a glitch, or terrorism."

Uhmmmm, isn't Goldman Sachs, Citibank, et. al. usually guilty of "financial terrorism"?  I think that the officials have hit the nail right on the head, but are announcing it in a rather circumspect manner.

Apeman's picture

If the bomb exploded outside a bank, I'd call it counter-terrorism.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

1)Michelle Obama was on another taxpayer fueled junket, and seen in the area of the alleged bomb.

2) Mrs. Obama has quite the appetite for gyros and french fries.  Allegedly, the secret service had to restrain the first lady from consuming her third gyro in ten minutes.

3) The African American proceeded to shit the bed and in a gas fueled combustion attack, cleared out the area until a Greek haz-mat team could clean up the mess and concoct a proper story.

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Those Greeks are so silly, blaming commies for everything.  Don't they have Negroes over there?