A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word: Worthless

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Now... where is the US dollar?

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Its not worth its own digital image to list!

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The FED should just deposit the 100 trillion dollar note and credit it to the Treasury.

That should take care of it.

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That is exactly what they are doing. Trying to cure debt and financial mismanagement with inflation.

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A good comment...but, when you printed it again, it became half as good.

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If the Zimab Note had four rocks on it, how much would it be worth... (hint, big bag of suck)

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i saw a special on cnbc.....bernanke got a 1590 on his sat's so im confident that won't happen here


look at some of the coloring its so pretty though

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I'm just wondering when that 15 minutes starts.  Perhaps Bernanke's watch is broken...

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So did I, and the last time I took them was my sophomore year in high school.  I missed fewer (no) questions on my ASVAB, which is a far more practical exam for determining capacity in the real world.  Perhaps Bernanke should take his confidence back to his ivy league ivory tower and GTFU of DC.  Tests don’t mean shit once you get into the real world.

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The comment coming soon to the U.S.... NOT WORTH A DOLLAR!

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not coming soon...it is here already. US IS BANKRUPTED ALREADY. Symptoms are already apparent


from Wikipedia's article on national bankruptcy...

Consequences for the citizen

National bankruptcy always means for the private citizen a dramatic devaluation of his monetary wealth, because the private/individual saver is often an important creditor of the state (e.g. government bonds).

More severe is the impact on the national economy. These comprise typically

  • a banking crisis, as banks have to make write downs on credits given to the state. CHECK
  • an economic crisis, as the interior demand will fall and investors withdraw their money CHECK
  • a currency crisis as foreign investors avoid this national economy CHECK

The citizen feels the impact indirectly through high unemployment CHECK and the decrease of state services and benefits. CHECK






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The Bernanke testimony cited in that article is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance.

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1 more rally as the EU implodes first? Then it will be time to go all in on the pm's.

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dollar is coming soon to a list near you.

Brazil is a HUGE country with a gigantic economy...they're on their 3rd currency in the past 20 years or so.  All these nations had debt money...every single one.

I'm not sure where the Mishes and Douchingers get the idea that debtmoney nations can't implode.  Something maybe "special" supposedly about the reserve?  FX makes the notion of foreign-denominated debt irrelevant.  Perhaps the reserve will have a less abrupt slide to that same spot, but it's coming anyway.

The future of less means all debts now must be discounted.  In any event, should this "hyperdeflation" come, the FRN would lose its ability, via scarcity, to serve as money.  It would revert to just being paper.  The USSR also did not have external debt denominated in others' currencies.  The ruble still went to bagel.

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Where is the US Continental? My less intelligent friends always cling to the "Yes, but America would never do that!"

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This 1775 seven dollar note is typical of the paper money issued by the Continental Congress to pay for the costs of the American Revolution. Due to over-issue and lack of confidence in the government, the notes became nearly worthless. Eventually, Congress redeemed them at 1/100th of their original value in bonds, not maturing until 1811. Image courtesy of EarlyAmerican.com 



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The Continental Dollar dropped to 1/16500th of a troy ounce of gold, or the price of gold "increased" to $16,500 Continental Dollars before the currency was terminated.

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The English massively and expertly counterfeited the "Continental", largely leading to it's ignominious fate.

Financial warfare.

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Everyone start growing your hair long now.  Save money on hairdressers and barbers . . . while you prepare for the haircut that the US $ will extract.

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Or you could just get some pre-65 coins...some barbers will still take a fifty cent piece for their services.

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And let's not forget the Confederate Dollar...it made good wallpaper for Mammy's attic bedroom at Tara in Gone With the Wind...

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Can you scan a $100 FRN and add it to the pictures above? Or maybe an older $500 or $1000....

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I have some of those $100T Zimbabwe bills.  Hilarious. 


"You hear that Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of inevitability.  It is the sound of your death."

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I was thinking how the Trillion+ Zimbabwe bills might still have some value as a novelty.  I'd pay $5 US for one of them just to have to look at/show off.  Heck, that might be a decent Forex play if things don't pan out here...Where can I get one?

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I get em at coin shows for $5 each with my leftover scratch money after I buy the gold and silver I budgeted for.  I put a few in plastic display cases, they make GREAT gifts and everyone I give one to displays it prominently in their house or office; it makes me feel good when people show off something I gave em.

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they are available on eBay. {you can get a dozen for a few bucks}

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Got mine on eBay, cost me about $3-4

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Done.  I just electronically exchaned 3.9 of my worthless American Dollars for 100 trillion awesome "Kill Whitey" dollars!  That shit is pretty sad, too.  Their bill features a pile of rocks...WTF is that???  At least we put dead presidents on our paper.  I can't wait to frame that mofo and hang it on the wall in my office.  I'll have an empty frame up next to it..........

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That is because the pile of rocks is worth more than dead presidents.  I have embossed labels made "In case of emergency----break glass" and afix to the frame. Great gifts all seem to get a kick out of.  Last Xmas I used Weimar bills, next Xmas looking at 1946 Hungarian.

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Hey!  Those are NICE rocks!


IAmNotMark's picture

Hey!  Those are NICE rocks!


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That pile of rocks is the Zimbabwe national monument. It's all they could afford.

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reminds me of this...


That 100 trill zimbab note would buy you an egg right before it went kaput in 2009...guess what they replaced it with?

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I'd pay $5 US for one of them just to have to look at/show off.

Funny how the cash market works....when the $100,000,000,000,000 note would still buy a cab ride in Harare, I bought 20 new ones on eBay for $2o.  I keep one in my wallet to show the disbelievers.

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I have a few of the Zimbabwe notes...They are great! Too bad the gubberment took the $1000 and $500 out of circulation...they would be a Hoot.

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Shhh..... The guy at 7-11 doesn't know....

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I like the one with Barton Fink on it.

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All that pretty fiat paper looks much better, and immensely more valuable, while under the influence of a few hits of blotter acid and some fiat crack cocaine.

Peace baby.

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Where's the $10,000 USD bill with a smiling Soetoro portrait?

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dude!  We want the Fuckin' Wingnuts WB7 image of Barry Soe on our $!!!  Glasses and Fro'do!

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All that pretty fiat paper looks much better, and immensely more valuable, while under the influence of a few hits of blotter

Trade you Z$100,000,000,000,000 for hit of blotter?

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I think Ben just wants his picture and autograph on the 10 trillion dollar bill.

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How 'bout a direct overhead shot of his bald noggin to fill the space of the final zero in 10T?