Think You Bought (Or Sold) FaceBook? Think Again

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If you just submitted an order to buy FB today, and were confident the order was executed even if at market, you may be out of luck:


What this means is that the exchange at this point is deciding whether or not to send back late executions to all people who bought, or thought they bought. Needless to say this means that the indicated price is likely not the real price if one factors for all the latent orders, on both the bid and offer side, unless of course all those orders get cancelled, further eroding confident in the market, only this time hitting that one segment most disenchanted with the stock market - mom and pop.

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insanelysane's picture

Going with the proven MFG excuse.  "Things were chaotic at the time and it is nearly impossible to know who bought what when."

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Sounds like a Ponzi trail cover-up. I wonder how many really bought FB?

lizzy36's picture

Sooooo hard to see why most "investors" have no confidence in this clusterfuck, formally know as an equity market.

Cannibalization continues.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Is it possible The Morgue is so mired in the supposed spread trade clusterfuck that they can't even be market makers anymore?

Just tryna start rumours, that's all.

alien-IQ's picture

Unless, of course, you lost money on the trade...then it is confirmed.

fockewulf190's picture

Retail outflows are going to go ballistic next week.

HardlyZero's picture

In other words...the book opened and closed today on Fakebook.

zerotohero's picture

They need Sacha Baron dressed as The Dictator to ring the opening bell.

Cursive's picture


Too much credibility.

zerotohero's picture

How bout the cast from the new Three Stooges Movie.

HardlyZero's picture

Should have hired The Most Interesting Man...he would have kept it up...and shot to 100 today.  Would have been cheap print...but no...they bring in the hoodie hustlers into the street...and they get their butts kicked ToTheMoon.

Cursive's picture

I'm sure the wannabe buyers are OK with this now.

lsbumblebee's picture

without a trace book.

HardlyZero's picture

Heard they used disappearing ink on their first printing.


Its GONE !  (face)

Debtless's picture

What is this Facebook thing everyone's talking about?

blunderdog's picture

It's a book of mugshots of all our big bank CEOs....

In a SANE world.

Quinvarius's picture

Schroedingers trade execution.

TMT's picture

"coming back off its low of the day"

emersonreturn's picture

MBD, don't worry, you're in it for your grandkids, no doubt you are buying on the dips.

ebworthen's picture

He probably bought at $42 and will now have to hold onto it until Microsoft buys them at $2 a share in 2015.

Kali's picture

A whole new generation of potential  stock market investors scared off.  WTG wall street!

CrazyCooter's picture

Oh, you mean the 20-something/30-somethings loaded with student loan debt the size of a mortgage, unable to save (unless they live with parents), in an increasingly shitting job market? Those investors?

It's funny, but I kind of wonder how the older demographic, with all the assets, will unload them onto younger generations who they thouroughly fucked via a 30 year debt orgy. Younger folks can't afford a house anymore because student loans are the new mortgage. They also ain't going to be buying what pension companies need to sell to pay benefits either.

Just ranting because SVN is down at work and I am stuck for the moment ...



El Viejo's picture

Someone yesterday said it best and I LMAO :     FACEPLANT


ebworthen's picture

"We apologize for the inconvenience.  Your bid for 1,000 shares at $42 was placed after we cleared robot algo order sells of one million and one at $42.01.  Thank you for using NASDAQ.  Invest in America, buy more FB today!"

SilverTard's picture

So CIA Farcebook fails.... what a shame.  :)


resurger's picture

Yup .. the PPT made it

It's Green guys

crawldaddy's picture

when i grow up I want to be an algo.

Just surf the web all day and when asked I just scream BUY or SELL.  

ah to be an algo.

resurger's picture

green Here i come

TMT's picture

On a risk adjusted basis this crap would have to go 5x to make it worth it (to me).  I would prefer to sit at a blackjack table:  better odds, free drinks, and decent looking waitresses walking around with their tits hanging out.

moonstears's picture

These "wall streeters" are brilliant, get the remaining 5% of individual retail investors(compared to say 1999) worked up to pay any price to get their hands on this hot item. Muppets will be pissed at paying say, $43, Monday, but "oh so glad" they're "in the game". Interesting times.

fockewulf190's picture

Buy! Buy!, BUY!!! Get that stock up to $40 and hold it there goddammit!!!

Debtless's picture

Look at gold & silver, the fucking champs that they are, completely ignoring this whole charade today.

tekhneek's picture

Oh, the real money? Yeah. They're fine.

Bizaro World's picture

Thankful to the Tylers and fellow ZHers to be informed which help take advantage of the recent precious metals BTFD moment.  My earlier PMs were lost in an unfortunate boating accident.

TMT's picture

Did Corzine ring the opening bell?

HardlyZero's picture

Since JPM and GS are somewhat like it possible JPM was heavily shorting Farcebook ?   You should never farce it in too hard...ouch !  that must hurt.

crawldaddy's picture

Beany Babies had more intrinsic value than this stock does.  AT least at the end of the day you could pile your overpriced worthless beany babies an dcreate a pillow of sorts. Bad web stock give you nothing but lost money and a 404 error.

Everybodys All American's picture

Facelift - goes higher

Faceplant - goes lower


Vote please...

Trimmed Hedge's picture

Just mised $3 a share profit...

Matt's picture

If you bought into the IPO in Germany and sold at 50,000 euros, you would be up ~49,970 euros, unless a mulligan was called and the trade reversed. 

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