Syntagma Square Suicide Note Ends With Call To Young Greek People To "Hang The Traitors"

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Earlier today, we remarked on the story of a 77-year old Greek, now identified as Dimitris Christoulas, who at around 9 am took his life in the middle of Athens' central Syntagma Square with a bullet to his head. His full suicide note has been released. The note, presented below, ends in a solemn call to arms to "hang the traitors of this country."

"The Tsolakoglou government has annihilated all traces for my survival, which was based on a very dignified pension that I alone paid for 35 years with no help from the state. And since my advanced age does not allow me a way of dynamically reacting (although if a fellow Greek were to grab a Kalashnikov, I would be right behind him), I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life, so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for my sustenance. I believe that young people with no future, will one day take up arms and hang the traitors of this country at Syntagma square, just like the Italians did to Mussolini in 1945"  

More from Athens News:

Georgios Tsolakoglou was the first collaborationist prime minister during Germany's occupation of Greece during the Second World War.
The reference has been widely interpreted as a comparison between the wartime collaborationist government and the current government of Lucas Papademos.


The suicide occured shortly before 9am, as people went about their business on the square. Christoulas, 77, shot himself while standing next to a tree on one of the grassy areas on the square.  He died from a single shot to the head, reports say.


He was a retired pharmacist, with a wife and a daughter. He sold his pharmacy in 1994.


Laos head Yiorgos Karatzaferis noted in Parliament that the bullet that killed the man in Syntagma, also hit the conscience of the Greek political sphere. "This is not just a person that killed himself", he said. "This event should make us understand that we have all been behind this, we have all pulled the trigger. What did this man see from us, before deciding to take his own life? He saw shady goings-on, he saw none of those that stole from him and the Greek people go to jail. What else did he see? He saw no help coming his way, as he tried to deal with his loans and debts. What did this man hear from us? He heard that no slack would be given to him, no room to move, while the political parties would get plenty of money. Money they did not deserve"


"Death isn't just to die, it's also to live in despair, with no hope", New Democracy head Antonis Samaras said of the event, before adding that "incidents like these are what makes the fulfilment of our duty even more important and even more urgent. We must help Greece out of its current state, we must help Greeks escape from despair".


"We have watched all this time as suicides have escalated dramatically in our country, a product of the disgraceful financial policies followed by New democracy and Pasok", was Syriza MP Litsa Amanatidou - Pashalidou's take on the event.


Independent Greeks leader Panos Kamenos called for the suicides of those involved in the country's current state. "It wasn't this man who should have commited suicide. Rather, it should have been those politicians that knowingly led Greece to be crushed by this vice", he said.


Yiannis Dimaras, party leader of  the Hellenic Citizens' Charriot stressed that "those who have voted away all the rights of this country, those who have given our dignity away, are those that are guilty for spilling the blood of this Greek pensioner".


Dimitris Zafiriadis, party spokesman for the Democratic Alliance said that this action was an indication of the desperation that a large segment of Greek society is currently feeling, as it watches its way of life being violently altered".


Meanwhile, Pasok MP for Corinthia and former party spokesman Panos Beglitis has come inder heavy fire for his comments while speaking to private television station Skai TV earlier on Wednesday. When asked why no one does anything to help people who are driven to such extremes due to mounting debts, Beglitis repsonded by saying that "in cases like these, we must be very careful when commenting about anything. All I can say, is that this mean was very brave and sensitive. We cannot however connect his suicide with the country's current financial plight. Besides we do not even know if he amassed the debts, or whether his children had a hand in it".


The shocked Greek community is issuing calls for a "Syntagma afternoon" later on Wednesday.

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Harbanger's picture

Just long enough to remember your words. 

Harbanger's picture

As an American "agent" you did not stand.  So you will sit and wait for justice at sunrise.

kanenas's picture

US has yet to see the riots that have taken place in Greece in the past few years. Both in percentage of demonstrators as well as street fights. With little effect.


Elections are coming, then we'll see how it goes. At least there are more than two parties.

Merkel was against elections before finishing off her plan.

The leader of the opposition met with her and explained that unless there is an electionin in a month, with the rate of decline that his at the moment leading in the Polls party had, the next time she was meeting with the Greek PM it would be a left wing 38y old that has been very critical of the whole situation..(going from 25% to 15% in a few weeks time)

Merkel noded. 

Since then, the anti-Troika parties have been hammered by all Mass Media, people are being shown 'polls' that are contradicting the social indications, yet the two pro-Troika parties are getting less than 25% together. Mind you, they used to have more than 65% in the last few elections.

WAMO556's picture

The Arabs had it right last year - REVOLUTION. This mans suicide was done in plain view of everyone - there ain't no escaping this. Greece is ripe for war, maybe this is the contangion the banksters were actually worried about.

alangreedspank's picture

They did not get it right. All they'll get is another social-democrat state pandering to different people, stealing from different people to pay for the politicians' vote whoring

Stoploss's picture

There's your martyr.

