They Can't Even Coordinate Press Conferences

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Blind leading the blind

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More like criminals leading criminals.

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The Eurozone problems that exist arise from the fact that they do not have not enough cetralization of power.  This leads to imperfect results.


For perfect results we need worldwide central government.



David Rockefeller

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<sarc> ??  Do you doubt that central government leads to perfection?

Please provide your name, address, and telephone number.


David Rockefeller

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Meanwhile, the eurosheeple party like it's 1999:


Eurosheeple will never stand up.   History has many examples of eurosheeple being fleeced by their royal elite.

When TSHTF the euroroyal elite (and a willing eurosheeple) always blame someone else for their mistakes.

They will do it again this time.

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This whole game is going to end very, very, very badly for the central planners.  These games of subjugation in a time of internet communication lead to extinction for the elite and chaos for the rest of us.


The only explanation that I can think of is that being in the company of a group that is drunk on power leads to some bad ideas.  Some of the elite are realizing it and can be seen scrambling to get back across the Rubicon.


An interesting website:

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Expect that when the SHTF, your internet access will be acutely restricted, if not eliminated entirely.

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Aye, back to the good olde days of swradio.

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They're working towards it:

1 country is insolvent ( that they'll admit to); so,
17 countries in the EZ have to chip in; then,

Soon they'll have the whole world roped into bailing out Greece!!

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Retarded Truffle Hog

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A retarded truffle hog is not "priceless" but goes for about €300,000 per annum (see Marxist weasels, Barruso and Van Rumpoy annual take)

...shortly, because of their incompetence those Euros will be "Worthless"

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Unfortunatelly - even if when looking at stuff in a shallow way - an "EU-nation" appears to solve everything..... it actually solves nothing about the structural problems..... it just basically turns nations into states, with the same problems as now continueing to exist (the USA partially has such a problem).

Why so?

Well, let's see again.... what was the structural problem to begin with? Well, it was that the individual country's economies function quite different - especially their trade balances and wages. As a result, you get areas that among other things offer cheap labour but low purchasing power.... and areas with expensive labour, but high purchasing power.... this allows importers and exporters, to ignore the selfsustainability of the individual areas and rip them off.

How so? Well, if i produce and sell locally, then paying the locals less than needed for them to buy my products... well, this cannot work - thus, if i rip them off overly, then i get to face the consequences.

BUT: If i produce in one area, and sell in another area.... then i can escape consequences. Same the other way around. The only problem with this is.... that both areas ultimately go broke, unless one area doesn't continiously "bailout" the other area.

For the above to matter, you don't need something like nations. This kind of stuff can happen inside a single nation, and the discrepancies obviously become bigger, the larger the nation.

Now, in the case of multiple nations trading with each other, they have multiple tools how to react to such imbalances. For example, if another nation decides to sell out its population and produces cheaper than the nation can even afford.... then the own nation can tax imports from that nation, to protect its domestic market.

In something like the EMU, such possibilities do not exist. That's the whole point of the EMU!

Now, what do you achieve, if you were to merge the individual into one supernation, with a supergov? What would change about the earlier mentioned problems? Nothing, unless that "supernation", then enacts special tax rules for the individual "states"...... uh, oh wait, what did this change at all about the problem, besides of swapping terms? See.

And why is all this so? Because it comes down to: Either a group has ways to protect itself against other groups playing reckless..... or a group does not have such means available. That is all. In the case of the EMU, the point was to specifically remove such means, to remove "barriers".... that may have made mutual relationships easier, but unfortunatelly, it also made everyone powerless against parasitary relationships. And well, see how that turned out.

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Adam Smith addressed your issue in wealth of nations. While cooperatives to overcharge (extracting rents or rent seeking) should be monitored and discouraged by regulation,the free gift of subsidy should not be turned down.

People should at least read the ten to 15 seminal economic works.

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More like... the inmates running the asylum. And refusing to share the good drugs.

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“Allowing the destruction of the euro is to take the risk of the destruction of Europe."

Translation: Germany is planning to go to the Mark and it will be all their fault when the SHTF.... This was clearly a shot across the bow at the only country in a position to destroy the Euro.

This statement is the clearest evidence yet that Germany is about to take their ball and go home... Announcement next Friday after close?

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Herman Cain can fix it with his 999 plan.  Does he prefer Popeyes or KFC?

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They have spent more time organizing summit's than figuring out an actual plan

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Yeah, but think about all that good food and swanky hotels.......

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every plural word need's an apostrophe. LMAO!

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Indeed. It's the crux of the biscuit, after all.


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You know this whole Euro situation could easily be resolved by just adopting the dollar as their unionized currency.     Consolidate printing presses under the Mariner Eccles auspices and just call it a day.     The conversion rate is the only sticker.   I would say 1 million Euros to the dollar would be a good start.   Now just imagine The Bernanke at the helm and you can see a little round light at the end of the tunnel.

Ben would be orgasmic at the prospects.

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Wouldn't you be confused if you had to sentence yourself to jail?

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This just in:  Charles Manson and his committee of jailhouse thugs releases statement indicating a lack of consensus on how to stop more murdering by them if they are released from jail, but continuing to advocate for their release.

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And printing of money isn't painful? I'm sure Germany will love that.


Seriously, do people get paid for these "insights"?

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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

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It's time to send in the Krugmans.    The jokers we already have.

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there must be someway out of here, said the Joker to the Thief

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total chaos to ensue in 5...4...3...

tomorrow should be fun...

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next week will be fun...

man, this going to be a bad week....

hope everyone is ready...

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When to apply the short ladder?

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Merkel: EU working on 2 plans to increase EFSF; neither involves ECB because of its treaty forbids it.


The agreement to be absolute muppets is going completely according to plan.

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This is the main difference between the US and Europe.  The US' debt and fiscal issues are much worse than Europe's...but the US has mastered effective management of communication- or MOPE as Sinclair would call it.
The Europeans have yet to effectively manage PERCEPTION- and the results are evident.
Effective communiction/ Fed speak can't solve anything, but it can hide things from the sheople longer and put off the inevitable just a little longer.

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This, and something else which i think many non-europeans do not understand: The state of laws, and safeguards is quite different to i.e. the US. In the US, most laws and political procedures, are already designed for central decisionmaking.... in europe on the other hand, the laws and political procedures are still someway designed for something like a federation of federations.... so, decentralized. It's not just that european decisionmakes fail to show "unity".... the political infrastructure and laws intentionally, are not designed for unity.

What does that mean? It means that even though we have shitty representative democracy..... the system in place actually still believes in the premises of representative democracy. The political structures in europe are not designed for quasi dictatorship.... they're designed for representative democracy.

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This is why I love Europe and wish them the best.

If only our USA politicians could have such hard hitting interviews and free exchange of ideas. Our system discourages it.

Parliamentary democratic republics are best.

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It is only eurosnobs and socialists ignorant of economics that I dislike

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world war D

debt the black plague of the 21st century...

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the offspring of Weena and a Morlock?

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put it on a tshirt and i'll buy (add it, + the other banzai7-pics, among the zh-tshirt) 

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Italy needs to borrow €250bn next year just to refinance its existing debts.

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Those EU comments will make for good stuff in the Great Depression II historical masterpiece ( History, non-fiction, available in 2030 from AmazonGoogle )

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Lucky they employ the "best of the best" or they would be in reaally big trouble.

Delusional fucking Banksters and thier buddies.

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They need to set this to music. How many ways can you say the same drones on and on and on.....

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“If there isn’t a solution by Sunday, everything is going to collapse”. 



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Looks like they are pushing for treaty change.