Tiger's Robertson "Europe In State Of Financial Collapse"

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In a moment of clarity, Tiger's Julian Robertson educates the money-honey on just how bad things are. Robertson started by trumpeting how bad macro is everywhere, moved on to Europe being in a 'state of financial collapse', likes shorting weak European currencies (Hungarian Forint) and warns of the possibility of a rapid rise in interest rates in the US. He is positive on NOK, thinks Canada is a 'very well run country', is a buyer of US large cap tech (citing GOOG and AAPL specifically), and sees Visa/Mastercard growing at 20%+ per year for some time.

The full interview is embedded below, and while some is group-think, he is very clear on where he sees risk and return potential in the world.

Bad (from Bloomberg):



*TIGER'S ROBERTSON SAYS EXPECTING GREEK DEFAULT      :285691Z US (and is worried for Portugal and Italy also)












And for those looking to participate in Julian's FX trade views - here is HUFNOK:

Chart: BBG

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virgilcaine's picture

I thought he retired?

WestVillageIdiot's picture

It looks like he will be retiring to the morgue pretty soon.

X.inf.capt's picture

excuseme, tiger, are you going to make money off this default?

at who's exspense?

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Probably another old fuck that goes around professing how much he loves his children and grandchildren and then spends his life working to destabilize their world.  I see that shit all the time.  It is right up there with the phony patriots I see that have no problem shoveling mounds of bad paper onto the government but thos fuckers all have their hands over their hearts during the Star Spangled Banner.  Fuck all the phonies.  Fuck' em in the ear.  Fuck 'em in the other ear, the cheap two-bit cigarette hi-jacking pricks. 

TruthInSunshine's picture

I can't watch CNBC - it's too painful - or even Bloomberg (it devolves closer to CNBC drivel with each passing day), but Robertson is correct about Europe (though it doesn't take a guest of Holiday Inn Express to figure it out).

The nex Great Credit Crunch in just 3-4 short years is about to make the Mother of all hard landings, and it's going to crush liquidity when it does.

Skid Marks's picture

The nex Great Credit Crunch in just 3-4 short years

Do you really think it will take that long?

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Its going to be Merkel's way as it has so far and she says 2013.

No matter what members of her cabinet utter and do to get better election results for their respective parties 2013 will be the year to kiss Greece byebye.

NuckingFuts's picture

What did you two just post? Your avatars are waaay to distracting for me to concentrate.


Oh yeah wasn't it something about europes finances?

Bread, circuses, T&A.

Abitdodgie's picture

Plant the seed for 2013 , Trolls part deux. So you will be long till then.

anynonmous's picture

Bloomberg devolving to CNBC

without doubt and it will only get worse as the election approaches

radio is still okay but even the illustriious Tom Keene is showing his NY lib stripes

TruthInSunshine's picture



Skid Marks

Do you really think it will take that long?


Well, it's been nearly 3 years so far, now, so late 2011/early 2012 is feeling about right.



Bloomberg devolving to CNBC

without doubt and it will only get worse as the election approaches

radio is still okay but even the illustriious Tom Keene is showing his NY lib stripes

There was a time when Bloomberg really was useful and somewhat professional. It's now just become a 'less bad' version of CNBC, which is truly damning by faint praise. Bloomberg also now = suckvision, and for many of the same political reasons that Comcast's (and formerly NBC/GE's) CNBS = suckassvision.

New_Meat's picture


"... radio is still okay but even the illustriious Tom Keene is showing his NY lib stripes ... "

I've been listening to their morning radio shows (believe it or not, 1130 AM from NYC comes in better than local AM from Boston during the night, thanx FCC) from / during the 0100 --> sunrise FCC Power Down dictat.

"Surveillance" w/Keene and Pruitt is a difficult show to listen to in the short term.  They let their "guests" prattle along, seldom challenging anything.  But, in the longer-term, they bring on (skoshi') counter guests.  Eventually, the counter-guests.

But they do have Gross, Mohammed, etc.

- Ned

[ed. after sunrise, it is at the almost stupidest "radio playa" thingie: http://www.bloomberg.com/radio/

that takes like seven times to get the thing to work]

don't cha' know

{and Keene is supposed to be from Rahchesta', and is supposed to be a {ghasp} Red Sox Fan.}

anynonmous's picture

Keene desparately wants to be a member of the econelite with his pseudo mathy talk, horn rims and bow tie.  He is entertaining and to give him credit tries to hide his NYlib bias.  I'm not sure where he got his money... but he recently relocated from Upper East to Central South



Of all the clowns on financial TV he, along with Prewitt and Pimm Fox are a cut above. though I think Pimm Fox is probably #1

Wannabee's picture

Anyone know where Charlie Stein of Bloomberg went? I used to listen to his show on XM, now stuck with Hayes Advantage (fail).

Freddie's picture

ALL TV is shit and if you watch it you back the elites.   TV is for controlling the serfs and lying to them.  When is the public going to wake up. TV goves them power and control.  ALL the networks are the same.

dizzyfingers's picture

10,000 green votes for you.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

TISunshine... This guy sounds really, really scared that some soverign is going to off load a shit load of Ts and drive interest rates up quickly...

I wonder if he has a T sales candidate in mind? I also wonder if he has thought through the effects of such a move would have on his other predictions...

TruthInSunshine's picture

That's a fair point.

