There Goes Greek GDP: Nazional Lampoons Greek Vacation Just Got Cancelled

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As if the Greeks haven't suffered enough from Northern European actions (admittedly in response to their own actions), it seems the anti-German sentiment is keeping the wealthy tourists away from the beaches. As Reuters notes today, 'German tourists are in short supply in Greece these days, frightened away by reports of visceral anti-German sentiment in some places'.  Data for the main summer holiday season shows pre-bookings from Germany down by some 30 percent. We guess the pictures of Molotov cocktails being thrown, city-wide strikes, and cardboard cities full of unemployed youths was too much but as one Greek tourist-shop-owner clarified "They're not coming because of the problems. But we don't have a problem with German people, only their government." Tourism - the one remaining possibility for Greece to drag themselves out of the quagmire (aside from olive oil and yoghurt) - is now under pressure as The Germans ("That's just the way Germans are: if there's trouble in some country, then Germans just don't go there on their holidays.") wage "an economic war against Greece". Sadly the xenophobic and nationalist tensions are indeed rising (as we warned many times in the past - and suggest will be the ultimate undoing of the political compact in Europe) as the crisis had revived anti-German sentiment from World War Two that most thought had long since disappeared. "The Greeks moved on and tried to forget, then this. If you ask me, Germany owes Greece billions for all the murders and war crimes. Germany should pay Greece what it owes."

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Einsatzgruppen always came after the army first conquered an area.

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an entire KampfGruppe i think is better ;)

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"If you ask me, Germany owes Greece billions for all the murders and war crimes. Germany should pay Greece what it owes."


Ah, I love the smell of entitlement in the evening.......

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Not only that - it's the gift that keeps giving. Or at least, so the Greeks would like to believe.

The Greeks have received substantial WW2-related compensation. Yet, it's somehow never enough.

It's like a Hells Angel lending you money. No matter how much you pay back, somehow "interest" always outgrow your payments.

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Yep. The time to negotiate reparations and collect them was 4 generations ago at the end of the big game.

Too late now to renegotiate the contract (with a bunch of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the original grievance)!

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If you love the smell of Greek entitlements then just imagine the smell of U.S. entitlements that come under the heading of unfunded liabilities.

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Generational entitlement, the same thing niggers inc in the US are always crowing for.

White man had slaves, now 6th gen slaves demand reparations after the fact.

Fucking blow me.

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Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes but that heroes fight like Greeks - Sir Winston Churchill. During WW2 Greece suffered (relative to it's population) the largest losses compared to USSR, Great Britain, France etc. Greece will come back from its ashes once again...

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yeh... you the greeks are still victim of your glorious past.... fucking 2500 years ago you've been great. FACT

it's 2500 years that your country is just a shithole invaded by every great empire that has passed close to you....

dream about reborn from ashes... dream....

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Hello Blondie, thank you for your payment for civilization ;)

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Not only Greeks are in fight with Germans and rest of North European countries but with their neighborring countries as well. On bring of war with Turkey on East , Macedonia on North, Albania on west and with Northern Africa regarding immigration on south. Something must be special with this nation called Greeks, it is time for there military to hit the  street .

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And before that they have stood against every tyranical bastard that wanted to conquer her from repeated attacks by the Persians, the Ottoman Empire, the Germans and now the Germans again.

Perhaps Greece should have let all of these conquerors through and you would now have a Europe and perhaps a whole world without democracy and full of despots, dictators and feudal peasants. Not to mention minarets and veiled women.

Your poor English (which I am not condemning) does nevertheless betray your ethnic origins and in turn I ask you, why is Greece being inundated by Slavo Macedonians, Albanians and every other lost soul? Simple, the Slavic Republic of Macedonia and Albania are still hell holes from which people are trying to escape. 

Greeks carry a fair percentage of the blame and unfortunately they will carry the bulk of the suffering because that is what small nations always cop. Let that be a lesson to others.

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People are just plain stupid. All Greece has are a few wharfs, olives and tourism. With Baltic Dry Index constantly making new lows, building boats is out of the picture. The olive market is saturated by non-Irish PIIGS. Tourism, as it seems, is now ruined by the Greeks themselves. 


Have a nice, life long poverty, Costas.

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Greece has tremendous natural resources which have either not been developed due to incompetent governments or even sold for a pittance by corrupt politicians.

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There is a fallacy that makes people think that because you have X elements or X compounds readily extractable in the ground you ought to be a wealthy society. That is not so. Not seldomly are producers of raw materials the poorest countries. Making stuff or providing services, thats where its at, not providing raw materials.

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Whilst services and making stuff is a definite plus you forget two things.

Firstly, Australia us doing well ONLY because of its mining production sales to China and Japan and would have been in the doghouse without those sales.

Secondly, mineral rich countries that have poor populations are usually controlled by dictators who in turn are supported by foreign corporations and foreign governments. The wealth does not trickle it just gushes up.