Might want to locate the riot cams again. This changes everything.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Rothschilds don't bat an eye. Their subserviant fractional reserve bankers, working on behalf of all the tentacles of the fractional reserve banking network, doing their god's work, think of this as just another footnote out of billions in history, if they take notice at all.

The Greek Parliament is only an illusion of choice. It is a captured tool of the The Money Masters, just as the governments at all levels in Europe and the U.S. are.

Things will only change when The Money Masters not only can no longer ignore this man's plight and the events leading up to it, but face an appropriate level of punishment for their outsized contributions to the perilous state of the highly unjust modern world, where human dignity is sacrificed on the altar of lust and greed, whereby power is the ultimate intoxicant sought by the few who control the fate of many not through meritocracy, but complete and absolute nepotism.

 The Secret of Oz


Money As Debt II-Promises Unleashed

The American Dream Film


The Money Masters - Full
alangreedspank's picture

Good lesson for you all. Don't get the state involved in anything, because when it withdraws, this is the kind of stuff to expect.

Van Halen's picture

Here is a video from Ann Barnhardt as to why this is going to go on a lot longer. The video is long and you'll have to keep a barf bucket next to you because quite frankly, it's THAT horrifying. The video ultimately covers everything she's been saying the last few months since she closed her business.

Apologies in advance if someone already posted this. Did a quick scan but didn't see it. Wait - no apologies - this should be posted a thousand times!

memyselfiu's picture

Ann Barnhardt needs to be rode hard and put away wet.

Van Halen's picture

Nice display of sixth grade mentality, you moron. Grow the hell up.

memyselfiu's picture

....says the person salivating over the hate monger.

Maghreb's picture

Sorry i'm going to second that this whole thing has "strawman" written all over it. The flag, the brokerage firm the low quality video, and the threats to wipe out an entire world religion. They got wide eyed maniac written all over them. Muslim's ironically are the last hold outs against the entire banking system and the nation state. Major tenents of their religion is to not pay interest and not pay tax above the mandated 5 percent. Taliban and Shabab are basically hard core libertarians with their bibles and their guns how they are conflated with Marxists i will never understand.

This babes just playing to the crowd feels like that Spirit of Truth guy from a few months back...........

walküre's picture

"strawman" for what or whose benefit?

She's outspoken on the corruption that goes on on Wall Street and the power grab in DC.

Be honest, your problem lies with her Christian worldview and how she bases her arguments on Christian "values". Sounds to me this woman has "seen the light" in many ways. She is not advocating to kill muslims from what I could hear. But I can't say the same and be 100% sure about our current political crop and bankers.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Take a look at her web site. She's a kook.

She thinks all the Moslems in the world are out to get us and that the only way to preserve our precious bodily fluids is to launch a nuclear first strike against all countries which are predominantly Moslem.

She even makes Netanyahu look sane, which is a formidable accomplishment.


Phil Free's picture

Kook -- you mean, you aren't one?  You mean I'm not one?  You mean, none of the rest of us are one?  We're all kooks.  Stooge.

memyselfiu's picture

for the benefit of the elites- see hegelian dialectic

taniquetil's picture

As if any Greek citizen could afford a Kalashnikov-pattern rifle.


Mosin-Nagant, only $69.95!

PaperBear's picture

This is absent from the BBC website, no surprise. What about other corporate whore media ?

Ratscam's picture

nothing to see in german speaking countries

walküre's picture

They're trying to sweep it under the rug for now. Says alot about who they are.

Reformed Sheep's picture

It's unsettling to say the least. A quick scan of the online versions of UK newspapers is also completely bereft of any reference to the event... Releasing the note is like lighting the touchpaper - I really believe this man's sentiment will reverberate with a lot of people.


Greater Fool's picture

It was a much-publicized suicide that started things in Tunisia, too. Just saying.

walküre's picture

This has been going on for years now and it is absolutely disgusting how Monsanto fucked up the traditional farming practices in India. Monsanto is one company that could go up in smoke tomorrow and nobody would miss them.

Maghreb's picture

You would when that causes a global famine, they got the world by the balls. Word is Bill Gates owns a large part of it......

walküre's picture

We grew corn and wheat long before Monsanto. Maybe not a glut of it and maybe we didn't have cornstarch candy bars filling up the shelves and causing obesity but we were able to feed people just the same.

Maghreb's picture

I agree with you but they are incredibly dangerous. We've seen it already with the self terminating seed. If they thought they could get away with it they could try and create a GM Monopoly and produce crops that only respond to their fertilizer/pesticide etc. Cargill and Monsanto are both big parts of the Gates Foundation stock portfolio. I'm not big on the Alex Jones style eugenics population control measures but they are so close to having the parts needed to do something like that. Between them, Glencore and General Mills i think they have a vast section of the World Food supply under control already.

blu's picture

Monsanto is the Josef Stalin of business. They utterly destroy everything they touch, and delight in the process.

john39's picture

monsanto is just part of the "umbrella corporation"....  big ag, big pharm, big defense contractors...  all tied to the banks.  welcome to a brave new (corporate satanic) world.

