This Time Is No Different - Reflections On 1929 Optimism

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When it comes to markets, the following clip, as well as memories of recent market collapses, highlights that it is usually brightest just before it's pitch black.

..."As the market floundered financial leaders were as optimistic as ever...more so"...

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We are where...

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reminds me of live cattle futures right now

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 One of the most astonishing hypocrisies of Zero Hedge is their shameless money grabbing from advertisers, EVEN when the adverts contradict their most deep rooted ideologies. Just today, I have come across adverts for:
1. Donations to the Obama presidential campaign
2. Brokerage services at Goldman Sachs
3. McDonalds franchising
In addition I’ve repeatedly seen adverts for “Forever Lazy’s”. I would never buy something so ridiculous, and I resent the implication.
My advice to ZH: Get your values in order and STOP taking money from adverts that contradict your stated views. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

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Au contraire, it is great to be taking money from the people you detest and using it to publish stuff that is not exactly complimentary to them, isn't it?  

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And ... while I don't give my money to any of them ... I do occassionally ... accidentially ... click on one of the ads.

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Typography Presentation - YouTube


Examples of false statements, which were thought to be true at the time...

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
Charles H. Duell(United States Patent and Trademark Office) 1899

"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."
Lord Kelvin (Royal Society of London) 1895

"Airplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value"
Marshal Ferdinand Foch 1911

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers"
Thomas J Watson (President Of IBM) 1943

"Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau."
Irving Fisher (Professor of Political Economy) 1929

"The Bernanke Put is really going to work this time. Honest. We wouldn't lie to you."
Squids urging Muppets to hold or buy equities - 2012

Typography Presentation - YouTube



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MDB, disappointing.

As for the 29 crash the Fed pumped millions after the crash, only to see it crash again. 

Hoover raised taxes from 25% to 63%, spent the surplus to deficit, passed trade protection, Smoot-Hawley, and created agricultural cartels, kept oil prices artificially high, kept wages artificially high, and made a recession into the Great Depression. 

As for the advertisers I get “financially secure men” which is a total waste of advertising revenue in my case.  My advertisements should be, “Hormel Chili, 108 ounce can on sale $7.50!”  That would grab my attention.

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The diagram above is most revealing.  My thesis in graduate economics is entitled Manic-Depressive Man:

Million Dollar Bonus is a precious contributor to this community IMHO. :)

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Written subtitles below are in English & appropriate song. Works for me.

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I hope you're all ready for the "Gobal Minimum Tax."

It's going to be great for America. I know that because Vice President Biden said so and he would never lie. If any of you are against it, I'm going to assume you're an America-hating terrorist:

Yep, America is economically choking to death on taxes and regulations. It appears that some of our enemies decided to save their wealth, avoid total take-over by the financial sector and preserve some semblance of free enterprise (sounds like America-hating terrorists to me) and we can no longer compete with them. The solution? Choke them to death with the same taxes that killed our economy. And if they don't accept it, we'll bomb their ass to smithereens.

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Hey, they will need thousands of new IRS agents fluent in Burmese and Urdu.  i want to watch them collect off Somali Pirates, That could be fun.

earleflorida's picture

BD excellent link on "NWO" 

thanks :-))

Ps. Sessions's really shined - lovin it!

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By global minimum tax, do they me like an import tarrif? Hmmmmm.

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Verty good, you hit it on the head.  Also I never seen this documentary and it's amazing how much insider info they had.

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Should probably add to that:

Equities are dead they will never beat cash, Businessweek 1982

The economy will never grow again, all is lost, early 1920s, 1932-1945, 1970s, 2000 through 201?

Doesn't mean you should pile into stocks today, but every time growth seems to be over for the economy eventually it picks up again. I don't know when this will happen though. Maybe it already started (doubt it), maybe by 2020.

Things will get better some day, but we probably need a really nice dose of inflation to clear out unpayable debts. generally this isn't good for the market, buy gold and wait?

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And... the ever running one: There can be perpetual growth on a finite planet!

