Cramer's TheStreet On Imploding FMCN From 8 Hours Ago: "Upgrading From Hold To Buy"

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isn't this site related to cramer ?

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Not at all. But we are more than happy to serve as content hosts for any Google Adsense advertising clients. Whoever they may be.

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Memo to Cramer:

1)Post-it note


3)Adhere to forehead/Appear on-air

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All I can say is...



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Is my memory incorrect of did Cramer make the same call on Bear Sterns? 

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and MF Global...and pretty much every Solar company on the planet.


There just aren't enough shoes to throw at the TV...

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Not to worry.  Pleanty more shoes to lift when Snarko get our collective asses in Iran.

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And BAC, and ___________________ (fill in the name of the crater here).....

Epic TD, Epic.

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Netflicks was classic

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Someone should investigate Cramer for insider trading.  These calls are way too bad to be the product of playing by the rules.  He must be getting his terrible, inaccurate information through illicit means.

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bogus info - Bidu only Chinese stock cramer has approved in 6 or more months.

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bogus info - Bidu only Chinese stock cramer has approved in 6 or more months.

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Cramer is a paid shill for The Squid and Fidelity's trading desk. His only real talent is throwing on-air temper tantrums when the Fed wont act fast enough to stop the natural business cycle from occuring.

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he pumps and dumps.  he always has done this.   before he was on cnbc he used to use them to help him. now that he is there, he is doing the same thing......he should be in prison.....

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HPD - my thoughts exactly. When I first saw the Street "buy" and Muddy Waters "strong sell", I figured it was a set up and the Street call was just a Cramer Inc. smoke screen. With no soul to weigh him down, it means nothing to Cramer that he appears as a fool on the Street or CNBS. Especially when Cramer and his insider pals are making bank with shorts on FMNC. Cramer and gang are all criminals and should be in PTITA prison.

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he pumps and dumps.  he always has done this.

Anyone who listens to Cramer the Clown should lose their money. Suckers!!

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That's why Cramer should note his picks in pencil. An absolute classic!!

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is the catholic church related to atheism?

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What google's "adsense"? That's not one of those "we're the media and we're targeting you" things is it?

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No, it is one of those "we've dishonoured our cheque to you, because we in our infinite wisdom accuse you of clickfraud--and that is final" things.  

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I can't decide if I find it hilarious or disturbing when I read articles like this one right next to the advertising from Cramer himself.  Surreal for sure.

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I don't get the Cramer connection.

I only came to this story because it had Cramer in the title.



You must give the people what they want Tyler.


Cramer, Cramer, Cramer.....watchyagonnabuynow?


I feel like I've been duped - I want my clicks back

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If Creamer's ads here are pay per click and everyone here clicks on them a few dozen times, does that help ZH and also cause TheStreet to get a bigger advertising bill?

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sorry but i swear the original title didnt have cramer written; that or i need to stop drinking

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Tyler bring back the arithmetic question so CNBC employees can't post here anymore.

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no don't please Tyler, always took me 5 attempts even with a calculator to answer the maths questions!

far better just keep spreading the truth, acts like sunlight on Vampires to scare away the CNBC critters

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the maths questions


If they put an engrish captcha, you're toast.

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i had to post a letter recently to cincinnati - (ouch)  i thanked the young lady that cincinnati wasn't in mississippi.

and then again - there's chrysamthemeum.  (or something like that)



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That makes my #1 comment of the day!

Is there any more proof that we are experiencing a rip in space-time such that we have entered, and now populate, the mirror image of what we once knew as "earth"?

Up is down, buy is sell, debt is equity. 

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Does any of this sell-side cheerleading bullshit actually generate any dumb-money sales?

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First one bitches!!!!



ROFLMAO about fmcn



edit - my mouse wasn't fast enough dammit!!!

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The EPICness of your failure is HUGE!!!

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cmon, the comments were empty when I typed - fuck my apple too!

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You see people that own a mac don't really know what they want thats why the Mac does the thinking for you , and it new that you should not post first problem solved.

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Good try quick draw, better luck next time.  There are people watching the new content like hawks.

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That is absolutely genius, I needed a good giggle this morning!!  :-D

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No hat tip for me?

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if you follow me on twitter you would have been even earlier :D im going to stomach cnbc today just to see cramer squirm. lol

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do they manufacture teleprompters? well, do they?

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.....thinking maybe he had a Burgundy moment are you??


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Thanks Tyler  That is really funny.  Hoisted on own petard, er maybe should be retard.

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The Street should be a candidate for the top story on