Tensions Escalate With Argentina 29 Years After Falklands War

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Never fear, Prince William is going to be stationed there.

He'll have an SAS regiment there to protect him.

PS, Argentina should understand that the UK can't afford a conventional war at the moment. (that's a fair warning not an invitation)

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That means the Duchess of Cambridge will be left alone for a while...the Wanklord can comfort her during William’s absence.

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Yes, I'm sure your wanking will provide her some great entertainment.

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Brave Prince William. Can you imagine the danger he will be facing? (You'll have to, because there won't be any).

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And the House of the Red Shield stands on the sidelines, and uses their captured media mouthpieces  to plant British Nationalistic stories in the press as to how dare Argentina challenge the long since faded British Empire, as they ready their next batch of ammunition and weapon sales on Rent-A-Center type terms, conditions and interest rates to both England and Argentina.

What a sick joke.

The Falklands. Britain goes to war over some large rocks off the coast of Argentina where sheep outnumber people, possibly for the 2nd time in 30 years.

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How would you like to go to sleep one night a British subject and wake up a citizen of Argentina?  After the war, a friend of mine went to sleep in West Berlin and woke up in East Berlin.  I can assure you he was not best pleased. 

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Al middle class Britts are dying to get out of the UK. Who wants to be a UK citizen?

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My guess it'd be kinda like going to sleep drunk in Philadelphia 7-3-1776 and waking up late in the afternoon to being an "American," whatever that means anymore, instead of a subject of the crown.  Some will be pissed, some will like it, most won't care as long as they have bread and circuses....

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The few people who do live there are British through and through, they speak English not Spanish, they drive on the left not the right, and they like their bangers and mash not that glop and beefsteak they eat up in the pampas.  Those islands have been British since the first person lived there in 1690.  Post Falkland War in the '80s the people of the Falklands have full citizenship in Britain and that is the way they like it, if Argentina attacks them there will be another war.

No need to disagree, these are not statements of my opinion just facts. 

Kirchner is doing this because she needds to focus attention from the crumbling economy and all of her recent Marxist moves that are causing a lot of problems in the capital.  I knew a guy from BA that died recently and he was a pretty middle of the road kind of guy, but he thought that bitch was better suited to be a spoiled housewife rather than president.  Gotta love South American politics where the wife of a el Presidente gets to run the joint after he dies. 

Sorry, can't side with the Argentines, or should I say the moonbat Kirchner on this one.  Though I have seriously considered Argentina as an alternative to the USA, in this I would ask them to just stop, they are not ever going to own the Falklands unless they buy out every single English speaking resident. 

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It's not about sheep or rocks.  It's about oil.

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Tyler - it is 29 years since the Falklands War - not 19 years.

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Feral, I just realized we can change our arrows.  I accidentally red arrowed you and as a reflex tried to change it and it worked, learn something new each day.

Anyway, sheep, rocks, oil.  We have been hearing that there might be oil there since the last war, yet 30 years later nothing.  Like we heard about all that gas and oil off the Irish coast too, yet all these years later nothing. 

The British spent the equivalent of about 4 million pounds per Falklander on the last war, and lost hundreds of men, 255 to be exact including the loss of the HMS Sheffield, does anybody seriously think they are simply going to just let that PMS prone bat in Buenos Aires take the Falklands now?  This might be her losing poker hand to play but Hugo Chavez is dealing the deck, his influence on the rest of South America is not in the interest of peace. 

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The Royals are nothing more than a bunch of worthless p*ssies!!!



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... precisely correct.

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The Royals are parasites and the British people, as well as the populations of the various colonies like Australia, who pay money to support the parasites, are serfs.



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The Royals are a tourist attraction ... any money in that?

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Not much, but maybe they can finance something by selling the quarter or so of the Earth's land surface the familia controls....

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Where are the Germans in this? Hitler anyone?

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If it weren't for your avatar..., I wouldn't give your musings a second look.  ;-)

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that would be the saxe coburg gothas

or brenda to her chums

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The sex-change-goths? 

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His uncle acted as an exocet decoy in the Falklands War, in that, he flew around and *tried* to get shot at, his was also the first helicopter to take survivors off the burning/exploding atlantic conveyor.

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Brave Duchess of Cambridge, with Wills away and Wanklord looking to take care of her and all. 

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The UK couldn't afford it in 1982 either, nor the Argentinians, nor can the Argentinians now. That won't stop them.

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The Squid owns a huge chunk of land down there somewhere. I think it's that southernmost tip of Argentina? Don't quote me...

But that fucking little sea creature gets around, ah huh...