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"mineral rich countries that have poor populations are usually controlled by dictators who in turn are supported by foreign corporations and foreign governments"


You mean like controlled by a Brussells appointed Goldman Sachs technocrat?

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so it's the whole south america controlled by bruxelles tecnocrats?

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Natural resources? Which ones eactly? There is not much demand for sheep and goats as sex toys outside Greece these days. There is a reason why even Albanians are running away in masses.

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Rude you are noses, but on the demand side entirely wrong,
all other fellow goat keepers that way you are probably right on and don`t nail me on religion. And surprise : Hellenics as in "all equals" you will find one in a (Per)cent by now. All the wrong eye color and physiognomy , arian nation no more, olive growing all the better for it.

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Bauxite, for one thing. Get your head out of the mass media's ass.

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You say bauxite? And what is Greece waiting for to start mining and competing with Brazil? Ah yes, they are waiting the German dole check to clear.


noses's picture

Sorry, but I still had geography classes at school. And if I remember correctly, the quality of the Bauxite in Greek will – at curent production levels – justify digging for it in about 70 to 80 years. Trashcans of industrialized African countries are richer deposits of Al for that matter.

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Character and competence always trump incompetent characters.  That is Germany vis a vis  Greece in a nutshell.  And just as the bum on skidrow will never be rich, (even if he wins the lottery), so it is with improvident, imprudent nations.  

That is the way of the world.  And the whining have-nots spend their time stomping their feet instead of doing what has to be done, even if it takes generations.

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"Germany owes Greece billions for all the murders and war crimes" (from WWII)

Since when are grandchildren responsible for the actions of their grandparents? And we're taking about actions from decades before the grandchildren were even born! You want to explain that one? 

pcrs's picture

They just try the old guilt/redemption trick with Germany , like the French have been doing for years as well.

It's about time that stopped working.

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Oh, the grandchildren will be responsible for the actions of their grandparents all right.  Wait until the grandkids are burried in debt so deep it would take 3 lifetimes to pay it back because it got spent by the grandparents.   We are starting to witness that now.  It will only get worse.

TheGardener's picture

That will make for angry toddlers, I presume..

Widowmaker's picture

We are well past 3 lifetimes already, servitude-scotty.

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Try slave reparations in US.  Now that has been a long time, and my forefathers fought to free them.  My Dad and uncles were in Germany during the war.  Pictures of camps and all.  Disgusting.  You don't get rid of that in a generation

Peter Pan's picture

The interesting thing is that the cost of the US civil war was far more than the cost of compensating the slave owners for freeing their slaves. Unfortunately war has the same attraction that light globes have for moths.

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Do yourself a favor and read James Bacque's Other Losses.  And then try An Eye for an Eye.   Your smug ignorance of the realities of war is too typical of the US citizen.

BORT's picture

Yes, war is very ugly.  My father was with Patton and told me as much.  I was not familiar with your author, so thanks for bringing it up.  My point still is, you don't get rid of these feelings in one or two generations. 


Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who helped edit Other Losses, wrote I quarrel with many of your interpretations, [but] I am not arguing with the basic truth of your discovery and acknowledged that Bacque had made a "major historical discovery", in the sense that very little attention had hitherto been paid to the treatment of German POWs in Allied hands. He acknowledged he did not now support Bacque's conclusions, but said at the American Military Institute's Annual Meeting in March, 1990: "Bacque has done some research and uncovered an important story that I, and other American historians, missed altogether in work on Eisenhower and the conclusion of the war. When those millions of Wehrmacht soldiers came into captivity at the end of the war, many of them were deliberately and brutally mistreated. There is no denying this. There are men in this audience who were victims of this mistreatment. It is a story that has been kept quiet.[4]

However, in a 1991 New York Times book review,[5] Ambrose also claimed that "when scholars do the necessary research, they will find Mr. Bacque's work to be worse than worthless. It is seriously - nay, spectacularly - flawed in its most fundamental aspects. [...] Mr. Bacque is wrong on every major charge and nearly all his minor ones. Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe food shortage in 1945,[6] there was nothing sinister or secret about the "disarmed enemy forces" designation or about the column "other losses." Mr. Bacque's "missing million" were old men and young boys in the Volkssturm (People's Militia) released without formal discharge and transfers of POWs to other allies control areas."

A book-length disputation of Bacque's work, entitled Eisenhower and the German POWs, appeared in 1992, featuring essays by British, American, and German historians.

One of the historians in support of Bacque was Colonel Ernest F. Fisher, 101st Airborne Division, who in 1945 took part in investigations into allegations of misconduct by U.S. troops in Germany and later became a Senior Historian with the United States Army. In the introduction to the book he states "Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps . . . Eisenhower's hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequalled by anything in American history . . . an enormous war crime."

