The Technocratic Revulsion Begins: Photos And Video As Thousands Of Italians Protest Monti's "Banker" Government

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Well that was quick: Italy is about to be acquainted with the old Asian saying that a "known devil is better then unknown angel", especially when the angel is a Prime and Finance minister (two for the austere price of one) working purely on the behalf of offshore banker interests. As Reuters and Corriere report, thousands of Italians took to the streets in several cities on Thursday to protest against what they called a "bankers' government" led by economist Mario Monti, and there were clashes with police. Students in Italy's financial capital Milan threw firecrackers at police trying to prevent them approaching the Bocconi university, which is chaired by Monti and has become a symbol for the new executive of technocrats he has formed to tackle Italy's debt crisis. Police responded by charging the students with batons. One journalist was injured by a firecracker, police sources said. The students also threw eggs and fake dollar banknotes at the building of the Italian banking association. "We don't want the banks to rule" and "Monti's government is not the solution," the students chanted." Well as long as it is only the students who feel this way, all is well. If, however, the anti-Monti sentiment is shared by more, which it is, then the technocratic government will be lucky to survive three weeks... forget 2013. And the greater the revulsion, the bigger the Stockholm Syndrome nostalgia for Berlusconi will be. If we were betting people, we would speculate that Silvio's chances for reelection are soaring with each passing minute.

More from Reuters:

There were also protests in Turin, Rome, Palermo and Bari, with demonstrators targeting universities where some of Monti's ministers used to teach, bank branches and tax offices.


In Turin, clashes broke out between police and thousands of demonstrators including anarchists trying to approach the local headquarters of the Bank of Italy.


Police said several people had been injured, including a policeman. Some of the protesters chanted: "Smell of austerity" and "Monti will all make us beggars."


A collapse of market confidence has pushed Italy to the brink of financial disaster and driven up its borrowing costs to unsustainable levels.


Monti's cabinet is made up of a mix of academic specialists and experienced administrators and includes Corrado Passera, the chief executive of Italy's biggest retail bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, as industry minister.

Some pics:

And video:

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Long pitchforks.

duo's picture

the US has a "banker's government", and we "elected" ours

Shocker's picture

Amazing/Sad to see what has come of theses places including the US.


SheepDog-One's picture

Ruined...into some kind of neo-Marxist fascist hellhole of a planet.

Shocker's picture

Its like wth, Who knows anymore. They always keep ya guessing, one min its Europe/Italy/Greece all fix, next we are talking about a meltdown.

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80 Is the New 65 for Many Retirees 

latet headline from cnbc. Guess the next article will be titled: Just work till you die 

DaveyJones's picture

and leave on your jewelry

Popo's picture

Anyone care to place bets on when Italian bankers start getting dragged out of their cars and bludgeoned to death? 

Don't say it isn't coming.   

Historically speaking, the path from here to there is pretty clear.  And the one way to absolutely insure that it happens is to marginallize the protesters.

Keep it up, Europe.  You'll be knee deep in blood in no time.

Ghordius's picture

nah, hysterically or historically?

nobody is marginalizing the kids that are protesting in Europe, by the way

I remember when lots of Italian and German top bankers got killed by the Red Brigades

we are not there yet

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Well 80 years is greater than the average [declining] life expectancy for American males, American females would get 10 months of retirement! Who would need a 401K? Pay it in taxes instead! (just kidding). 

flacon's picture

World population is the biggest bubble of them all. Would you be a buyer or a seller if the chart looked like this?:


Bring the Gold's picture

It's true, nobody wants to talk about it. The answer is intelligent behavior where we limit our offspring and figure out how to engineer a contraction based economy. Once we move down to 1 Billion-ish in about 100 years we can plateau. Of course that would require long term thinking and people actually not feeling they have the god given right to have 13 kids. I have one child and may have a second and that will be it. Statistically 2 or less children is less than replacement population and that's what we need.

Just one of the many problems facing humanity that are unsolvable within the egoic conciousness framework.

pan-the-ist's picture

Wouldn't you need a stong central government to inforce that sort of thing-- especially on the poor?  But if you do that, who will pick the fruit?

steve from virginia's picture

We have the technology to solve the 'human' problem right now, all it takes is a word from our sponsor, a press of the correct button.

Anyway, 'replacement level' at 7 billion is not a solution. Incremental 'me first-ism', why not a little over replacement for me?

Put another way, the solution to 7 billion is 7 billion, I can't wait to see the newspapers. A billion deaths is a hell of a headline.

michael_engineer's picture

I like the way you think.

