TMZ Posts First Picture Of Steve Jobs After Resignation

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Just released from TMZ. Our thoughts are with Steve.

And for anyone who is still unfamiliar with the man behind the legend, read the following Playboy interview with Jobs from 1985: the visionary brilliance oozes with every word he utters. Yet the one comment our government may want to heed very carefully is the following brilliant encapsulation of our economic quandary: "I'm convinced that to give away a dollar effectively is harder than to make a dollar." And therein lies the rub.


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Good luck Steve. 


Wishing you all the very best!



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I wish I had got to know Steve Jobs in real life.

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If you had, he might have cheated you:

He is a sociopath.  Get over it.

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I'll put this in context- people like Steve Jobs, Phil Knight, that use slave labor, they are neo nazis.  For a few billion dollars more (as if billions aren't enough) Jobs built an empire of concentration camps.  Will Saint Peter ask Steve for a cool million to get into heaven?  Did all the money he made help him defy death?  Nope and nope.

Has Steve in his last days admitted he perpetuated the neo slave labor trade of NAFTA?  Has he admitted to being an architect of this New World Order?  Nope, nope.  When it is all said and done, Steve Jobs is just a corporate whore.

And I really do not need to wish him ill, because he already rots in perpetual hell.  Everyone of us is full aware of our actions.  Steve knows that people in his sweatshops commit suicide by jumping from the rafters instead of working for him.  Steve knows he will never get to the pearly gates, yet he does not act like he cares.  Jobs is a sick fuck if there ever was one.

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Do you own a computer?  Cell phone? TV? Furniture? Clothes? Shoes?

If you do, YOU are just as much part of the problem that you discuss.....................I bet you 95% of the shi* you own is from cheap, foreign labor.  And how dare you question whether or not Steve Jobs will go to heaven!  Judge not, lest ye be judged..................

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Your Ad hominem attack would work if I too ran corporate slave labor camps.  I don't run any sweatshops.  Move along.

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Ahhh, young Grasshopper, but you *do* run them. Without your dollars supporting the sales, they would go away. You, whether you admit it or not, are part of the problem - just as much as the folks who own said "corporate slave labor camps".

They would not exist without loyal, braindead customers-in-denial, very much like yourself.

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Look, I have never spent dollars on an apple product.  And when shit hits the fan, I will happily be without technology and corporations.  Don't act like you know, when you don't.  It makes you look foolish.

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Narrator: Oh, yeah, Chloe... Chloe looked the way Meryl Streep's skeleton would look if you made it smile and walk around the party being extra nice to everybody.
Chloe: Well, I'm still here. But I don't know for how long. That's as much certainty as anyone can give me. But I've got some good news: I no longer have any fear of death. But... I am in a pretty lonely place. No one will have sex with me. I'm so close to the end, and all I want is to get laid for the last time. I have pornographic movies in my apartment, and lubricants, and amyl nitrite...
[the group leader takes the mic]
Group Leader: Thank you, Chloe... everyone, let's thank Chloe.

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"I have seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I have watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die."


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Love it! "Blade Runner" is imo the best of RS. RE Jobs - he/Apple insists on having your soc sec number if you want to have one of their IPhones - and on monitoring you wherever you are - just like google and facebook and all the other "brave new world" socalled "tech" companies (the two latter are nothing but glorified ad agencies).

What do you call such control-freak-ness - in political terms?

Collectivism? Fascism? Corporatism? Big Brother'ism? Militarism?

Worship or honor or submit to or celebrate that? 

Not really. The only glorious thing Jobs has done is insist on supreme hardware design. And that is good.

Everything else is subject to moral judgement.

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It's the data itself that is dangerous...  even without the intention of the collector to utilize it for improper means.  So long as the information exists, it is dangerous.  At some point, humans will be impotent to defend against targeted marketing campaigns...  we like to think of ourselves as unique snowflakes, but we probably don't even know ourselves as well as our credit card companies do...  At some point, that little spec in our daily lives that some may consider free will, shall be overcome by the knowledge (held by others) of all the inputs to get us to that moment...  and from those inputs, our decision will be calculated with near certainty.

In the end, I think that curiosity is not remotely a sufficient justification for the collection and centralization of the information.

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Mr Hendrix

Let me guess, you're a libertarian?  I'm not sure what gave it away first, your tasteless rage or your stupidyteeee.  Anyhow, your rage is so fitting... Apple is the ultra-modern, progressive, high tech company which is catapulting media, communication and personal computers into the future, while libertarians are the simple-minded, ultra-weirdos trying to pull everyone back into the 1800's.  Your anger is predictable and understandable....

....and so is your ignorance.  This is a perfect example of libertarian hypocrisy. Here you are, raging against Apple for pursuing cheap labor in an environment with no enforceable minimum wage, no OSHA, no Department of Labor, no collective bargaining, no pesky labor laws, nothing to protect the worker, etc. etc. etc.  This is the "free-market," darwinistic utopia that idiotic, Gunsmoke libertarians dream about. Totally free markets devoid of government regulations are extremely favorable for corporations, and one of the most oppressive environments imaginable for workers.  As a libertarian, why would you criticize Apple for exporting their labor to an environment free of government regulations? I mean, seriously, they're practicing what you preach. 