Now that you have mentioned it, Robertson has been the original one who claimed shorting US Treasuries was going to be the trade of a lifetime (about 18 months ago, if my recollection serves me well).

Despite all that, there's no way the EU DOE NOT fall apart, regardless as to how they paint the pig with lipstick, or what words they use to describe the process.

When it does, at full speed, we'll be in crisis land once again.

But if the Central Merry Pranksters do what it would take to kick the can signficantly down the road, crisis would be a mild adjective to describe what will unfold instead.

rocker's picture

You can thank Matt Miller for destroying Bloomberg. He is on a one man mission only equal to Cramer.  His Ego.

  The bastard tries to date the babes he works with on air.  What a Fucking Jerkoff. He probably does that with his game boy. 

Zola's picture

And a supporter of Mitt Romney... all the way... he s definitely lost it. If he was still in his prime he would back RP

LongOfTooth's picture

Busch whore Rick Perry?  THAT RP?


crazyjsmith's picture

Benefit of the doubt says he probably meant Dr. Ron Paul, especially if was able to Find ZH. 

Zola's picture

Obviously i meant Ron Paul. But it is true there is now a copycat in the race parroting the same positions and using the same initials. However this other guy from Texas is a total clown.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Rick Perry? Another retard at the helm?

Thelma, pack up, we're moving to Argentina!

kill switch's picture

You can't get any more crystal than that!!!

WVI Your my kind of guy, foxhole and all!!!!!!!!!!


+100,000,000,000,000,000  OK So a little inflation..


Chuck Walla's picture

George Soros' pager just went off...

Dugald's picture


Dear Idiot, why so reticent, let yourself go and tell us what you really think.....I promise, you

will feel so much better for it....Ha!

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

X.inf.capt... He got hammered shorting Ts... So he had not figured out that the Fed was levitating bonds...

I doubt he is the smartest guy in the room in the current economy... Where all is determined by Fed intervention.

Tater Salad's picture

"At who's expense?"  Are you kidding me?  You in Obama's cabinet there chief?

MichaelG's picture


Week and a half?

NotApplicable's picture

Just wait until everyone's variable rate credit-cards start climbing.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

NotApp... Start climbing? I know people that are paying 29% for revolving credit and have heard some are paying over 30%...

When I was a kid the shylocks got jailed for charging 17% vig...

knukles's picture

Yeah, now I rememberin the days when Usury Laws Were Enforced...
Fuck, when any laws were enforced.
Especially the ones about kids selling lemonade in their yard.
Dangerous shit, I tell ya,

Dangerous shit.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Those little tax evaders need to be taught a lesson.

New_Meat's picture

knuckles, with all due respect, I thought that your "persona" in these-here parts was, well, to be the "enforcer".

How say you?

- Ned

{We're all playing, rather more than we'd had or wished, back when}

{{and I'd say that we're having to play in the realm of a) prospective internal conflict and b) sustaing the logistics side of folks lives}}

Freddie's picture

My brother worked in a store during Carter's 16% inflation.  The dept store had to ration credit because the spread was so narrow.  I would guess the top rates were maybe 18%.    This 29% and 30+% bullshit is slavery.  I feel sorry for the dumb sheep who get into debt but they watch TV and are controlled by the elites who run all the TV networks.

SoCalBusted's picture

How else would a credit card company grow?  People certainly aren't buying more crap.  Not even the same amount of crap that they bough 3 years ago.

They are probably going to get a government contract to manage some sort of weath transfer payment scheme ala SNAP

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

"They are probably going to get a government contract to manage some sort of weath transfer payment scheme ala SNAP"

Sounds about right...

A few days ago the local paper ran an article claiming that more restaurants are now taking 'food stamps' or, whatever they are called now. It's not a big step from food stamps to giving everyone a credit/debit card issued by Visa/Master or whoever.

Freddie's picture

Big step - it is already happening.  I am pretty sure most if not all states have debit cards for food stamps.  They got rid of the paper - now there is no stigma.  You can usually tell them because the have FULL shopping carts and looks liked they voted for Obama or they no speaky the english so good.

lolmao500's picture

What? So... people are not enough in debt, they will take even more of it? Is this a joke? People are already too much in debt. And with the economy going down even more, less jobs, etc, you think people will get more debt? People will declare bankruptcy... and VISA-Mastercard will take the losses....

How in the hell will that make visa and mastercard grow?

Rockfish's picture

Forget thoses already hooked and buried, there is a fresh billion out there.

PeterB's picture

You betcha...they just don't stop making them

BurningFuld's picture

You missed what he said. The issuing Banks take the hit. Visa and Mastercard are just the processors.

Abitdodgie's picture

The Government prints money out of thin air , the whole system is about to implode at which about 5 billion people are going to die , but poloticians are living the high life .So i say  work that system and fuck it for as much money as  you can, after all it is just a ride  On another note what is toggle spellcheck ? as you see my spelling sucks especially after the 3rd bong hit

TwelfthVulture's picture

At his age, that's quite a long time.

Hephasteus's picture

Why does cnbc need 12 fucking IP addresses to stream a video. Scratch that 12 fucking IP addresses to pretend they are going to stream a video. 20 fucking IP adddresses to actually starts showing you something.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Even the IP addresses are too ashamed to take full credit for streaming the bullshit that CNBC creates. 

Disclaimer:  I did not watch the video.  I just can't stand anything CNBC for longer than it takes me to jerk one out.