Themis Trading Flops Its 2011 Market Structure "Predictions"

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BAC chapter 11...Sorry Buffet time to lose...

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'FAIL. ZeroHedge media reach hits new records each month. Also almost all of the double-inverse ETF’s have been converted to triple-inverse ETF’s.'

Actually that's a success, what is the Anti-Tilson Fund then?

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This market is going to hell in a handbasket


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How about that 10Y being back under 2.00

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its called...FLIGHT TO HYPER SAFETY...


Non institutional want Euro Government Bonds till the big disaster (Epic Event-Credit Event) Occurs in Europe...

So all money flowing to USD (Specially long term curve yields)...


ITS LIKE Lehman but 100x times worst....


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Well LOiL is seeing to it that someone has a good quarter.

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I ddin't know Saluzzi or Themis Trading until a few months back when I caught a Bloomberg interview with him. The conversation was surprising since it treaded along the lines of a more realistic outlook, a far cry from the rest of Bloomberg's guests. I can only assume that the lack of bullshit in that conversation was what kept its duration brief, compared with other guests with more "optimistic" predictions.

After googling Saluzzi I found Themis Trading blog along with its very interesting posts, mainly about HFT and his polemic stance towards the rampant unregulated algorithmic funfare, and added them in my "frequent news" section, only to realize afterwards that hey have been in the "Zero Hedge Reads" list all along.

It all made sense then..


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Have a look on YouTube, there are plenty of Joe's TV appearances. I first saw him on BB TV in 2008 and loved his no-nonsense no-bulllshit interviews about the markets.

Not only that, but all the HFT stuff that he and Sal have discussed and written about (many of them on ZH as well) have been pertinent, eloquent and correct.

Joe's is the ONLY Twitter I follow.


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Thank you for the info David, I will check it out. As I said, without trying to portray Bloomberg as a CNBC level cheerleader, listening to him talk there seemed quite surprising, considering the normal guest line-up.

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Very nice post, always agree for the fight of a fair mkt

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7) A major fund manager introduces Single-Stock ETF’s, in which ETF’s are created to track the performance of specific individual stocks

I Lol'd

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OH MY GOD.....


If you don't laugh after reading that shit, your sense of humor is officially dead

Maybe Themis should do NYC stand-up.  Or better yet "fly-over-country" stand-up because it's obvious the folks in Manhattan don't get the fucking joke.  Maybe some more brokerage firm slashings and it will start to dawn on them.