These Are The 18 Trades That Steve Cohen Is Being Investigated For

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The WSJ has published the list of 18 trades that Finra is currently investigating (or, rather, isn't) Steve Cohen's hedge fund for illegal practices ("expert networks" and what not), using the same methodology as that applied by Zero Hedge a year ago, before anyone had the faintest clue that SAC would be the target of an extensive theatrical campaign by regulators and populist politicians. The following statement by Finra is priceless: "In the 18 referrals made by Finra and the NASD between 2002 and 2011 that were reviewed by the Journal, investigators said they were vexed by SAC's repeated appearance in routine screens of suspicious trading near mergers and acquisitions, earnings announcements and other market-moving news." Needless to say, if any readers has wittingly or otherwise traded alongside SAC in any of these transactions, it may be time to shred any evidence. After all, the "I don't recall nothing" testiony worked miracles for Rupert Murdoch.

As for Mr. Cohem don't worry, something tells us he will be ok:

The Finra referrals are at the center of a showdown between the SEC and Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa), a frequent critic of the agency, whose office obtained the reports from Finra in May. The senator's staff then demanded that the SEC detail what steps it took to resolve the referrals.... Since Sen. Grassley's office went public with the document requests, SAC has hired two of the senator's former staffers, Kenneth Cunningham and Cory Crowley, as consultants to provide insights into the office's next steps, people familiar with the matter said. The two didn't respond to requests for comment. "There has been no dialogue between anyone on Sen. Grassley's staff involved with the investigation, and any former Grassley staffers," a spokeswoman for Sen. Grassley said.

And that, as they say, is that.

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we need a perp walk bitchez

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I do not understand what is the issue here.

He's just been lucky that's all.

As argued by ZH earlier, how these poor Hedge Funds would otherwise be able to generate any positve alpha when their betas are at par with the market?

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Hedge funds still live and die by their sword of alpha. Sure insider trading here and there, but they are not as bad as the primary dealers who get rescued from the Fed.


Banksters got in trouble because they got jealous of hedge funds making more than them, so they used your savings deposits as reserves to leverage up and gamble like the hedge funds. Except they got bailed out big time.

Clients can pull their money out of hedge funds, but primary dealers + Fed has monopoly over your life savings in dollars.


Focus back on the banks.

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One must always say there has been no dialogue when there has been dialogue.

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'and US Customs officials will be raiding upto 20 million Japanese households in the coming weeks demanding import duties on all kinds of specialist glow-in-the-dark consumer goods...

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E-bay should take care of it. Search under "Island of Floating Crap".

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This settles it, half of the hedge funds "alpha" was leveraged beta and they failed in ´08.  The survivors were equity inside info.  So much for charging 2 an 20% for their superior "alpha generation capacity"

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We need a perp firing squad.

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Stay on em Tyler(s).  What a contrast between Stevie Cohen and Ray Dalio mentioned in the other thread.  Dalio is one hedge fund manager I respect and Stevie Cohen is a two bit pirate and slime.

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Tyler, you really ought to be keeping an eye on this and deleting threads where necessary.

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Harlequin001's picture

Tosser. You probably think this bullshit is worth reading...

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Why not put this all into a google doc and then simply post the short link? Like this:

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That is awesome.

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wang (not verified) Freddie Oct 25, 2011 6:13 AM

Ray is on a PR tour and it would appear he has been successful.   One heck of a guy that Ray D.

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actually i think sac has been on a tour - earlier in the year doing davos and all of these media appearances.  all from a guy who tried to stay as out of the scenes as possible, all of a sudden he's making the media rounds.  a couple of years ago, i went to a young jewish network thing where a successful mutual fund manager told a story of how he met a hedge fund manager at a beach on puerto rico over 20 years ago and they continued on to be friends to this day.  he mentioned how he he had no idea how he made so much money.  that man he was talking about was sac.  

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Crooked is the new straight. 

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What is funny about this is that people will now call for more government intervention and regulations. Regulations and government intervention are what forces people to speculate with their savings in the first place. Then the regulators get to say they are making sure no insider trading is occuring while it is rampant and makes these guys billions which partly get funneled back to the regulators. This is all a big crock and game to assure you they're helping as they steal your savings and future. Yes, more regulators to reassure us. That's what we need.

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"testiony" = testy testimony

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Isn't this list meaningless without the whole trading history?  If Steve is like your average joe day trader with a couple bucks in his E-trade account, he's got tons of trades every day.  If they're going to drag this guy away, they gotta nail that E-trade baby too, right?

Triggernometry's picture

I think the list is a useful guide by which to search for the whole history via investigation, not yet an indictment.

Zero Govt's picture

all Hedgies now know not to "vex" regulators... vexing your brittle on-edge emotional Regulators is a key level

the fact the Fed (a private bank) has just rigged the Gold price with a massive paper takedown and Benny is on record as pumping the stock markets and stating in public he wants to manipulate the Indexes to provide positive Karma is not a problem .... it is not actual blatant in-your-face market manipulation by a private bank (Fed), it's pure supposition by pea brained twats behind Govt desks fretting about your 'trading pattern' 

fuking morons

vinoverde's picture

How blindingly non cognizant do you have to be as a regulator to be surprised that SAC would show up on a list of questionable trades. Stevie Cohen has been busted before (IPO allocation tipoffs), its common knowledge he pushes the envelope and I am not at all surprised to find he has crossed the line.

Seasmoke's picture

if you aint cheating, you aint trying

BandGap's picture

Wow, you been hanging out with lawyers? 

pain_and_soros's picture

They missed at least one other one, (& probably a ton more)

Dendreon - Deep Capture used to have a detailed story on how hedge funds manipulated the stock of this company, (along with a ton of other financial crimes) but their website has interestingly been shut down by a Cdn court order.

The voices of those willing to expose the truth and report what is really going on are being muted or silenced via various methods.

The days are growing shorter in the northern hemisphere, but the entire world is getting darker.



Yamaha's picture

They will simply do it forever - because they can.  FINRA should worry about something important like Warren Buffett front running.  Oh by the way - they only look at winning trades - shitty buys are not a problem.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

it looks like they are looking at loss avoidances as well and potential profits

Akrunner907's picture

Oh come on...What is a little "Expert Network" among friends?   

Race Car Driver's picture

This is chump change. They'll throw another Madoff under the bus just to make it look like someone is actually paying attention to the in-your-face corruption that goes on all day long. Everyone can go back to sleep knowing the dogs have things under control.

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Do the Jews ever change?

Pinch's picture

Do Madoff and Cohen have anything in common?

Don Diego's picture

Madoff cheated his own, Cohen apparently not.