Despite the criticisms of Bacque's methodology, Stephen Ambrose and Brian Loring Villa, the authors of the chapter on German POW deaths, conceded the Allies were motivated in their treatment of captured Germans by disgust and revenge for German atrocities.[7] They did, however, argue Bacque's casualty figures are far too high, and that policy was set by Allied politicians, not by Eisenhower.[8]

Nevertheless, Stephen Ambrose conceded, "we as Americans can't duck the fact that terrible things happened. And they happened at the end of a war we fought for decency and freedom, and they are not excusable."[9]

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Don't worry. Whether or not Ike let German POWs die after the war, good ' ol Uncle Joe Stalin killed hundreds of thousands of German POWs in uranium mines, or let them die in prison camps, or whatever, between 1945 and 1952.

Plenty of German civilians died of starvation, disease, exposure, or were just flat out killed in 1945-46, too. Maybe as many as 3 million.

I'd say the Germans paid pretty well for their mistakes.

Lednbrass's picture

Ever see pictures of Southern soldiers in Union camps? They looked the same as what was found in German camps, no difference at all and neither was the treatment. Well, you have the government your ancestors fought for and may it crush you.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

why instead you dont pay back for what you did to indians?

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gerryscat                2375015

Germany owes Greece billions for all the murders and war crimes" (from WWII)

Since when are grandchildren responsible for the actions of their grandparents? And we're taking about actions from decades before the grandchildren were even born! You want to explain that one?



Have to agree with ya on this one. Poorly thought out article and biased. Greeks are in the situation they are in because of Greeks. I would agree that various bankers took advantage of the situation but that is how profits are made. A fool and his money are soon departed. If Greece would have declared bankruptcy and told the bankers to shove it, they'd still be suffering economically but much further on the path to recovery. Because Greece has refused to declare bankruptcy, it is GREECE that must pay what it owes.


i-dog's picture


Actions have consequences. Lack of action also has consequences!

Take note, America! Drive all the criminals out of DC (including all the elephants and donkeys) ... before they drive you all into FEMA kamps.

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Of course the grandchildren will foot the bill just like they have continued to do with the Jewish people. The German people benefited from the Marshall Plan funded by the USA. They were not subjected to an austerity package as Germany is now trying, nor did the USA sell Germany billions of dollars of armaments.

Or should the USA be reminded of how much they made by selling arms to the British during world war II rather than defending democracy against the Nazis. Perhaps you need to read the history of the USA about how closely your top corporations collaborated with the Nazis in providing them with everything from systems for recording the Jews right to engines for their mikitary vehcles.

Ideally no grandchildren should have to pay for the previous generations, but as the saying goes, the sins of the parents will be visited upon the children.

cirrus's picture's sister program is called affirmative action and it's unfortunately alive and well in the USA.

Widowmaker's picture

Only for federal faggot jobs.

No competent boss hires blacks because they are black.

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If the children and grandchildren of the Greeks are responsible for the debts of governments their parents voted for, then the children and grandchildren of the Germans are responsible for the loan their government took from the bank of Greece during the occupation. That loan brought such hyperinflation that 300.000 Greeks perished from starvation. We are NOT talking about war reparations here but a LOAN, taken at gunpoint of cource, but still signed and serviced till Germany was split. Then, the government of West Germany stopped repaying with the argument that they should not repay the debt of Eastern Germany till reunification. Eastern Germany never payed anything. Well... they got reunified, didn't they? They made hanbags out of human skin and got a Marshall plan to rebuild. Now they treat us Greeks as the scum of the earth because our goverments got involved in their vendor financed economic model. 

noses's picture

Actually they are treating Greeks like they do because the elected Greek leaders have been lying for decades, employed specialists to falsify docuements and have generally spent money they never were entitled to on the backs of the rest of Europe. If they had used the resources to improve their situation those who paid it all would just shrug and consider it a good investment but as it was completely wasted they will sooner or later cut the supply. Deal with it.


Greeks have been known to be treacherous bastards since Homer described ???????? (who would call someone like him a hero or even an hones man?) and sometimes there are repercussions.Most recent example? Blocking aid for an entire nation over something that smells like the first serious case of patent trolling over the name "Macedonia" (which was the moment I decided for myself that should Greece ever need help in any way I would take care of them being treated the same way – guess my wishes sometimes come true).


EDIT: Something turned the Greek characters denoting "Odysseus/Ulysses" into question marks. Sorry.

noses's picture

"Since when are grandchildren responsible for the actions of their grandparents?"


Hm. I'm certain that the "Zentralrat der Juden" will be able to give you some precise reasons for that kind of opinion.

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"Since when are grandchildren responsible for the actions of their grandparents?"

I don't know but Americans are still seen as the liberator of Europe even though most american who fough there are dead by now.

noses's picture

Don't worry. Most people see them as oppressors these days. Which will become a more lasting impression soon.

lasvegaspersona's picture


it seems to be an international scam now

why work when you can claim grievence and milk a foreign teat