Zero Govt's picture

I'm not sure hanging the political puppets will solve anything... as we see with Greece, Ireland, ok America and the rest of the globe too, you boot out one pile of crap and in come another pile of f'n rotters

I'm all for a peaceful harmless protest that solves the actual problem, Govt itself

a Tax Revolt ...Stop Paying Your Taxes (don't feed the suckers.. at all)

Joebloinvestor's picture

The Greek government shot itself in the head a long time ago.


Greeks screwed Greeks then took the money and left.

q99x2's picture

Sheesh they've got it easy compared to the heros in the movie I'm watching, which is...that's right, "Wrath of the Titans."

zerozulu's picture

Protest is expected from the nations with thousands of years of history.

yogibear's picture

All they need are weapons.

Enterprising Greeks and others can forge their own weapons and ammo. Seems like a huge growth industry,


RoadKill's picture

If this guy never took anything from the government then how does any of this austerity impact him.

Like the 50% of Americans getting benefits from the government and not paying taxes - these parasites refuse to recognize that they are the problem.

Actually there is your solution.. Everyone stealing money out of my pocket to live beyond your means - please shoot yourself.

Get rid of the AARP beggers, welfare queens and subsidized housing ghetto dwellers, and we have no debt problems.

Piranhanoia's picture

Do you hate yourself?  Or are you just really simple?

Confused's picture

No debt problems? You really don't think the people elected won't find another way to fuck us all?

lizzy36's picture

Read much or just pontificate with your brilliant wisdom.

Do you actually understand how austerity works? 

The man paid into the government pension system for 35 years. For 35 years he trusted the system, and contributed to it. Did you some how fail to read that part of his note?

I have no idea what caused you to become such a miserable son of a bitch. I don't care. I do know your lack of basic reading skills, coupled with your lack of empathy, makes you a man not worth knowing.

Here is an idea, move to a different country. Preferably 3rd world. I am going to guess nobody will miss you.

TruthInSunshine's picture

As a libertarian who values liberty over nanny-statism, and believes Father Government is just large enough to de-incentivize many millions from trying (and that crushes the aspirations of many of the highly talented), let me just point out that two of the largest 'welfare' sectors in the U.S. right now are 1) Manhattan, with its precious too-big-to-fail (and utterly useless to society or the economy; they're actually wealth destroyers) banking and financial institutions, along with other financial/Wall Street parasites sucking on the teat of the taxpayer via the FRBNY large mammary gland, and 2) Washington D.C.-Maryland-Virginia federal worker, government contractor and MIC row, whereby much of the disease that is our current economy, whereby 20 cents out of every $1 spent and in circulation in the national 'economic stream' is the result of government spending on personnel and things that we can't afford (to the tune of 44% deficit spending) and that we really don't need (hundreds of billions in MIC toys that any honest general would admit do nothing but prop up some politician's chances to get re-elected; think Seawolf Submarines/Virginia Class Submarines/F-22 Raptor as just some examples).

e-recep's picture

very difficult to read. try to use shorter sentences and paragraphs.

TruthInSunshine's picture

If you can't hang with the big dogs, stick to the yahoo stock tip boards.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

I bet we'd see massive improvement with:

a cut to taxes

a boost to food banks

fully paid-for rent for welfare for any property owner that will accept it (and no requirement to accept it)

a food budget by item not by dollars for welfare

immigration restrictions removed for incoming & outgoing people

BANISHMENT of fractional reserve & mandatory currency / legal tender laws

Just a thought

Central Bankster's picture

Do you understand how pensions work in europe? Private sector employees are forced to contribute to public pensions which are backed by greek bonds and stocks. Is it clear how fucked he was now that weve clarified these pesky details?

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

You mean like the the people who beg Bernanke for more tax-payer funded QE so their portfolios can be get manipulated higher.

At least the foodstampers and wefare queens are not hypocritcal about Big Govt.  Unlike most "Sugar Longs" who suck Bernanke's teat at every chance while they bitch about how big the gov't is..

irie1029's picture

Im new here.... By the way only site i trust... for the most part...  2 questions

What is a Sugar Long???

What the hell is a muppet???


Thanks in advance.

walküre's picture

Get rid of the AARP beggers, welfare queens and subsidized housing ghetto dwellers, and we have no debt problems

You might save a few billions annually but compared to the trillions in subsidies to the banking and military industrial complex, this is peanuts.

If you're concerned about where your tax dollars are going, drive to the nearest army base or federal prison in your state.

Confused's picture

If you're concerned about where your tax dollars are going, drive to the nearest army base** or federal prison in your state**.


**Or in most foreign countries.