Sunday Caption Contest - Quantum Bailout Edition

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We have heard of the Schrödinger Greek bailout, Schrödinger's CDS trigger, and even the Schrödinger US economy (whose depends on whether the BLS' BS collapses under its own weight, or not). Now, here is a stock photo of Schrödinger Schauble, who in addition to bashing the Greek bailout and praising it at the same time, has an Eigenwolfgang wave-particle duality even after his "uncertainty" has been fully observed and thus collapsed. Either that, or that is one damn fast wheelchair (loaded up with Greek gold no doubt).

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Your bailout does not bend, because it is just that, a bailout.  Mine bends because there is no bailout, just my mind.

Link yourself to the bailout.  Become the bailout and bend yourself.

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Some say what we are doing is all smoke and mirrors..

Who are you going to believe – them or your own eyes?

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"In the Copenhagen interpretation, a system stops being a superposition of states and becomes either one or the other when an observation takes place."


Goes to prove the world observer has no conscience.

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You may be a science geek if you're afraid to look at someone lest you make their wave function collapse.

You may be a science geek if the SPCA is mad at you for actually trying the Schrodinger's cat experiment.

You may be a science geek if you even understood the first two examples.

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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

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Clearly, constraint of state is the effect the observer has on the observed; but what of the effect of observing on the observer??

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The wheel is turning and you can't slow down,
You can't let go and you can't hold on,
You can't go back and you can't stand still!
If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will!

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A Higgs-Boson walks into a bar. The bartender says "You know, there were some guys looking for you."

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Two engineering students meet each other on campus in between lectures. One of them turns up on a shiny new bike. The other student asks him, "When did you get that bike?"
The other student replies, "Well the other day I was just walking to my next lecture, when a beautiful woman came rushing to me on her bike, threw it down, took all her clothes off and said 'Take what you want!'"
His fellow student nodded, replying, "Ah yes, the clothes probably wouldn't have fit."

A priest, a doctor, and an engineer are playing a round of golf behind a particularly slow group of golfers. Becoming quite angry and frustrated, they call the ranger over.
The doctor asks, "What the hell is with these guys? They're the slowest golfers I've ever seen!"
The ranger replies, "Oh, they're a group of blind firefighters. They lost their sight saving our clubhouse from a fire last year. As thanks, we let them play for free anytime."
The three golfers fall silent for a moment.
The priest says, "That's very sad. I will say an extra blessing for them at mass tonight."
The doctor adds, "I have a good buddy who's an ophthalmologist. I'll ask if he can do anything for them."
The engineer asks, "Why can't they play at night?"

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I was having very many laughings when I was hearing the speaking of those stories very many years ago.  Less very many years ago when I was hearing them again I was having not very many laughings.  The peoples who were hearing them with me not very many years ago were having eyes that were turning to the tops of the holes in their faces where their eyes were being because they were hearing them already many times.  I can not tell if very many peoples here are having laughing at your stories but I am having laughings at something that is not the same as the thing that was making me have laughings many years ago.  Are you having any more stories that are laughing stories because they are having freshness?

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There are very many peoples who are not to be understanding the what of your saying.

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In wherverthefuck jokes laugh at with speech impediments.

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To that many not understanding saying peoples what there are be.

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You must have relax, you must try unwind!
Breath in, blow out.
When the hearing sound you fear give impact to the nerve,
It not necessary to run around
the Scream, just sit down.  Have breath, relax!

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Do you prefer little Johnny jokes?

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Sandusky, do you still live adjacent to an elementary school and complain that you are not permitted to be outside in your yard, while under house arrest?


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Kadir beneath Mo Moteh.Shaka, when the walls fell.Temba, his arms wide.Mirab, his sails unfurled.Sokath - his eyes uncovered. Kailash, when it rises.The river Temarc - in winter.Rai and Jiri at Lungha. Kiazi's children - their faces wet. Zinda - his face black, his eyes red. Chenza at court - the court of silence.Uzani - his army with fist open. His army with fist closed. 

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"Kiazi's children" should be "Kiazi his children" - there fixed it for you.

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You're the greatest poster EVER!


I just shit in my chair, and shifted into three dimensional TV all at the same time - WINNER !

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I hope no one sees me shapeshifting back into my alien reptilian body.

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'Have you seen the Greek bailout?' "Yeah"

'But have you seen the Greek bailout on weed?'

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The greeks still haven't bailed.  Maybe the germans will bail, first.

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Pimp your Ride Algorithmic trading  speed  technology ..faster then light !

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It must be the acid. I can't recall if it was him or me who dropped it though.

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I'm totally tripping balls.......I'm totally tripping balls....


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Now you see the bailout..

Now you Don't 



You can't actually see the bailout because it doesn't actually exist. 

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I love the Xavier Institute

wheres  Magneto !

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Sven, my teleporter is broken again!

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Scotty, wheel chair to warp speed !

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Distortion is not just a dream...Its a way of life...

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Bohr was almost a German, Einstein was. But I think this is just a case of a fast wheelchair.


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Und now, I am to be demonstrating der velocity uf der money!

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Daylights Savings Time Spring Forward ! It will take me an hour to change all my clocks and gadgets !  Where's the "Savings" ? Just give me the REAL TIME, Socialist Bitchez, I'll adjust my store hours according to market conditions and my own personal whims !      Monedas   2012   Comedy Jihad World Tour  PSA:  Socialist "Blue Laws" like "No kissing in public in Boston on Sundays !" are easy to pass and forever to repeal !  All laws should have term limits !  What's with Socialists...why do we have to do everything in unison ?  They really get their rocks off on group activities !

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Told you that was waaaay to much liquidity!!

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i had to much liquid once. never again. 

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Media Cover-Up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed! happening now
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Theory: Digidollars/ digi-euros can behave like a particle or wave function. As mfglobal showed it can disappear once observed, without even a trace. More proof is coming, soon.