Thank You Swiss National Bank For $2000+ Gold

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i get really nervous hearing banking analysts tell us gold is heading higher....realllly nervous......

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In this one case I am not sure it concerns me. What are they going to do sell all the gold?

Unless they have developed industrial strength alchemy there isn't much to worry about.

The printing of fiat will continue until morale improves.

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Turns out they have and I have the book, and no, not by paulo C.

That is the twist in the game.


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riots in CH in 3...2...1...
seriously, first they close down the Letten, now this!

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Gold in terms of francs.

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tmosley - Thank you! Something is not passing the smell test on this one. With all the manipulation why in the heck would they mow down all the life boats and force everyone into a decision between 1. The stock market, 2. US Treasuries, 3. Gold? Gold is the only asset moving higher and the most hated by the cartel. I think we should expect a severe bear attack on the PM's. It seems to me that they are about to throw the kitchen sink at the P.M.'s and coral everyones money for the slaughter on the DOW.

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Unfortunately for them, it doesn't look as though people are becoming scared enough to run from Gold as fast and hard as they would like. 

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"... the world's central banks have bought some 200 tonnes of gold this year ..."


I'm gonna say that they bought it with money they printed.


Gold at $infinity anyone?

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They probably got rid of their dollar reserves.

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Agreed.  The usual raids go for a very long sustained duration and are marginally successful.  Even when combined with such beneficial factors as holidays, margin calls, and known news events, both Gold and Silver seem to climb back up in the asian hours.  The patterns are so well known that there are major buyers getting great deals on waterfall declines.  Telegraphing your moves doesn't help achieve your goals.

I also think that the Internet is helping a large number of people get quickly educated on what is going on.  Education helps combat the "terror" when you watch that Kitco graph plummet through several dollars in a few minutes.  I now actually look forward to these raids as I can see their frequency and effect are becoming far less pronounced.  The end is near for the cartel.  There are too many holes in the dykes.

When I think of my own transformation, from sheeple, to "outside the matrix," I was able to educate myself very quickly (through great sites like ZH of course) about the myriad details of global finance, and the PM markets.  I have taken steps that, objectively, are very bold, considering my previous investment strategies, and of course, have paid off handsomely thus far.  Far better is being able to sleep at night knowing I have prepared as best I can.

The fact is that the Cartels _influence_ the markets.  They do not control them.  And they have committed egregious overreach due to arrogance, and underestimating the rebel fleet.  Here's to their imminent destruction.

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Locked and loaded Colonel-ingus!

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They're caught between a planet sized rock and a shitload of hard places!

You the same LongBalls that used to play baseball in the DR and love Marlboros?

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Stay right and hold tight!

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You can buy other things than just bonds or stocks...

Get yourself a nice convolut of Picasso prints etc...

Nicer to look at even than stocks or bonds ;-)


Just don't fall for any falsified Miro or Chagall and the likes..... 

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Thanks for sharing that chart.  Simply amazing.  Hinde Capital is a smart group (I always enjoy what Ben Davies has to say).

It's interesting to show how quickly the currency debasement can be done, when someone gets a mind to do it.  This must only be possible with digital currency (as the paper and ink variety would take far to long to generate - especially on those cheap new HP inkjet printers).

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Quote of the DECADE!

"The printing of fiat will continue until morale improves."

All Credit too fuu !!

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Tune them out. Make your own decisions and trust yourself.

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I remember telling one of my friends to buy gold at $1,175 and telling him that it would eventually hit $1,500.  Agast, he said "if gold hits $1,500, we have much more to worry about than making a profit."  Well, he was obviously wrong, and he was obviously very right.

I clearly need to change my avatar, how do I do that?

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Go to the home page.

On right hand side near top, see your userid and My Account, click on it

Click on Edit tab

Use "Picture" halfway down the edit page and add a new one

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translated: "hide your gold and buy more lead"

fixed it for ya

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Buy more gold and buy more lead.  (I already assume each one with gold knows how to hide it)

Fixed it for you!

I did the first today, maybe buy more Pb tomorrow.

Nice avatar!

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Don't forget to practice using that lead dispenser, it's useless if you can't make it do what you want, even in very stressful times or half asleep (or...stoned).  And remember to clean the dispenser afterwards.  These things don't work like in the movies, not even a little.  For some of us, it's better than the movies, for all too many, only the bystanders are endangered.  Like in those dumb criminal videos where two guys (a crook and a store owener) empty glocks at one another at two-three paces on no one is hit.  Don't be those guys.

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True.  Practice and cleaning are essential skills in using your lead delivery device.

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I get nervous to. Then when I watch the 'CPM Gold Yearbook' figures I am a bit calmer again. Gold ownership is at 0.7% of all global investment.


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Thanks for the chart. It reflects what I've seen here. Everyone's hoarding fiat currency, somehow think their euros are different from those in italian bank sheets. Amazing to behold. So.... Much talk not much commitment. Gold fills headlines, but not balance sheets.

Can you imagine what will happen when (not if; when) it reverts back to 5%? By then many will be out of business anyway.

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Indeed. Another statistic:

Real inflation adjusted price for gold/silver peak at 80s was 2400usd/130usd.