You may appreciate the commentary here :

Also, review the comments by michael_engineer to this :

Let me know what you think

jmc8888's picture

ROFL, so you base your life off of propaganda?  Why should anyone listen to you.

There is no such thing as overpopulation, only a real dumbass believes that bullshit.

Because Earth, is the only planet in the universe.

Because mankind will not attain Fusion, or fusion arc.

Because mankind could not engineer structures that could not fit everyone currently living on Earth inside of Texas, and be comfortable, using today's techs.


What's that? There's enough, space, energy, and resources....yet there's overpopulation?


People are fucking idiots.  I guess I won't cry that someone who so easily believes bullshit, is limiting their reproduction.  The world has enough dumbasses.


Glass-Steagall and American (Hamiltonian) Credit System, not Anti-American British Imperialism utilizing a debt based monetary system, backed by their fascist police state.

That 1 billion number, is grade AAA, Queen of England backed and pushed PROPAGANDA.  Thus, even though your name is about 'gold', you still have at least one foot in the banksters camp.  Quit doing the banksters bidding.  All the way.

margaris's picture

would you have sold at 3 billion, 4 billion, 5 billion?

Chart would be more interesting if it showed overlay of population by continent.

e.g. Europe population is stagnating.

jmc8888's picture

What a crock of shit.  Overpopulation is bullshit.  Keep belieiving the fascist propaganda. 

You do realize you could fit everyone on Earth inside of Texas, comfortably...right?

You do realize with a few technical breakthroughs that are within man's grasp, although a few decades from now, energy and resources won't be a problem right?


You do realize there is a universe full of planets that will be 'found' to be colonizable, right?


Ok then, there is no such thing as overpopulation.  Just bad planning and propaganda sophistry.  Especially the use of bullshit, goalseeked charts that use imagery in place of facts.  Oh look at that curve, we're screwed.....just because of a curve?  What about the human brain residing within a universe of possibility? Oh wait, your chart doesn't account for that, even though it's grown like that because of it.


Glass-Steagall, not fascism.

Glass-Steagall, not Austrio-Keynesian Monetary bankster sophistry. 

Monetarism must end.  Wake up and smell the propaganda.

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I think the Italian radicals will conduct a clinic and show the Greek, English and American radicals how it is done.


TDoS's picture

It's crazy.  People accept and condone things in other countries, that they immediately decry in their own streets.  Hell, our banker government is banker government to the whole world.  We have every right to be out in the streets tearing shit up, but then we get called spoiled-hippie-commie-socialist-jobless-whining-homeless-loser-babies.


Bring the Gold's picture

Well it's all a triple think plot by George Soros or Hilliary Clinton or whoever fits the bill of leftist bugaboo. Its not like Anonymous is some group of disaffected millenial hackers who until about 3 years ago spent most of their time coming up with LOLcat memes. Nope, it was a long standing far reaching diabolical plot by Soros even in it's LOLcat days (snicker). Grassroots doesn't exist!

OR in reality, there are grassroots movements that occur and are immediately attempted to be co-opted, the Teaparty for example was legit and grassroots and then unfortunately was co-opted by Neo-cons and Grover Nordquist types. The OWS movement has been repeatedly attempted to be co-opted and has failed due to a lack of leaders (a good thing), yes they took funding from anyone who gave it to them, no they aren't following ANYONE'S agenda cause they have no central authority. Since they aren't being co-opted now they are being destroyed by the iron fist as the velvet glove has come off.

As to all the fears of communism, what would that even fucking look like? I mean the only communist countries left on the planet are Cuba and Venezuela. Russia? Crony fascist. China? Crony fascist. Vietnam? Crony fascist. Eastern bloc? Crony fascist after attempts at capitalism were crushed by western euro technocratic fascists.

Yep all there is left is fascism worldwide. The marxists that are left are stupid ass college professors who wouldn't know their ass from a hole in the ground and a few weed addled morons. Most in OWS don't know what they want, BUT...they DO KNOW WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT!

What is it that they don't want? Something that NONE of us want or at least few of us want, and that is crony Fascism.

Whoa Dammit's picture

3 Card Monti is being played in Europe (and the US). The classic short con.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Notice too how the BRICS are conveniently out of the news. India has raging food inflation, wage inflation, real estate inflation, explosion in service sector (delivery boy) jobs....

We are seeing the manufacture of the NWO Pyramid in front of us. This is their plan. Thuggish welfare brats at the bottom (big bottom, look at bottoms in general....perhaps we are approoaching the biggest bottom? Le Arse grande? Who knows eh Shocker?

Big cull in the middle (the bulging middle class, like the bulging, man-boom masculine of today and fatless women, total inversion).... easy pickings. Easy to sicken, starve or just mal-treat in general.

