Teleportation To Swiss Safety Pushes Record Negative 2 Year Yield

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The best news of the day is that the world just can't wait to pay off Swiss government debt by "buying" Swiss government debt with its -30 bps yields.

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Those Swiss know how to party!

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Germany will follow

Have a look at 2y german Bonds 0,01%

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How can I get in on this party? I would gladly allow people to pay me so that I can borrow money from them.

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Mr. Market doesn't buy the "peg" any more than I do.

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truly amazing, isn't it?  that's the kind of thing that gives Geitner wet dreams


Humans really aren't that smart are they?

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So if I was the Swiss gov't, I'd take this windfall of free money, and load up on gold.

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Tom Jordan of the SNB got a phone call from Tim Geithner.  Turbo Timmy said "If the SNB starts buying gold then its the Kadaffy treatment for you". 

Presto, the cowardly Swiss started buying more € bonds.

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I knew I should have ordered more cuckoo clocks.

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Buy the fucking dip!

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Talk about bubbles!  What happens when rates go up! LOL

I am sure Goldman is telling their clients to buy! 

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German rate today

0.01% +400% 0.33% -2.08% 1.16% -3.33%

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I guess nowadays RoC stands for return of capital rather than return on capital.

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I was just thinking to myself, "Self? Where I can put my money to where I have to *pay* someone to hold it for me?"


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"Where can I put my money to where I have to pay someone to lose it for me"- fixed.


So grandma and grandpa will have to become bond traders to survive - "winning"  LMFAO!!!

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much obliged for that correction!

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they are still pegged right?

that is what is doing it: PPP

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Does anyone bother to look at Groupon anymore?


It's been falling heavily for the last 3 days - nearly 20% down.


There is clearly a rebellion against overpriced tech stocks - when does Twitter float?


That would be the ultimate - a chatter machine on nonsense which is going to be valued @ 10000 times earnings.


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Next month you will ask: at what time does QE come in?

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Who knows, at this rate, next month you might have to pay for your stuff in hundred dollar bills by the kilo.


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The debts will pay themselves off, awesome.  This should help the current state of capital mis-allocation and mal-investment - FAIL

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If you would be the CH Gov. you could say so

Hulk's picture

and $80 the next day...

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Here is zee plan!

Unpeg the CHF from the Euro

Buy gold while CHF over-valued

Use sovereign fund to buy up European assets

then go through with introduction of Gold Franc.

Banking is reborn in Switzerland.

Who else could actually have a chance of getting away with a gold standard?

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we have a winner.  You just forgot the "WWIII" step.

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truly f*cking batsh*t crazy.


paying people to lose you money. wow. 

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All is going as envisioned. Germany is but a prologue to the US. The hysteria will be phenomenal. Listen for the "sucking sound."

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War with Iran imminent?

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Every Greek, Italian or Spaniard who has the ability to get their monies out of a national bank is looking for a large mattress to hide it under. If you have too much to hide at home then move it to Switzerland where you think you have some protection from your national government confiscating it. So essentially you are paying the Swiss a fee to guarentee you will get your money back when you ask for it.