Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

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With Europe set to close shortly, it just may be the case that the relentless headline barrage of rumors, lies and other European sourced imports will cease at least for a few hours. So while we are awaiting to see what Syria and Iran's (not to mention Russia and China's) response will be to the latest Arab League 24 hour ultimatum, here is today's open thread to kill the boredom until we get a chance to express our thanks for all the selling opportunities about to unfold, and until we get to find out if one can buy that completely unnecessary 9th plasma (for 50% off because in America spending money is saving) while dumping BTPs from a WalMart store at 3am in the morning.

Below: black swan before brining and deep fat frying:

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Probably not First!!

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Look at that...


Happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family south of the border.  May the turkey be delicious and the beer cold.

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A good day to re-member Native americans,on whose generosity this day  is based. Not on the senseless slaughter of Turkeys.

Generosity, something we could all do with a little more of.

Thank you so much ZH.



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There once was a site called Zero Hedge
Chronicling a financial world teetering on the edge
But come Thanksgiving Day
We all stop to say
Have turkey and wine and step back from the ledge!

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Thanksgiving. That's when Americans celebrate their alliance with the native Indian tribes against the British isn't it, just before Lincoln turned round and slaughtered them, stole their land and basically shot their buffalo...

or is it just another excuse for a piss up?


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"when Americans celebrate their alliance with the native Indian tribes against the British " ?

Air brushing history my friend.  Happy Thanksgiving, Tyler(s) and all of Fight Club.

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Have a safe day everyone.

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THANK YOU ZEROHEDGE AND FRIENDS for all the insights and entertainment

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Yes, and let's all join together to wish all those Americans currently struggling to get back to Tel Aviv on time a safe journey and lots of good booze and turkey , eh...

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Even on holidays, they troll.

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this isn't an argument, its merely contradiction...

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I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Zero Hedge brothers, sisters and compatriots, of whatever race, religion, ethnicity or creed, who have pure hearts and honest intentions, and have grown weary of the economic, political and social injustice and inequity that has resulted NOT FROM FREE & FAIR MARKET CAPITALISM, but that which HAS RESULTED FROM STATIST SUBSIDIZED RAPING & PILLAGING OF TRUE FREE & FAIR MARKET CAPITALISM BORN OF FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING PONZINOMICS & CRONY CAPITALISM (#DeepCaptureOfRegulators&Politicians).

RESTORE FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. End Statist Crony Capitalism. Let investors, whether bond holders or equity holders, deal with the risks that normal, free, non-broken, non-Bernank'd markets bring. Let the alleged Too-Big-To-Fails drown in their own toxic effluent. Let interest rates rise or fall based on true, free market forces, and not be so heavily manipulated by the broken markets Bernanke has created (putting taxpayer money at risk, and creating ripe conditions for a systemic global unwinding of credit markets).

Sorry for the shouting, but I needed to ensure those of you about to doze off in a l-tryptophan induced haze heard me.

Oh, and I give special thanks to Zero Hedge, which is an unstoppable force whose influence is growing at astounding velocity, all due to the fact that it is a shining example of the new proven model of BOTH OBJECTIVE REPORTING (based on the facts, and on a wide array of economic, financial, political and social matters) and DISCLOSED BIASED OP/EDs (on subject ranging from precious metals to regulatory, legislative and policy failure) has supplanted the Lame Ass Stream Media (with all such outlets owned by a handful of highly self-interested corporations), which has devolved into nothing more than a collective Proxy Mouthpiece of The Government Propaganda Machine & Crony Capitalistic Kleptocracy (with such forces working hand-in-hand; think of The Wall Street Journal and Jon Hilsenbrand and its and his relationship with Goldman Sachs & Brian Sack and Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, or that of The New York Times & Andrew Ross-Sorkin and his close affiliation with all of Manhattan's Too-Big-To-Fail Financial Welfare Kings), and which has completely destroyed any notion of journalism as a profession and institution reporting facts as a critical component of helping to ensure a robust dialogue and public debate on all matters affecting/impacting our lives as alleged members of a sovereign citizenry.

Long Live Zero Hedge. Keep doing what you've done so far, as you're filling a critical void that the Main & Lame Stream Media has not only abandoned, but has abandoned intentionally, after selling its collective soul to the Kleptocracy & Money Master Parasites, hand-in-hand with the Statist Money Master Crony Capitalist Destroyers of Free Markets. Zero Hedge's growth is only going to accelerate (it's not merely another blogosphericic entity with heavy traffic but a streaming consciousness).

It's going to be an extremely harsh winter of discontent. Hedge accordingly, and hold tight the value and things that truly matter in life to help bring you through what we're now facing and is inevitably going to intensify.

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But first we need a complete "reset," with a nw constitution and a new government ... oh, and we also need thousands of sharp guillotines ....

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"with a nw constitution" [sic]

Au contraire, Chris Jusset.  We need to actually just do the plain acts that the plain words of the ratified Constitution say.  Many start out with: "Congress shall not ... "


but of course, you know not of which you speak.  But you have been around these here parts so you have an obligation to 'splain yourself.

or nay.

- Ned

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With respect, I agree that we DO NOT need a "new" Constitution.

That is a dangerous proposition.

What we need is to reassert the role of our Constitution, which at its very core mandates a system of laws over the preferences of man, as the restraint upon the (now massively bloated & supra-constitutional) government we find lording over us and peeling away or infringing upon Constitutional Right after Consitutional Right, year after year.

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It's ok, I have a wiiiiiiiiiiiiidescreeeeeeeeeeeen...

Just sayin'

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you old farts out there and to you young farts, too.