Check out the quotes from Harvard Economic Society back during the Great Depression:

If people of such high positions are going to make such proclaimations then they should be held to account should they be wrong: at a minimum, tar and feathers.

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I don't get what you guys are talking about... all I see are ads for gay porn sites.

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I get Russian bride scam sites

LetThemEatRand's picture

I get nothing but ads for Karl Marx propaganda and pro-statism literature.  Just yesterday I found myself browsing the entire Stalin catalog at

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i keep getting ads of me looking at me. i don't know if to click on it or not...

disabledvet's picture

nice one what? i am not amused actually...

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Mine are mostly boating safety ads, and an occasional Bible commentary. OK, I get the Russian hooker ad also.

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Excellent- I see I'm well on my way to becoming an oligarch.

No foreign ladies, politics, or bibles for me- I get Gold, Silver, private jets, trading platforms, Rolex and and offers to invest in Seimans line of electric cars.  And one ad for Macy's, which I can't quite fit in there, but maybe it's my fiancee's doing.

Ok, time to turn the adblock back on.

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why do I get penis reduction sites?

and is that a compliment or an insult?

toady's picture

Hey! Me too!

We must be brothers from different Mothers.

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gee, i get cadilacs (hate them, drive a p/up), gold (love it!) and string bikinis (haven't worn one in years but my wife looks great in them)

time to delete all cookies and enter the void

when you stare into the abyss,the abyss stares into you

(forgive my mangled Nietsche quote)

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Got you down, maybe there is something to that advertising... Unionize your employess yet you evil exploiter of class stratification and the holy proletariat..  Robbed anyone of their inheritance lately?

LetThemEatRand's picture

King George III was quite certain that he had a God Given right to own America before the Revolution.  Fucking liberals took his inheritance.

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Nothin' but donkeys here...

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I was promised mine swallows and never spits. Hooah!

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They're actually not scam sites. I picked one up through the mail order service, a Ukrainian variant and I have been very satisfied with my purchase. 

Haha! I am actually not kidding. I met my wife through one of those sites and she is awesome! No joke!

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I lived over there for awhile, and met my wife there, also.  She is indeed awesome (though very assertive).  We celebrate our 13th anniversary in May.  Best decision I ever made.

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A guy I knew when I worked had a mid life crisis, got rid of the wife and kids, and started shopping the Eastern European markets for a new wife.

I told him just to enjoy being single, but he wouldn't listen.

Anyways, he got scammed twice. Sent ALOT of money, flew over twice, and was robbed shortly after arrival.

He switched over to the P.I., got one on the line, treked 40 clicks into the jungle and brought her out.

Now he has a 17 year old girl in his house on a fiance visa that doesn't speak english.

I need to give him a call... I'm dying to hear the next episode of this soap opera!

Cathartes Aura's picture

blow-up doll would have been cheaper, but I guess it can't wash his dishes & clean his hovel.

blow-up doll & weekly maid, yeah, that would service him.

The Alarmist's picture

Hookers would have been cheaper, and he wouldn't have to be the one doing the blowing.

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Damn that Google ad-sense.

Seer's picture

"all I see are ads for GREY porn sites"

Fixit it for you!

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I'm always accidentally clicking on ads here - one of the problems of using an iPad ; )

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Of course, who wouldn't explore "Sugar Daddy Dating"?

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Keep clicking on their ads.

Over and over and over...

Every click costs them money and they get no business from ZH readers.



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Nice video. There was Morgan, Lamont, Mitchell, Ford, Hoover and Livermore.

But where was Rothschild, Baruch, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn and Loeb?

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SimpleSimon: Great point! Take ALL their money. :)

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But I like the "Russian hotties looking for Established Men" ads!! 

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That's right, women need sugar daddy's.

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Come on, guys, markets are falling all right but you'll always need girls. Specially under a huge capitalistic crisis. So behave.

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Belarusian girls are better. Russians are already spoiled with money, while in Belarus you still can find true feelings.