Think You Bought (Or Sold) FaceBook? Think Again

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If you just submitted an order to buy FB today, and were confident the order was executed even if at market, you may be out of luck:


What this means is that the exchange at this point is deciding whether or not to send back late executions to all people who bought, or thought they bought. Needless to say this means that the indicated price is likely not the real price if one factors for all the latent orders, on both the bid and offer side, unless of course all those orders get cancelled, further eroding confident in the market, only this time hitting that one segment most disenchanted with the stock market - mom and pop.

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This is where Jamie "Deamon" goes WTF and the rest of us go LOL

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Who cares about god damn Facebook! Move on to something else Tyler, boring....

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Oh no no no, see this is the hour when we kick the SOB lying down on the ground..

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GoogleNews and Drudge are both reporting how "up" FB is, LOL.



Manthong's picture

Um… can you point me to the fire exit? 

It seems a tad smoky in here and I am have a bit of trouble pressing through this huge crowd..

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HUGE black eye for Nasdaq.  First they court Facebook.  Then they celebrate the win of the listing.  Then they completely botch up the IPO day.

Good luck winning another IPO there Nasdaq.

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Maybe they should have been spent for time getting this IPO ready    /sarc

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Opening delay was due to the HFT plunge protection algos not coming online...this blue turd would have broke through $30 in an hour without them...

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Anyone else notice how spastic trading that has been going on in numerous companies (Zynga, LKND, FB, BBY, GRPN)....wild swings galore!


Odd day......

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Selling was detected...must be investigated.

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"They trust me.. Dumbfucks"

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and bbc... jokers YOU CAN POST A COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM of the page AS WELL, not that I would want you all to overwhelm them!

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Not the direct retail public, currently running 3-1 against FB which is about as one way on the downside as possible.

It's fun though to pretend people are madly clicking their mice at home trying to buy shares in some futile exercise.

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So much money at stake .... am on the sidelines watching

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Who sold what to who and who has what... Soon they'll tell us they sold 100 times more than there was stock available...

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Sounds like 'ol b/a got "Face-Crotched" some time yesterday... (WAH)


If you bought into this Jersey Shores Snookie shit, you all deserve to be executed - without delay !

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This keeps getting better and better... Why Facebook isn't worth even half of what they're asking:

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Or this ...

If FB actually crashes, in spite of all the hype in the news, it will be epic. I am spending just as much time looking at the scrolling articles on google news for FB ... hehe ... it's like there are two realities!



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There are two stories but thankfully only one reality. Thanks to ZH for keeping us aware which one holds truth.

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Kinda sums up where we're at. Paying a 100 billion for a website whose main purpose is sending friend "requests" from high school folks I never wanted to see again.

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Maybe they should try tweeting them.

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Faace Boook been bery bery goood to me!

asteroids's picture

Today's action is the equivalent of the BATS IPO. I wonder if this is revenge by some parties.

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What a Ponzi Banana Republic.  

mammoth mo's picture

Translation - if it goes up you didn't get it.

If it goes down you got it at the high price.

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Its like the stock market was just invented ysterday and its a test run.


Just like Fukushima, FB will have its plutonium explosion moment. From all the hota air built up.

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MDB did you get the message?

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Flawlessly Fraudulent

mayhem_korner's picture



Way to make Friends, eh?

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PPT there you are - can't let facebook fail!

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Golly, a little obvious...and pathetic.

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My HTF platform has already cranked 1,000,0000,000 quotes- how can that be?

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Couldn't be your typos, could it?

FatFingers => FatTails?

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In case you needed help to projectile vomit.

Our amazing CNBC research team just sent this note: Facebook topped 200 million shares traded in its first 20 minutes. Here’s how it compares: Visa: 177 million, Google: 22.4 million, Linkedin: 30.2 million, and GM traded 458 million on its first day of trading.

by Gloria McDonough-Taub on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 12:12:46 PM


Took amazing research to find out the number of shares traded on a publicly traded company???

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"They", whoever they may be, are trying to keep the market up through FB.  This explains the immense amount of shares already traded, the problems filling orders, and the ridiculously high valuation.

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Skynet is angry. Systems are going down eveywhere. Etrade is down.