Throw Away The Shackles Of Your Birinyi Rulers And Be Free! Hungarian No Longer Bull; Now Just bull

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It is going to break alot of bear's hearts when we close green today.  /sarc

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I don't know why everyone is so down on Birinyi.

I *love* Birinyi. I usually get the shrimp, but it sounds like lower-case bull is worth a try ?

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... and two months from now he´ll be neither Bull or bull, but just a fool

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the bull market which began in March 2009

ROFFLOL. Damn u Birinyi, i need to change my diaper again.

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'The bull market which began in March 2009'...

And got us all the way back up to 1999 market levels today? WOW! Now thats a BULL MARKET!!


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Birnyi is as holographically-challenged as a coin tossed in a Brenouille trial.

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It's Bernoulli trial (not Brenouille trial), that is a experiment where there is two outcomes: "success" and "failure", 0 or 1, etc.  A sequence of Bernoulli trials leads to the Binomial distribution.

Not too clear on what you mean by "holographically-challenged."

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Sorry about the misspelling. The said trials are 'independent', presuming that each flip of the coin has no memory about the outcome of preceding tosses, just as Mr. Birinyi doesn't seem to have a memory of how wrong his previous calls have been.

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Where's October Crash II somebody predicted for today?

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Could be in the near future.  I think there's a much better chance of a crash than of a rally.

Then again I've been on the wrong side of that trade lately.

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Just be patient, someone is about to be downgraded from AAA to aaa


(the second one is all in lowercase)

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Haha... To me its not just what Birinyi says, its the pompous smug smirk he has when he says it.

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Yeah, exactly.
It's almost like he's staring at you while he's fingering his prostate and thinking "I ain't got no lumps, bitch."
I know that look.

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Anonymous and Wakanda got some 'splainin' to do.

OTOH, predicct early and predicct often.

- Ned

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Birinyi- check Biggs-check Now I just need a Cramer to BUY BUY BUY

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Forever long I want to be, forever long...

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I'm having a hard time with the Laz. Not because he's a bull, but because I don't understand his methodology. He's not a technician. He knows very little about reliable valuation metrics, and he is certainly no macroeconomist, as his comical 'analysis' above shows. Nor is he a fundamental analyst, that much is obvious.

So pray tell, Laz: is this based on lunar cycles, tarot cards, what?

What a total quack.

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whats there not to understand?


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Birinyi ruler... is always too straight ... isn't it?  Somebody needs to bend it.  

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Nor is he a fundamental analyst

maybe he is an anal fundamentalist...

SheepDog-One's picture

Lazlo is fundamentally an anal cyst.

Toolshed's picture

Thanks a lot Sheepster, now I have Coke coming OUT of my nose!

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He's an egomaniac who apes what he heard other people say, but hides it in babbling bullshit so nobody knows he's a phoney.  That's why he rambles, he NEEDS to throw you off to the fact that he does almost no analysis of his own, but he still WANTS to be admired so he behaves smugly and tries to baffle you with bullshit.

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What is with all the omissions?  The statements don't mention reality, or the incontinent he lives upon.  Oh the isolation.  Think it would surprise him if he found out his shoes touched dirt if he walked outside?  Maybe he doesn't go outside?    For the ft to interview a person like this and then publish it is pretty cold.  Trying to make the man look like he is in a coma.

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This guy want to go back and read historical tea leaves to find out whats going on today? Idiot.

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All that matters is the Macro.  Taxes will be raised SUBSTANTIALLY at some point. Election year kicking the can to avoid it being this year.  When the bill comes due, individuals and corportions alike will be required to pay it.  And when the bill comes due to fund retirements via IRA accounts.... realization that these corporations market caps are hugely over valued will be crystal clear.

Food for thought: Corporations contribute 1% of the tax revenue to the general fund per ZH chart yesterday, but have to fund massive retirement amounts via IRA/etc obligations (perhaps 50% of non SS and pension).  Statistically this does not compute.

Fuck earnings and dividends today....its what they can maintain for the future that matters. And if you think they will fund all the boomers (and beyond) retirements, THINK AGAIN. 

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What the hell the true precious commodity, AAPL is dropping. Obviously this market isn't based on fundamentals

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Another off the wall thought:  People say they 'invested' in stocks.  Invested?  Thats not investing.  Its guessing.....hoping.

Doesn't investment require foresight, effort, knowledge and  due diligence?   I'm having a hard time verbalizing my thoughts, but things are fucked up.  When REAL yields are pegged NEGATIVE for a prolonged term ERRATIC, UNPREDITABLE  things will happen.     (Most people wont accept losing a few %/year safely (even safe is in question) and will seek out a yield even if the risk is decidely negative.)  Be wary. 

And with markets running in such coorelation---hedging is difficult.


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Don't listen to this guy.  Just listen to the pros on CNBC.  They can sure call 'em.  Just ask Jim Cramer.

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SP500 daily chart now gives bearish signal, warning of a new leg down. Weekly chart reverts to neutral.

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Anyone who has such great advice and sells it  (rather than using it) is someone I do not care to listen to.

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Biriyani is adelicacy ,brought from cetral asia to India.This guy is no delicacy.

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As Snoop Dogg would say, Biriyani is a lower case "g"