Time To Fill The Euro-Gap?

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Driving the car off the cliff sounds about right.

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Let's say a country wanted to prevent speculators from raiding its currency - would it be technically possible - i.e. to make a currency non-tradeable?

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Yes, but this will still require help from the big boys.

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if risk off $usd (/DX) > 76.00...200ma

otherwise another BS move to rattle eurotards

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My hat is off to anyone who can successfully trade these markets.

Italy 10 yr yld goes from a high of 6.22 on 8/4 and then to 4.86 on 8/18 and now back to 6.15.

DAX loses 30% May to Sept then gains 20% in a month rising 6% last Thurs only to be down 2% today.

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The eur/rub jumped from 41.50 to 42.20 "unexpectedly".CBR intervention?