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So Blockade is the new black?


Blockade Wall Street

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in fact Benetton is one of the biggest land owners, as well is Mr. brilliant front trading Soros via his company Cresud, at least back in the late 90s. IRSA is another vehicle where he was invested heavily although 50% of their revenues came from trading activities done by long bearded guys in sealed offices.

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"That won't stop them."

You know what might? The air force does not have means to defend even the mainland, there's essentially no naval force and the government is actively persecuting the army.

And what force has CELAC?

Chile will stay away, Brazil will be neutral at best denying air and sea spaces again: the armed forces are at odds with the leftist gov (a mock trial of the old generals will start soon, the air force has been denied new equipment for decades and the only carrier has no operational attack aircraft). All other countries are too far away and have better things to do.

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Cristina was just excited at the Schelep meeting

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LOL. The only ahole pushing for this crap is Venezuela and probably Cuba. Old communists never learn. Argentina has no navy to speak of. Couple of destroyers out to do it.

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So Argentina is being pushed into this by Hugo and Raul against their will. Come on…..

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I think if you look at the balance of power in all domains combined (trade, natural resources, political, cash & military etc) it is clearly not on Britain’s side. I'm not sure that everyone will stand by as idly as you expect. There is tremendous resentment in South America towards the former colonial powers meddling in their affairs. With the air of superiority of Europe and North America evaporating fast in a trillion dollar/euro/pound meltdown, expect a much tougher more self-confident player on the other side of the table, definitely one that will increasingly only play on his own terms. I think CELAC is a tremendously significant geopolitical developments in that region.

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The Falkland Islands are not part of South America, and never were "their" affair in the first place.

By that logic, the USA should claim and then invade Bermuda as well. 

(Damn, that's right --- we actually missed a place to invade!  How did THAT happen?)

dumbfounded's picture

Fair point !

So how do you determine who holds the rightful claim? (I don’t know) If you look at the history of the last 200-300 years a number of players have been in and out and made their claims. You could ask the people that live there is suppose.

At the end of the day it will probably boil down to a cost-benefit analysis by the parties involved and be a matter of what they can and cannot do. I’d still argue that what SA can do is increasing and what Europe+UK can do is decreasing (at least relatively).

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So how do you determine who holds the rightful claim?

Sadly, in international affairs, "might makes right", as it always has.

However, I would say that the Brits' claim to the Falklands is far less "unfair" and much more defensible than, say, Russia's occupation of Sakhalin Island and the Kaliningrad oblast and Karelia, or China's occupation and ongoing cultural genocide in Tibet, or the USA's grossly illegal annexation of Hawaii, or even Danish control over Greenland.

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The winners always write the history.  Then they do their best to erase any and all history of the people they conquer.  Please tell me that you know this and this is not the first time you have heard about it.

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Oh I know. All I’m saying is that I agree that the story of the Brits about the Falklands sounds better than the one of the US about Hawaii or the one of China about Tibet.
How good your story is depends on your control of the information and the circumstances that you have to work with. A native population is one of those circumstances that can kind of bum-up the whole thing.

The Brits wrote a reasonable story and maybe Argentina will get to write a new story about those islands someday (Something along the lines of: they’ve been theirs since the beginning of time, struggle against injustice, self defence, heroic reconquista etc. etc.).

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If you can freely buy dollars in the Falklands, the Argies might all move there.

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Enter the Iron Butterfly......on second thoughts, nah!

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AUD spoke thusly:

The UK couldn't afford it in 1982 either, nor the Argentinians, nor can the Argentinians now. That won't stop them.

Nothing will stop them, because the banks see another opportunity to fan the flames of war and then lend to both sides. It's the same pattern every time.


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hope they blow him up.

Argentina can't afford a war either...if it was Brazil, now that's a different story

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Seems like the power elite are setting up William to be the archduke Franz Ferdinand of the 21st century.

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like argentina can afford it?

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Silly socialists, don't make them come down and open another can of whoopass over those worthless islands, it's just not worth it.  The tattered remnants of the British Empire will still defend its few remaining token interests.


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Those worthless islands just happen to bne surrounded by world class fisheries and......oil.

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Potentially 20 to 70 billion barrels of oil.  Englandistan sucks but that bitch Kirschner and the Peronist shit commies in Argentina grabbed all the pensions.  Kirschner reminds me of Pelosi.

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you would have the entire continent south america in a war with england. SA is done with centuries of european control over their region. SA has successfully rid themselves of the parasitic imf/world bank and now will challenge what little power europe has left. its a changing world for sure...................