These Europeans know how to riot, all that football hooliganism teaches them well. Such a set-up, eh?

The brown masses, I really wonder what they have planned for us. We are currently in the love death-grip of Ummerika. A nuclear love death grip. Oz will sell us Uranium again. Surely cause for celebration...

Anyways, yes, who knows anymore... it's all wobbly on purpose, in one sphere or the other (draught, flooding, predators, US aggression, NATO aggression, Chinese economic implosion ( Earthquakes, spreading nuclear fall-out suddenly Europe is spiking in cesium readings? Source unknown)...

The great, maritime, pirated Venecian end-game is at hand.

That is what it feels like here in the belly of the beast...



kito's picture

or mardi gras 2011.........

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

You write

the US has a "banker's government", and we "elected" ours

Let me tell you that at least you formally elected your government. We (I am Italian, and I have an Italian passport) have been denied that right. Even if it is purely a formality, that's better than outright violation of the laws and of the Constitution. After the demise of the Berlusconi government, Italians should have been given the right to vote. When the electors are called to the ballot for electing the members of the Parliament they are also demanded to choose the governing coalition of parties and the president of the same, who is intended as the new Prime Minister.

It has been a coup, concerted last summer, as it has been evidenced by articles in the Italian press.



Bring the Gold's picture

Please continue to keep us informed. Good to hear from actual Italians on what is happening on the ground. 

Possa il Popolo d'Italia, trovare la libertà!

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Really "Grazie" for your wish about freedom in Italy !

rwe2late's picture

A Trilateral/Bilderberg coup.

(Unfortunately, a formal election doesn't mean much when the vetted major candidates support the same basic policies of militarism and plutocracy, and are beholden to the same club of financial benefactors.)

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Yes it was a Trilateral/Bilderberg coup. However it has been something even worse than that. It is pure explicit NWO mondialism.

One of the new ministers Andrea Riccardi has asked for and has been given the right to swear with a twist in the formula.

Instead of swearing "to serve the exclusive interests of the Italian nation" he swore "to serve the interests of the Italian nation". In Italian that makes a difference, meaning he can serve other interests.

Mr. Andrea Riccardi has been the leader of the Comunità di S. Egidio, a left wing Catholic group of Vatican II Council staunch supporters, which has organised the first Assisi Meeting of the religions 25 years ago and again this year, last October. Their agenda is above all against traditional Catholicism, (and all forms of traditional religions and cults) for a non exclusivist religion, a World Council of Religions, a World Central Bank and a World Government.

Please spread the word around.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



When the cannoli stops being served the paisans can get mighty feisty.

dark pools of soros's picture

what is a good riot gear ETF?

fadgadget's picture

but, but, but... they're technocrats!!!

JPM Hater001's picture

technocrat only means they are fans of Devo.

Richard Chesler's picture

uhm no, the correct term is fascists. And old italians know a thing or two about "dealing" with them.


i_call_you_my_base's picture

Wall street is crazy today. Feels quite edgy.


gojam's picture


I'm in UK and I've spent the last hour watching a live Wall Street broadcast (Sky news) of the protests there.(that is more solid air time than I've seen here in UK of OWS)

Looks peaceful for now.........................

i_call_you_my_base's picture

The problem is that it's all boxed in. All of the gates closing off the streets and sidewalks force people into very small areas. There are tons of police as well so it's like a tea kettle. The police get closed in and they get uneasy. I don't think it will stay peaceful for long.

gojam's picture

Judging from the tv pictures from ground and helicopter, I'd say it would depend on whether more protestors turn up.

Edit: Sky are on a roll. Further update from New York followed by live report from Athens. It's all kicking off there too.


s2man's picture

The music or the politicians? ;-)

I wouldn't mind technocrats (a person who is an expert in his field) overseeing their field, but the U.S. version has been distorted by cronyism. Putting a banker in charge of banks, a miner in charge of mining, a developer in charge of land management...  Blatant conflict of interest. They do nothing but take care of their old buddies.

Gah! It makes me sick. I won't go on. Just registering my disgust. </rant>

amarshall's picture

Looks to me like about 20 people.

"dozens and dozens"

Mr. Poon's picture

That's as many people as Italy has that are native citizens under the age of 60.  Hard to get a revolution going when everyone is in a rest home or doesn't speak the local language . . .

Global Hunter's picture

16th picture down a wide shot of the square looks like a few thousand to me

SheepDog-One's picture

Mr Poon? What is that, Indian?

Global Hunter's picture

A reference to Neil Patrick Poon Handler Harris or a reference to the Party, birdynum-nums.