Things In Europe Go From Bad To Worse As Germany's FDP Party Seeks Referendum Over EFSF

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Things, Bitchez!

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Germans have history of world wars. Don't make them angry. They are already angry from Mercedes Benz association with Chrysler.


WSJ..."FRANKFURT—Jürgen Stark, Germany's top representative on the European Central Bank's executive board, is resigning, a blow to an institution struggling with its credibility in Germany over its controversial decision to restart its government bond-purchase program."

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False flag attack to prop up the markets?
Breivik's imaginary buddies about to make headlines?

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lemme just jump the string like swami salami, ok?  who fuking carez?

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in trying to keep up w/ the other ad-bot T-R-0-0-Lz, such as oobrien, oo0RI, and bob_d, and will post this same post all fuking day long, b/c i don't hava blogsite...except for zH, of course, where i may have a "subscriber" or two.  who knowZ?

Q:  has the West's unfettered and  unlawful aggression in libya helped destabilize NATO & turn the EU into a pushover for the muslims or the girl scouts? 

well, the moQ is still somewhere or other, and THE Council which has promised elections w/in 8 months is demanding his surrender as well as those who are still armed and ready, willing, and able to keep fighting 
US "intelligence" is now saying he is in some desert oasis, so i guess that place will get "surgically flattened" pretty soon if all the "bad guys" don't come out with their hands up
the press is now reporting a "total" of 6 who were "rendered" to libya on condiefuking rice's watch "under" g.w. "puppet" bush
here's the recent bodycount: At least 30,000 Killed, 50,000 Wounded in Libyan Conflict
anyone interested in "doing the math" only needs to "estimate" how many were "combatants", subtract, and get the innocent civilians not protected by the ~10,000 NATO bombings.  oh, the "statisticians" are saying the "final" totals may be adjusted upwardZ in a "few weeks"
and, as we remember the "reason" that the USA now has a policy of torture and denial of, NOT "human rights", but denial of LAW & JUSTICE to all, please consider what the best freaking presidential candidate of the century has to say about this 9.11 weekend~~~yeah, the guy who has been on the ballot in all 50 states for the last two elections, ralphie-boy nader:
The Empire is Eating Itself » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
L0L!!!  (if you take a few minutes to read this piece, you will understand why he is the best candidate.  if he runz, of course, no matter wtf tyler is hallucinating, politically, these daze)

p.s. risk off, BiCheZ!
p.p.s. no mo coffee for tyler. ever!  but he does look fabulous in that Dow 11,000 hat w/ the two "fat fingers" for the oneZ! 

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if someone says bitchez one more time...

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Overused as BITCHEZ may be, I still think its better than "bailout, bailout, bailout" and "eurbond, barroso, rompuy" and all the other crap we have been reading over and over and over and over........

Going down .................BITCHEZ!!


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13 Banks ah Bailout Go Go and NWO 911 German Curveball. Steeee ...rike.

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i think what everyone needs to notice here is the classic sleight of hand played by the.........wait for it..... CORPORATIONS.

Keep the people buried with political shennanigans, distractions, perhaps soem religion thrown in.....but the corporations always come out fine!

Germany is booming in India. As is Japan. Just BOOMING. Japan has the low end, Germany has the high end. Both have been here a long time, Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Siemens, it. Honda, Toyota, Komatsu, all plum partnerships with India's sell out Globalists the tatas, mahindras, ambanis...

They will have no problem leaving German's/Japanese hanging if push comes to shove. They never outsourced here, set up factories, both countries. With primary German ownership and management.

The corporations are doing fine, using simple labour arbitrage and regulatory capture and bribery to spin their web around the globe.

It's not about the Germans or the Greeks or the Americans or the Indians.....


Signs of the Fall

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hey, toy boy!

nice ads today!  evrybody sure loves the way they don't show that they go to the aardvark site no mo, too!

thanks for the fortune telling!  and helping the zHeads to understand current events more deeply

if "germany sinks the EU", will you and yer touch-hole buddy, falak penis, go back to telling the whole world how "germany won WWII"?   you haven't mentioned that "thesis" since the german high court ruled (cum caveats) that the euro bonds weren't "illegal" have ya?

whatza matter, wind shift on ya? 

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well remembered - that "germany won ww2" nugget was one of the stupidest comments ever posted

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Just to make it clear. FDP is talking about party referendum, not nationwide.

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Thanks -- the Google translate was unusually unclear.

A nationwide referendum is the next logical step for the FDP to call for. Such referendums will be called for in other countries too, like Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and ...  The euro-elites won't be able to keep control of the political process.

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"They are already angry from Mercedes Benz association with Chrysler."

LMAO. Dude when taken in context of your post and the original article, that has to be funniest line of Month if not year. Freakin hilarious!


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Long AKs, non-GMO seeds, colloidal silver...and NFLX

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The FDP is dead in the watter they might not clear the 5% entry point in the next election, thus they got nothing to loose and this would be a very popular move if they could block the PIIGS bailout

good luck to them

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This is true, but the reason this is powerful is that in a secrecy of the ballot booth, people will vote to be German and not European.

Politicians in parties might fear being told they are returning to nationalism and not being good Europeans if they speak out so publicly, but the public . . . in secret . . . will vote their own pocketbooks every single time.

A referendum vote by the people would kill all the bailouts.  It's powerful.

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This is a time game now, a match between how long it all gets stretched out, and how long it takes Greece to officially default. Although in the end I don't think the ECB would ever allow the latter to happen.

