There's Your Official Warning From The Fed

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By the way, who the Fuck is Rosengrins or whatever?

redpill's picture

Boston Fed Chump, I mean President.

This little tidbit was all the momo markets needed to go green for the day.  What a joke.

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Awwwww tu ut uhhhhhh, cant....stop..... the .....jizzing......its all so bullishhhhhh aawwwwww

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Rozengreen, Greenpand, Gliethner, The Bummah ...


I have more confidence In The Captain... Bill Shatner ...

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I thought Rosengreen and Gildenstern were dead.

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I get the joke...thought about posting it myself...but most here are not going to appreciate it.

Game and Match...

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Only this time it's not just something in Denmark that's rotten.

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Well played now take this letter back to the king of France for me would you please.  You will be greatly rewarded...

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I knew there had to be a valid correlation somewhere..  S&P goes up for 92 days.

Charles Martel's picture

Will do.  Just don't ask me to deliver a letter to the King of England.

reading's picture

Just need a little juice to keep this flowing until Santa Claus can take over.  Oh it's coming, never ending spewing of the forthcoming santa claus rally will be happening in 5, 4, 3....

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Thought the same thing.

Looks like someone is being groomed for higher visibility - either to move up, or to take the blame.

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Mr Rosenpenis. Partner of John Cocktoasten.


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Colleague of Dr. Rosen-Rosen.

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Another jewish academic who thinks they know what the fuck they are doing with the economy? Honestly, why are the majority of the members of the FOMC jews? I dont think the interests of the blacks, asians or hispanic population are represented on this committee, though we got the Big O at the helm.



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i don't think the interests of humanity represented by FOMC, including a large percentage of "Jews".

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Rosengren is a Swedish name, not a Jewish one.

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>> Rosengren is a Swedish name

Do not get in the way of Jew bashing if you know what's good for you.  Understand where you are. ZH is great, but the peanut gallery is flush with people who hate people. 

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Thank you for that.

I agree, ZH is great. It's the pussies above and below that are the problem.

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Euro bonds are coming soon. I've been waiting for them for two years. I'm actually impressed the ECB held it together this long without the Euro bond system in place.

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They will save us. the s&p will be positive in about 5 min.

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5 minutes. Right. It took 10. Try again next time.

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CBO Director Doug Elmendorf admitted to Senator Sessions that in the long run the stimulus will shrink the economy.  He testified at a  Senate Budget Committee hearing that the stimulus will indeed “be a drag on GDP” over the next ten years.  Any diligent student of history already knew that, but now we have the “gold standard” of budget and economic scoring to affirm that self-evident truth.  Nevertheless, fear not, the stimulus will have a stimulating effect in the short-term.  That’s why we are enjoying a robust annual average GDP growth of…..1.4%.


We have met the enemy and it is us...

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They'd (The Fed) better not be using my tax dollars to purchase Greek, Italian, Portuguese and French bonds. How far removed from 'No Taxation Without Representation' can you get?

These sociopaths should be thrown out of office and ruled ineligible for re-hire, forevah.


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They are....and they will buy more....and you will never be told...

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what crisis?  S&P still at 1250.  oil over $100.  we have crisis at 900 (or the fed likes to think so).

M.B. Drapier's picture

So who steps in: aliens?

Surely 'German taxpayers' is the intended correct answer?

Dr. No's picture

Almost correct.  "all taxpayers" is the correct answer.  If the central banks sit by and do nothing, be assured the politicians will open the checkbook.

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haha, all the central bank needs is a little cooperation from the "working class."

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Washing dishes, cutting lawns, bailing out Europe - is there anything those illegal Mexican aliens can't do?

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We come in peace. Take us to your bond markets.

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Rosengren is in the same la-la camp as that fucktard Evans...we should reduce their salaries to the national average and see how they enjoy the "deflation" they claim to see...

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Martians.  The Martians are coming.
Krugman was Right.

QE infinitymotherfucker


One laser blast of by land, two neutron bombs if by sea.

fuu's picture

Don't shoot till you see the whites of...umm...their ahhh...hmm.

youngman's picture

Look at Drudge today...some Russian lady had one in her Freezer for two

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I keep telling everyone that the Martians have expressed interest in investing in the EFSF - so buy the rumor! 

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These FED officials must have bought stocks at the high of Nasdaq bubble and bought houses during the housing bubble. They want to cash out.

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Banks?  They'll need tanks.

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Aliens are waiting for this to end so they can take over the empty planet. Cue Bonzai7

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you're close! this planet is actually a farm, and we're all bred as a food source! we come in low fat, high fat, white meat, dark meat! just add human helper, simmer, and enjoy!!!!

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"""""""""""""""So who steps in: aliens?"""""""""""""""""


you'd be surprised to find out just how many are actually expecting this, no kiddin

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If Krugman says it in the NYT, it must be true.

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They don't manage expectations for nothing