Syriza Takes Advantage Of Spanish Bailout To Boost Its Winning Odds

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On Saturday, when we discussed the impact of the Spanish bailout for other European countries, focusing on Ireland which had promptly requested a renegotiation of its own terms to match those of Spain, we noted that "Syriza's Tsipras should send a bottle of the finest champagne to de Guindos - he just won him the election." It appears that the leader of the Greek anti-bailout party wasted no time to capitalize precisely on just this.

From the FT:

Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s leftwing Syriza coalition, seized on news of the Spanish bailout to bolster his position ahead of next week’s crucial general election, which may determine whether the country stays in the euro.


“The developments in Spain confirm the position we adopted from the start – that the crisis is a pan-European problem, and the way it has been handled so far has been socially catastrophic and completely ineffectual,” Mr Tsipras, who opposes the bailouts, told a newspaper.


Antonis Samaras, the pro-bailout conservative leader, said the Spanish bailout terms showed “the benefits of taking the road of responsibility”.

What we wonder is why did Europe cave to the Spanish demands before the Greek elections. Because, paradoxically, by yielding to a bailout plan, which at least superficially has been painted as one without conditions, it just cemented Syriza's entire electoral platform as having absolute validity.

Then again, on the insolvent continent, nothing really surprises us any more.

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the road of responsibility......


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And also this zerohedge article which correctly predicted that this would be the consequence before the bailout plan had even been announced.

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Vote me, I'll be gentle!

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Vote for me ,I'll use vaseline.

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Vote for me, I'll use Vaseline and throw in a reach around :-)

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I'll just have to vote for the lesser of many evils.

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Vote for Cthulhu, and you will be eaten last.

Well, last-ish.

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And which country would that be, tarsubil?

Ans: All of them

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altho slewie is not known for being a big tipper, sodden_D,

you can keep the chains

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I'll do it in a way, you'll come to like it!

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Burn the mother fucker to the ground (The Euro/EU/ECB etc).

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What we wonder is why did Europe cave to the Spanish demands before the Greek elections. Because, paradoxically, by yielding to a bailout plan, which at least superficially has been painted as one without conditions, it just cemented Syriza's entire electoral platform as having absolute validity.

You mean they want Greece to exit the Euro and/or renegate the bailouts?

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When dealing with politicians and other sociopaths one must think outside the box, so some reasons to consider.

-It's really much worse than even Tyler suspects.

-They want Greece out no matter what it costs.

-Tsipras is not a threat because he has been bought or blackmailed already.


I'm betting on Door Number 1

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Remind me, How did all this bailout shit turn out for Greece?

Nuff said!

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I so want this guy to win, i want to see the bankers squirm. It will force Greece out of the Euro, into the drachma, and much the way of Iceland. Let the liberation begin already!!!

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I have a bottle here, The spirit in there sez that Syriza will win the election with a huge margin ... and they will use it as leverage to immediately sell out to the bankers.

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Spain's New(old?) Organizational Chart:


A Fiona Govan report in the UK Telegraph notes that this only saves the rich and the poor are already turning out in droves to protest,

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i only have one question for Syriza

when you declare default and still insist on staying within euro - where will you get the money from to finance public services ?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

syrizzza may not be able to form a goobermint

last we saw, it had ~30%, in a dead heat w/ antonioSam GR_GreecePolls.swf

fractured fairy tales: w/ gPap calling in his chips for his party and the bigV-man coming down the stretch for pasok i don't see syrizzza getting enough votes/seats to take over

i think the two college roomates gPap&antonioSam will sit tight and see what angela does

this leaves the squid in charge, which is where gPap left things when he resigned, right? 

the EU debacle will try to play out with marioECB's plan up by the 20th.  of june, right?

everything should have fallen apart by then and the banksters will have everone lubed and ready or those checks are not gonna be in the mail

the finiMinis will tell their bosses:  do it!  work out that crap about sovereignty later

and...they will!

i think we hear it called consolidation... necessary re-capitalization... breathing room...  can-kicking...

as long as nobody hasta pay for it, they'll get those checks out!

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and cnbc just keeps talking about....Nothing. What a waste for the parent company.

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What a waste for the parent company.


Didn't that train leave the station when Immelt took over?

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Panic thinking results quickly in a wrong choice followed by a stampede.

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Be thankful that there are no riots in Spain. Wait, that'll come soon enough.

