Tim Geithner Glitch In The Matrix Special: Will America Become Greece In Two Years - "No Risk Of That"

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Geithner April 2011:  “Is there a risk that the United States could lose its AAA credit rating? Yes or no?” - Tim Geithner: “No risk of that.”


Geithner April 2012:  “If we don't deal with these debt problems we are going to be Greece in two years” - Tim Geithner: “No risk of that.”

On Friday we learned that in 2011, the president paid a less than "fair" 20.5% in taxes on his joint income, substantially less than pretty much most Americans who listen to the now virtually daily sermons on the fairness of class warfare. It prompted us to wonder if the president has not been taking tax advice from the likes of the Treasury secretary, best known not for destroying the US economy, but for having some tax "underpayment" issues of his own, which however TurboTax was delighted to take the blame for. Which explains why now that the president may appear just somewhat disingenuous when discussing tax "fairness", it is up to the lackey who made tax evasion cool all over again, to defend the "fairness" of the Buffett Rule (shown graphically here) in today's episode of 60 Minutes. Oddly enough we were expecting Timmy to tell everyone to just use TurboTax... and some creative imagination when it comes to reporting income: he did not, instead he said "If we don’t push for things that make sense, then we’re not governing". No comment there.

But wait there's more: in a disastrous attempt to prevent the repeat of last August, when a 3 month showdown over the US debt limit ended up crashing the stock market, and culminated with the downgrade of America's AAA rating, Geithner, who previously said there is no risk of the US ever being downgraded (4 months before it was), urged Congress against repeating last year’s "very damaging" debate over the debt limit, adding that the economy is stronger than at any time in the past several years. We wonder though - very damaging to whom exactly: the liars who claim that 'America's economy is stronger than ever', courtesy of well over $2 trillion in debt in the past two years? Or that the debt ceiling will be breached all over again before the presidential election, confirming that the Treasury secretary can't even budget the worst case scenario one year in advance? Finally, since there will be a protracted debt ceiling fight, certainly during the tail end of the presidential campaign, is Geithner's plea really just to prevent Congress from making him into a running gag punchline for the second year in a row (all the while blaming the Bush presidency as usual)?

But the absolute kicker, and here we flashback to April 2011 when Timmy said there was "No risk" of a US downgrade, was Geithner using his favorite catchphrase, this time in response to whether the US may become Greece in two years: "No risk."

And scene.

From Bloomberg:

"It would be good for the country, if this time, they did it with less drama and less politics and less damage to the country than they did last summer,” Geithner said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program today, referring to lawmakers’ reluctance to raise the debt ceiling until an 11th-hour agreement with the Obama administration in August.

Actually it would be far gooder for the country if the debt ceiling debate did not have to arise ever 6 months or so. But since the US economy is now terminally broken, and the Treasury generates more cash from debt issuance than from tax refunds, only idiots could possibly fall for the outgoing Treasury secretary's sad platitudes at this point.

Geithner has said the U.S. won’t hit its debt limit again until late in the year.

Which means the debt limit will be breached in a few short months as calculated here.

Americans generally should feel much more confident about the basic strength of the economy than they would have felt any time in the last four or five, six years,” Geithner said. Still, “it’s a very tough economy.”

Well if they were drinking nothing but the same hopium and KoolAid dispersed by the administration over the past 3 years, they would. Alas, they no longer do. And the reality is diametrically opposite.

When all else fails, blame it on Europe and evil, evil speculators who drive oil prices higher, but never on saintly stock speculators who do the same with equities:

“Obviously, we’ve got a lot of challenges ahead and some risks and uncertainty ahead,” Geithner said on ABC. Those risks include the European debt crisis and oil prices, he said.

Finally, for those who wonder why Geithner gets paid the big bucks:

Geithner, asked what the U.S. jobless rate will be on election day, told CBS that “if the economy continues to gradually strengthen like it’s been doing, then the unemployment rate will be lower.”

Actually, it is not the economy strengthening, it is the labor pool imploding. So yes, if civilian labor force ratio drops to 58% or less (a divergence that can be seen perfectly here), the unemployment rate will not only be lower, it will be negative - something which every treasury secretary is all too aware of in an election year.

Timmy "TurboTax" Geithner on tax fairness:

And the same soon to be employee of the Goldman-Morgan banker complex on the debt issue:


But the absolute punchline: Tim Geithner on whether there is a risk America could become Greece in two years: "No Risk"

And from April 2011, when asked if the US will be downgraded: just watch the first 15 seconds...

The only thing inquiring minds want to know is whether the dollar-drachma exchange rate be 1:1?

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"(furrowed brow)"

That just means Wanker Timmay is constipated today... Fiber Timmay... Eat some fiat... It's 100% cotton rag...

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I thought the dollar-drachma exchange rate was already 1:1.

Toliet paper in, stinky brown toliet paper out.

What better 1:1 ratio could there be?

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Dibs on kicking the support from under his feet..

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i'll fight you for the right

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hmm.. I suppose I should share..  how about on the count of three.. :)

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cheers UG, community spirit is alive

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So when does South Park do the send-up on this?

akak's picture

In this case, fiction could not be more surreal than reality.

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All this whining about impotent Timmy.

Man up. Walk off the floor like the CME traders did in protest against bare-faced illegal manipulation. See jsmineset for more of the story as it is clearly embarrassing for the political internet and media to report it.

q99x2's picture

    I was worried but from CNBC:

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You aren't worried. You just hope someone else's job, money and blood will pay for your whining.