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What is right with the Euro is what is wrong with it.

How does debt default result in hyperinflation of the Euro ? It doesn't. The Euro will fall just like the currencies in the Asian financial crisis but it will not hyperinflate. The dollar sure will though.

Betting against the Euro currency is not a god idea.

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I was taking the bet that the ECB would let Greece default.

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My bad. I would take that bet too.

The Fed wont let Greece default though. Haha poor dollar.

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Back in the old days, I took the bet that they would allow ITALY to join the eurozone. I knew the whole thing was rotten from the start (... oh, yes, and I won that bet, of course). 

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Seriously, I thought someone would have to be awake to get on to ZH?  hmmm..  Maybe I'll try getting on while I'm asleep!

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It's about time the Germans tell the eu and Greece to get fucked. Theyre just dead weight.

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Two words: vendor financing.


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Although it doesn't always work out does it.

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It falls apart when accounts become due. Which should be in 3 .. 2 ..

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Wow..and that's the ballgame folks. Please remember to toss out your crackerjacks.

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I wonder if it's possible to do a PUT on the USDEUR exchange rate.  Anyone know?  I bet parity is coming.  :)

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There are "markets" (multiple bets on the year-end EUR/USD ratio on Intrade, but unfortunately trading is thin and spreads are wide. I have an offer in, at 50:1, that the euro will reach parity with the dollar, but there have been no bids. I have managed to place a few short sales on the eur/usd ratio at other levels. Here's the link:

One can also bet on whether any country will leave the eurozone by the end of this year or subsequent years. Trading is fairly active. Here's the link:

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The roaches have realized the lights are on and are headin' for the exits.

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Germany is taking their marbles and going home

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Germans are about to make liverwurst out of any of their politicians that support the EU 'redistribution mechanism,' so their politicians are trying to hatch schemes as to how they can perpetuate the Ponzi on the sly, aka stealth-like.

But they can't, and they won't, because it's not possible at this point...

They already tried to sneak one by with the 'Eurobond' crap.

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Great News: we filled the gap from Sept 7th....weee onward and upward

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If the Euro bounces from oversold conditions, there will be an irresistable urge to buy any and all crappy cyclical stocks.

Too many guys want to "Make Their Year" in 2011.

Trichet single handedly caused the "double dip" with his rate hikes and then finally foamed at the mouth about "price stability".

Now the Euro is in free fall and credit spreads are blowing out so all it will take is for some bureaucrat to utter some soothing "words" to turn things around.

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Euro Fed primary dealer bankruptcies will result in dollar printing, not Euro printing. 

The ECB is divorced from the commercial banking sector in Europe.

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Why not stick with the "every thing that's wrong with X is what's right with X" line? After all, it could apply to everything.

You should be honest from now on and admit that the ECB has less gold than even the netherlands: (as of May 2011) 501.4 tonnes, 18.8% of its total reserves, market value: $18.6 billion. No sovereigns are going to give an ounce more to the ECB if gold actually begins to see its historical persona.

The ECB is loaded with public debts of member states and there is no end in sight. It is officially not beholden to political interests but of course it is. It is not technically intertwined with SocGen but the ability to recapitalize off the back of the French will be severely compromised if SocGen pulls a Lehman. The ECB is also officially unallowed to *directly* monetarize the European States' deficit spending, which just means that there's a magical "off-balance sheet" entity which gets inserted between point A and point B. And there are also 16 little National banks all transferring the shit from their balance sheets to the ECB, hoping somebody else defaults first - guess who? Opa! Balance sheet acrobatics does not a solid bank make.

Perhaps Spitzy and I can agree on one thing: if you have Dollars, buy gold. if you have Euros, buy gold.

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Germans don't want to take it up the Butt (w/o the Lube) for Bankers Bonuses?

Can't imgaine why they are angry?

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This initiative, if implemented, is likely to seal the end of the current coalition. Angela might be replaced pretty soon.

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This is such horseshit.

Germany will play right into the hands of these bankrupt countries.


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GDX just turned red, SMH green.

All the Waxie Parness "Red Light" and "Green Light" or "Stop" and "Go" programs probably issued a buy signal.

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This rise in the dollar through the 200 day is bound to play hell with EVERY algorithm out there.  Short term pops in anything should be sold...period.

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A rising dollar thru the 200 is the FED's worst possible nightmare....they survive by devaluing the dollar to keep their phony assets inflated. This could end very badly any minute, the FED central banksters will spare no lives to save themselves.

Of course all idiots like Robo sees is a green color and get excited like a dumb cow,

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Correct.  And this dollar rally has legs, Dog.

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Sorcerer's Apprentice just getting started ..... US$ ironically looks like intermeidate term strenghten ... for all the worst reasons too

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USD is going to be the least ugly currency at the dog pound for some time.

Relativity, bitchez.

(Bernank & Timmay G don't mind, as it makes their job of tnote selling much easier)

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So what would they do to combat the flight to the USD?  The only thing they know is to print.  Do they have enough ink on hand, or are you saying they'd have to unleash the $1B FRN...?  What's a Ben to do?

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looks like Greece is on the denial, just after european close too, well thats a supprise.

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My read of it says that should the EFSF (that has already been approved), be insufficient (which it is), they oppose a permanent ESM mechanism.

So not convinced this is exactly groundbreaking news.

Edit: Correct me if I am mistaken, but the headline of the post is wrong is it not?