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The silver price is $130 when using the cooked government inflation adjusted numbers. ShadowStats puts it at over $300.

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“On the surface, it would seem to be highly bullish for gold. The possible negatives could be:

1) investors throw in the towel and just put assets in USD, on the assumption that there is less of a risk of a 9% overnight move in the USD going against you.


2) this pushes investors into risk assets


3) the extreme losses experienced by CHF long speculators raises a warning flag for gold – i.e. bulls make money but pigs get slaughtered so to speak.


4) this could be a prelude to some intervention in the gold market.


One thing is clear to me is that no asset is safe in this environment.”


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How long will this jackassery of money sloshing go on? holy, mother fucking, fucketty fuck fuck .. They all know it's going to end and it will end badly for EVERYONE.. the longer they wait the worse it's going to be. I'm getting really tired of this shit.. they are just grindig metal on metal now. 

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Just grinding metal at this point, good analogy.

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+1 for picking up on the "metal" ref ;)

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Nothing that a carload of Vaseline can't ameliorate.

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After the bending over we've all been given I'd be surprised if there is any Vaseline left. Maybe that will be the next hot commodity? We'll all come to remember the great Vaseline shortage of 2012.

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They all know it's going to end and it will end badly for EVERYONE.. the longer they wait the worse it's going to be.

The longer they wait, the worse it will be UNDER THE CURRENT SYSTEM.  So why would so many bankers and politicians, worldwide, agree to kick the can at such a cost in today's fiat?  Have they all gone crazy, all at the same time?

Maybe they know it doesn't matter how much fiat they spend to kick the can under a lost system.  Maybe the longer they delay, the better their chances of smoothly switching to a new system.  So they continue to kick the can and buy gold. 

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the crash, and thus the "worst part" (as referenced in the longer they wait the worse it will get) comes at the crashing point of the current system, not DURING the current system. My point stands, but for clarity I will amend my statement to read "The longer they wait, the worse it will be at the END of the current system".

 I think their attempt is to make us beg for a new system which, I'm sure they have all so generously created for us; a system that benefits them the most and is, of course, tweaked and refined so that it's harder to uncover the fraud(s) in the new system that they install. I honesty think they will boil the fucking water for as long as they can..slowly.. until we either give up or start a war.

The easy way out for both sides is for us to beg.. the more costly for us is war. War is just a nuisance for them. They'll make money on it, but it just makes things take that much longer while the war plays out. 

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The reality of these or any other protests are the same that we here in America will face when it is our turn in the near future..


The reason why is simple, numbers.

The Bottom and Lower Rung Middle Income Crowds are on board with Fighting Back.

The Middle and Higher Rung Middle are Comfortable thusly there will be NO! Protest from them and in fact see the Lower Rung and Bottom as acceptable losses.

In the End.. after the Bottom and Lower Rung have been silenced..

The Attack on the Middle and Higher Rung will begin.. But the bottom and lower will want no part of those peoples problems and mostly the Middle and Higher Rungs will just grin and bare it!

divide and conquer.

this battle was won thru the programming of over stimulated decades ago.

The Bottom and Lower Rung Deserve what is happening.. they are less than. they are stupid or ignorant either or it doesn't matter.. not worthy of benefit and a drag on the larger society.

The Middle and Higher Rung will not want to lumped into that crowd and will suffer with a smile rather than be seen as one of those kinds of people.

Greece Fell!

Spain will Fall!

Germany is a LAP DOG! and will get in line becuase they win either way but this way with Global support.

Italy? will fall.

and then..


after all the others have gone before.. America will fall, divided.. and by the time everyone figures out that it always was a war against all of us.. will be.. to.. fucking.. late...



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It's going to continue for far long than we think.

I'm thinking that gold, the inverse of the monetary system, is going far, far higher than $12,000 per ounce.  This does not comfort me, despite my position, but makes me a little scared.

What will happen when everyone will be clamoring for 1 ounce of gold, or 5 ounces of silver?  Anyone who holds the physical might have to hire a private army to guard it.

But the only way it's going to play out is collapse.  That much should be certain by watching the events unfold, despite the words coming out every leader's mouth.  And for collapse to happen we have to hit a far more manic stage of crises and money printing.

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i feel ya, but no ruling caste in history has ever willingly given up power.  they will keep it going straight into WW3, unfortunately.

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"they will keep it going straight into WW3, unfortunately."

What you mean is "we have always been at war with Eastasia."

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this could be a prelude to some intervention in the gold market.

The last two interventions in the  gold market didn't work out so well for the manipulators, esp the last margin hike.  I don't really care what the analysts do, and I'm losing any concern about the manipulators too.

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Hike the margins to 100%.  It matters not to me.  Gold will shine whatever the manipulators do, given time.

No worries, except I can't get the green arrow to work here for you here...

So, take a written +1

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There are still Norwegian Crowns, Japanese Yen and the ultimate undervalued currency-the RENMINBI--only available on the blackmarket..!!!

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I believe renminbi can now be received from HSBC atms in HK, along with HKdollars. Probably a zerohedger in HK now. Oh, the dusk til dawn bar.