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100 million dead at the hands of Marxists and people still haven't learned

The Age of Useful Idiots's picture

Would you mind elaborating on that estimate a bit? Because it seems that in the last two decades hyperinflation has taken over in such estimates.

And while you are at it, would you like to post some numbers for capitalist nations historically, say during periods of World Wars, Imperialism, genocides and/or Colonialism?

Otherwise some people might think you are cherrypicking here, refusing to look at problematic aspects of human nature in order to fit a subset of the facts to your ideology. Just saying.


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I was just trying to think of how Europe will be ruled after the Collapse.

It seems obvious that the Money Power reptiles have blown it, so who's next?

The general attitude on ZH seems to be that we'll get a new Hitler or something, from the Germans. 

I'm not buying that.  It's not only the Generals who are always fighting the last war -- it's us too!  The Germans have changed a lot since then, and I think they will produce another Wehrmacht sometime after the Spanish produce another Armada, or the Macedonians produce another Alexander.

The Germans have changed significantly since 1936 -- just look at the demographics!   The average age of the german population is 44 !   Vier-und-freaking-vierzig !   How is this new Hitler going to rile up a population like that!  Pound on the podium and shout Drang nach health-care!  ?

To make big armies and go nuts, you need young people, not geezers.

And then it struck me, like a diamond bullet in my brain.

Iran.  The next ruler of Europe will be from Iran.

Drang nach norden.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Why not. Fifty years from now Europe will be the Middle East.

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Made me laugh.

More likely: fifty years from now, the Middle East will be Europe.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

With their human resources that is not possible. Keep in mind that an IQ in the range of 70 to 84 is defined as borderline intellectual functioning and anything below that as mental retardation.

Mean IQ

Bahrain 83
Egypt  83
Iran  84
Iraq  87
Jordan  87
Kuwait  83
Lebanon 86
Oman  83
Qatar 78
Saudi Arabia  83
Syria  87
Turkey  90
United Arab Emirates  83

the exception being, unsurprisingly, as it is in everything else

Israel  94

although the average is clearly suffering a little as a result of diverse demographics, being that significant numbers of Israelis do not have their origins in the populations of Europe. That's clear from the fact that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest mean IQ of any 'ethnic group' in the world.

Germany 107
Netherlands 107
Poland 106
Sweden 104
Italy 102
Austria 101
Switzerland 101

Europeans made Europe, not the other way around.

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so the marxists killed the dumb-asses?

and now they should kill the muslims?

how scientififc!  L0L!!!

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Careful there ..

Sheople might call you a racist...!

The They's picture

The ME is the way it is because of the oil.  Everyone is always willing to fight over oil riches, but who would want to fight over a bunch of whiny europeans demanding welfare they can't pay for?

Lebensphilosoph's picture

To make big armies and go nuts, you need young people, not geezers.


Its doubtful most young Germans would even take up a gun to defend their own life, property and freedom, and in that order. They would, however, to defend those of a third-world immigrant.

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Sacrilege -- bugalert -- posts that start with italics cannot accept up- or down-votes.


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Did you hear that AnAnonymous? That's something for you to keep in mind.

Vigilante's picture's called degeneracy.

The last stage before whitey auto-extincts himself..

AnAnonymous's picture

To make big armies and go nuts, you need young people, not geezers.


How so? The number in army, is that really an issue at present days?

To lob laser guided missiles, do you need to be that fit? To phone your lawyer before shooting camera armed journalists when flying a chopper in silent mode?

mick_richfield's picture

It's not a physical fitness issue, it's an emotional immaturity issue.

To get a population as riled up as Hitler did with germany in the 1930s, the population has to have a low average age.

A population of 40-somethings can indeed make war, they can send drones and press buttons, but first of all you're never going to win a serious war that way, and second -- they are a lot harder to convince that they should go to war at all. 

For grown-ups, it takes a lot more than a charismatic leader with a dramatic speaking style.

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Look guys ths spanish bailout factors in tremendously...but its still having a strong effect here: Markets Begin Higher On Spanish Bank Bailout

slewie the pi-rat's picture


we can see the screens

Nasdaq 2,851.94 -0.23% DJIA 12,519.30 -0.28% S&P 500 1,325.46 -0.02%
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Tyler they couldnt wait coz the costs of the bailout were growing by the billions erryday bro

it was either 100 bil now or who know 200 after the elections or 300 if the anti-bailout dude won