Something to contemplate as you count your blessings and think about your challenges:

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We should start to bomb another country , just to show our appreciation for thanksgiving and the genocide of the native Americans , as you can see the human race has really corrected its mitakes of the past , because now we live in a better world where never before in human history has so much time, knowledge, and raw materials been put into killing other humans, congrats America you are the most aggresive nation to be ever on the face of this planet . If you are still paying taxes then have an extra slice of turkey as that 12 year old girl just got her brains spread all over the sidewalk by a CIA sniper which you just paid for 

  Why not stop the killing and STOP PAYING TAXES.

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My, aren't we cheery this Thanksgiving Day.  

I, for one, would like to say thanks to the ZH community.   It's been a real pleasure to be a part of it.

Best to all of you, including the suffocating trolls, and I hope you've all been stacking the metal, storing the food, and honing the senses for what is to come.

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Happy Turkey day RR and to all of ZH as well. But more for RR...  :)

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Beale you crazy MF'er... Happy Thanksgiving! How have you been?

I got off my ass and am closing a deal on a 200 acre wilderness retreat next week. Its got just enough water for my float plane if I carefully remove some partially submerged stumps. I may be a complete nutter but I have NEVER felt better! Some wild turkeys... but tons of chipmunks and bears if you and Rocky or MinnesotaN ever get hungry!

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Here ya go ZO, underwater chainsaw

Congrats on the wilderness deal, put up a TiPi

and eat wild!

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Sorry to hear about your 70/30 divorce settlement Hulk.

You've been through diamonds, you've been through minks. You've been through it all.

Love stinks.

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Underwater chainsaw... sounds like something I might have dreamed up. :)

Thanks Hulkster!

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No one in the US really pays their taxes. Bernanke just prints in the basement and SAYS everyone is paying!

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"because now we live in a better world where never before in human history has so much time, knowledge, and raw materials been put into killing other humans, congrats America you are the most aggresive nation to be ever on the face of this planet."

Don't be jealous!  USA!  Yeah! #1, #1, #1 !!!

War is business, and US is all about business.





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Are we taking bets on how many people will be trampled to death in tonights kickoff to the holiday shopping season? I guess at least 3 shoppers will be dead by morning. Is there an intrade trade on the body count this year? Last year we had a few deaths and it seems every year big box stores kill more and more of their customers with their loss leader policies and such.

"Three violent deaths in two stores marred the opening of the Christmas shopping season Friday.

In the first, a temporary Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in a rush of thousands of early morning shoppers as he and other employees attempted to unlock the doors of a Long Island, New York, store at 5 a.m., police said.

In the second, unrelated incident, two men were shot dead in a Toys "R" Us in Palm Desert, California, after they argued in the store, police said."

This is just one death story but I do enjoy the stories of customers being trampled to death most. Perhaps the big box stores should offer their customers Sumo outfits for protection from the onslaught.

Sumo Suit Showdown

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Oh do explain then, please...

My understanding is that there are rather a lot of Indians sitting on Reservations at the moment thinking 'Boy did we screw up".

But for now I'm all ears...

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Personally I blame everything on the Vikings....they started the whole rape and pillage thing....although the Mayans weren't very nice either....and now that I think about it, the Mongols were rather nasty as well......hell Man - we're all the freakin' same!!!!

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'What's this 'we' pale face',

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger...


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 The natives fought wars over land food and resources long before the pale faces came over. Don't be made because they were better at it.

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Yes but they were only slaughtered by their former 'allies' after you formed your own government, the same one composed of those super valiant politicians that espoused freedom as a right for all whilst perpetuating slavery for another 90 years...


Let's face it, had you remained under British rule you would probably be in the same position as Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and many other places that enjoy more rights (admittedly less fondling at airports), thriving economies and fewer guns...

Perhaps not thriving economies then, but then the one you've got now isn't exactly doing too well either is it?

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Yep.  Since the dipshits in charge a hundred years ago adopted the British banking system and Opium War redux, we're just doing dandy.  Say "Hi!" to the queen for me....

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Will do, when I next see her...

Do you have any personal gifts you'd like me to drop off?

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Give her a pearl necklace for me....

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Thanksgiving long predated the indian wars.

Google george washingtons thanksgiving day proclamation to understand what it was all about. He made it an official holiday, but it had already been celebrated nationally for over 100 years in all the colinies.

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I think you mean Lincoln.  From what I read up on thanksgiving the continental congress as well as several presidents gave 'thanksgiving' of their [victories in battle], not of pilgrims and native americans...

It has officially been an annual tradition since 1863, when during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26.

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Rape and pillage is a whole lot older than the vikings. We haven't changed a bit since the late upper paleolithic era except now they give us better shit to kill eachother with. None of the great civilizations were nice even the ancient Greeks that are held in such high esteem; conquering the known world isn't done with good feelings and gift baskets. All the ancient civilizations Mesopotanians (Sumer, Uruk, Babylon), Egypt, and Greece gained their power and satus by enslaving primitive peoples.

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'...None of the great civilizations were nice ...' Probably the only ancient (and current) civilisation that does not fit this mould is India. India has never been an aggressor in its entire history, although it has been a victim of aggression countless times. Not that India is only full of saintly figures, the old kings fought each other often enough that there has been cruelty here too. And the current state of the country leads one to despair. But compared to any other civilisation, the atrocities in India are mere child's play. The only values India has actively exported are spirituality and non-violence. Buddha and Gandhi. 

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You are a little behind the times.  Those reservations now have ginormous casino hotels on them, and each member of the tribe is more than a little rich.

Every day, thousands of white settlors are still being scalped.

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Is it true that they pay no taxes?