The Supreme Court Rulings Start Coming In

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As we await the SCOTUS ruling on the Individual Mandate, here come the decisions as they are read from the Supreme Court.


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Lies about medals? They will try and prosecute anything.

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John at first base.


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Forthcoming..., all politicians will be allowed to wear their medals as in chestplate fashion, like Russian war heros.

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lying is not illegal in US


in fact it is a required to join the ruling elites: religious, politicial, business, academic, etc......


once upon a time people believed that kings had divine power from god to rule over them and live off taxes.

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Why not? They have lied about everything else. It would be discrimination to make lying about medals wrong. /sarc

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You can tell the US is now a third world country.  Medals for all!! It's only a matter of time when a politico rolls out with a chest full of unearned bravery


Poor bastards in the military though, sort of like the people you are protecting have NO respect for your trade.


Welcome to the monkey house with the rest of the useless eater in line.

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Drive by your local recruitment offices, they are empty ghost towns.


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As a five-star general, I am just outraged.

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and of course, I got this one in Europe during the 'Thirty Years war' for bravery,

and this one for excessive flatulence in the face of the enemy at Agincourt...

This one was standard issue tail gunner stuff in WWII...

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As a six-star general, I thumb my nose in your general direction.

spekulatn's picture

I will see your thumbed nose and raise you flatulence. OH and um .... I 'm now a 10-star there. ;)

cat2's picture

Every ligitimate hero was just diluted!  Ctrl-P for medal of Honor  ENGAGE

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You can pry my Medal of Honor from my cold, dead hands!

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 Idi Amin ,come back all is forgiven.

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SCOTUS just turned a lot of honorable men from duty (but the money hounds will still apply).  Why fight and die for a country that will allow an imposter to tell everyone of his fraudulent heroic deeds with impunity?  I'll never defend fraud.

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... tell everyone of his fraudulent heroic deeds ...

The man had been charged with false speech.  The SCOTUS ruled that the free speech clause protects everybody's right to lie.  Congress is free to rewrite the Stolen Valor Act in a way that equates misrepresenting military service as an act of fraud - which it is when people rely on such lies - rather than simply false speech.

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So ... there's a sensible and clear reason why courts operate with the coin of the public purse to officiate upon which lies and liars are deemed 'ok' ... right?   To elucidate why wrong is actually right, and good stuff like that?  I mean, obviously there's got to be really good reasons for this arrangement to even exist?

Nanny-State PC BS strikes again.

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If it's not against the law to lie about receiving medals why is it against the law to lie about income to the IRS?


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nor can lies about tax software be punished.....