Third Point's June 30 Holdings Update: Entire Apple Stake Cut

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Here is the updated 13F summary just filed from Third Point as compared to the holdings as of March 31. We leave readers to do their homework on how Dan Loeb is positioning himself per his holdings as of 45 days ago. Stakes completely cut since March 31 include Apple ($69MM), Aspen Tech ($51MM), Carefusion ($20MM), CBS Corp ($25MM), KKR ($20MM), Madison Square Garden ($2MM), PHH ($65MM), Smurfit-Stone ($87MM), Tesoro ($67MM), Textron ($37MM), Viewpoint Fin ($21MM) and YPF SA ($45MM).

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LoneStarHog's picture

WHY would I give a shit what this Wall Street clown is doing?

prophet's picture

22.2% annual return since 1995.

Robslob's picture


Why! Why! Why!

cowdiddly's picture

Can you say Pascua-Lama anyone.

centerline's picture

Pretty big reduction in paper gold as well.

Manthong's picture

Still has his POT stash, though.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Looks like they tried to call a top on gold.

Spitzer's picture

Any relation to 9 point Capital partners ?

Damon Vickers claims he sold all of his gold.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

he's going to be pissed that he sold apple

DonnieD's picture

Maybe he should change the name to Second Point

dbTX's picture

Better yet, second thought

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This chart can't be right. It's sorted not only alphabetically, but also top to bottom by market value. Either this fund has an extreme sense of humer or the columns are not lined up properly.

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There is something funny with the chart. The alphabetically sorted holdings also correspond to the holdings sorted by dollar value on 6/30. What's up with that?

LehmanRefugee's picture

Yeah...on further examination it can't be right. Abraxus is $350 market cap company. There is no way 3rd point is holding 70% of it .

Flakmeister's picture

Abraxas is an interesting play.... been adding on every dip down to ~3... selling forward calls at 5. No complaints so far.

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You know, I really was wondering who the heck was buying CBS...and now I know.  

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why do these guys own every stock but the only one you use to have to own .....use to meaning the old days when i thought i was investing.....and that would be ...phillp morris...