You pretty pets of mainstream politics aid Timmy and the status quo. You want change, only if someone else pays for it.

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Uh.. yeah.. We want the people who are responsible for fucking us in the ass to pay up.. blood is accepted. Sorry, no visa, mastercard, amex.. blah blah..

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Timmy, making his final rounds as court jester.

newengland's picture

All aided by the cowardly political manipulators on the internet and mainstream media.

You don't like Timmy? Man up. If you are a trader, walk off the floor like the CME traders did in protest at bare-faced lying manipulation.

If you are a whiner, shut the fuck up, and snuggle up to your political abuser, pet.

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I also detest most other people from the NE...just so we're clear.

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New Yorker drive like aholes when they make it down to Florida.

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New immigrant talk s$it, run away from homeland long time, and want money big time from ignorant Amerikan.

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lol...New Yorkers drive like assholes everywhere!

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I don't dislike your region. I dislike your personal cowardice: all mouth and trousers, no blood on the line or cash to defend your neighbour.  Just so we are clear.

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You don't know jack shit about me pilgrim, what I do now or have done.

And here, we drop the U from neighbor so as not to extend the pinky too far...just so we're clear.

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I know you talk a lot, and do little. Your comments on ZH show it, pet of politics. 

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Where you from home boy?


Shane?...come back Shane...ROTFL!!!


Drunken limey must have fell off his bar stool and did a face plant...lol...ahhh well, carry on ole bean!

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I kinda know where nmewn's coming from regarding the NE thang.    Here in Kalifornia, (used to be California before commie libtardo shitheads from NYC and the like infiltrated our once glorious Golden State with their phucked up social policies - much less our shit doesn't stink attitude), there's an acronym I continuously use these days to describe most of them when they show up on her shores to escape that 'nasty weather' and such.    

ECAHS.    East Coast Ass Holes.     Pretty funny when I turn to a particularly obnoxious example and innocuously ask them....."How do you ECAHS like it here so far?"

Then comes The Dumbfounded WTF does that mean look.   Priceless.


nmewn's picture

That was my point exactly...the obnoxious, loud, arrogant assholes who have come to bear "our faces" abroad. And so well brought to the forefront by our newest fraud from across the pond I might add. Posing as something else entirely.

Our new friend...newengland ;-)

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Oh shit... we are screwed!!!

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Any fool can run the UST ... all you need is Turbo-Treasury Pro 2.0

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+1... Good one...

It's Wanker TImmay approved...

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Apple has a new version out and it only has one button in the UI..

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Oh yeah, no risk of that! It will just be quite similar.


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;-) That's right. Do 'em, as we say in old England and New England. No surrender.

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Bah! I live in Pittsburgh. Should I not be more concerned that the Penguins are down 3-0 in their Stanley Cup playoff series with the Philadelphia Flyers?

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Well, that and the fact that Crosby whines endlessly to the refs if anyone comes near him yet feels free to dole out a cheap shot whenever he feels like it. Karma's a bitch. Oh, and the team owner's another whiny bitch.

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Wanker Timmay...

What terms come to mind...

Useful Idiot...

     Useless Cheese Dick...

        Incompetent Moron....

             Always Failing Upward...

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The US will never become Greece....they've got a sunny country with a simple life that they wil shortly return to now that banks are gonna move out. All the "investments" will go bust and they'll be left with what they always had: grapes for wine, olives, cheese, a sunny climate and plenty of time to enjoy it


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Caviar, wise. But there's a long way twixt the gate and the wide open farmland. Stay with us, for better or worse. 

This is our land, our people, our way. Long may we defend each other.

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grapes for wine, olives, cheese,


you left out sheep, they have lots of sheep (the wooly kind)

Freebird's picture

Yup & some of those sheep are real pretty, if you know what I mean

SilverDoctors's picture

Ive always said the US is Greece times 100Geither just confirmed that.
Meanwhile the banksters are doing everything possible to prevent the public from protecting themselves with gold and silver: the Reserve Bank of South Africa has admitted that it produced underweight Krugerrands in 2011.


First reports of Tungsten salted gold, and now underweight Krugerrands!?!

xela2200's picture

He also stated that the Economy can handle higher oil prices. Again, I am the only that feels like all of these is ground work for what is coming. Even Liesman is singing a different tune lately.



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will Tiny Tim the Tax Cheat...TTTTC...take the Japanese honor route when he is proved wrong???????

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Tim is teeing up for his post treas sec job


Goldman or Pimpco

Morgan or Morgan

World Bankster?


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Bingo! We have a winner comment ;-)

Element's picture

He looks soooo sincere! ... I wonder if he gets professional coaching?


What's that saying; "If you can fake sincerity you've got it made."


Nothing but the best from da tribe!

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This guy is clearly midly retarded, right?  No disrespect to our village idiots...

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...we won't last two years.

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To anyone who grew up in the 80's, Geithner sounds a lot like this guy (from the Princess Bride):



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Isn't that a lie about Obama not being responsible for the bulk of the new debt since he took office?


This guy seems to live in a different world...

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One of his first...a classic that I laughed at until I cried while viewing it...a deep fiscal hole and our (governments) obligation to "clean it up"...well, yeah...they caused it but the remedy is always the same.

A very powerful "Recovery Act" (save the bureacracy at all costs!!!)..."lay out a budget that makes some very powerful investments" (lol, meaning unicorns & popcorn farts)..."improving education" (do I really need to comment?)...and of course, alluding to the Solyndra to come.

Crony capitalism and printing...for the Borg collectives viewing pleasure...