Yet another perfect example of libertarian ignorance and hypocrisy.  How do you like them apples?    

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....and so is your ignorance.

You are a bitch.  Better yet, you are my bitch.  Let me explain, etc, etc.....

Fuck your judgements.  I think that unions should begin anew.  The union is the power of the people.  Have at it!

The problem is that Jobs used and abused the rule of the corporate establishment.  How dare you try and castigate the two!  Who do you think you are to seperate laws and rules!  Bring your A game to this board!  Or bring nothing at all!

Jobs used the corporate rules to finance his system, at the betterment of no one but himself!  And in fact, people now KILL themsilves because they are forced to work jobs in sweatshops or starve.  Do you know this pain?  Do you know this hunger?

 How dare you judge me?  How dare you judge anyonne?  Get off your high horse and read a book, fuckup.

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Had I known I was debating Tarzan, i would have just thrown a banana at you. 

<throws banana>




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I am not a libertarian.  I am not a Dem, nor a Repub, I believe that we can find our society without restrictions such as what Hegelian politics dictates to us.  Have you ever read a book?  Go read a book.

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I was expecting you to blame Steve Jobs health on Libertarians but I was pleasantly surprised.


Speaking of responses, I keep asking you to comment on insigtful things you said earlier this year and last year but all I get is the sound of crickets.



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The union is the power of the people.


Your ignorance of facts is no excuse. Unions are a racket. Like many other social structures. Are you a union leader? Yes, unions are good when you are the one collecting fees from the sheep. Let them think it's for their "common good". When TSHTF, they are left to hang while the billionaire who embezzled them laughs all the way to the bank.

How dare you judge me? How dare you judge anyonne?

Yet you find it perfectly fine to diagnose, judge and sentence someone else. By the way, since you claim he is a sociopath, why do you advocate unions? It is a clear fact that 99% of union leaders are sociopaths! And the majority of union members are sociopaths too! They care not for anyone who does not belong to the union!

I could understand the envy/hate if you were Jean Louis Gassee.


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in an environment with no enforceable minimum wage, no OSHA, no Department of Labor, no collective bargaining, no pesky labor laws, nothing to protect the worker, etc. etc. etc.  This is the "free-market," darwinistic utopia

Did you just attempt to imply that China is a Libertarian's idea of a free market utopia?

You lose, other guy wins.

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I do not own an Apple product. I find them to be overpriced tinker toys that offer little in return. They are stupid little gadgets basically. Even their OS is FreeBsd Unix with a pretty interface stuck on top. Whether we like it or not, this type of hype is called innovation by today's shallow society.

I am certain that Foxconn is a sweat shop.

That being said,  there is a time place for everything. The man is sick. I say we wish him the best and leave him be.

My 2 cents.

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Look fuck tard sausage swallower, most of the people here would piss on Steve Jobs and all the other corporate CEO assholes.  But we can't.  We were BORN into a system run by corporations and their corrupt politicians.  It's not a choice.  If there was choice, all these mega corporations would burn.

You brain dead arguments won't wash here.  Actual smart people come here occasionally and USE LOGIC.

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But logic is not everything. Human sympathy has its place too. Including sympathy for a dying man, just because he is a man.

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fuck tard sausage swallower

I'm buying the domain for that right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Your assertion that anyone who owns a computer is part of "the problem" is certainly a foolish statement.

Apple's cost on an iPad is something like $50 and it retails for what, $700?  There's plenty of room in there to spend a little more on the labor, maybe even build the stuff in the USA. However, Apple chose not to do that. The consumer is not responsible for the unbridled greed in the corporate board room. However, when a company has an image of being "new age" and such but really isn't, then it is deceptive. There's a scene in the new version of "Tron" where the corporate leader lays out the business model to take over all operating systems or something like that. My kid thought it was a model of Bill Gates. I sugested it was more like Steve Jobs. Maybe someone here can post a link to that scene.

Anyway...... build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. 


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Probably more relevant than a quote from a movie

“I’ve always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do.”
— Steve Jobs, BusinessWeek Online, Oct. 12, 2004

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A CEO's job is to make money for their stockholders, period, Jobs has done that and created innovative products that people want to buy. It's not his job to be chief social engineer, political manipulator, or to change the world. 

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A gun's job is to fire bullets. It is a machine it doesn't think, feel or make judgements. It simply does.

A CEO is a human being... In theory.

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Stop with the heaven and hell shit. That comes from the same book that claims snakes can talk and men live inside whales.  Now how rational is that?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The point is that heaven and hell exist here and now, so Jobs has to face reality, here and now.  Can he line his soul up because he made millions?  Will that save him?

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here is something that will fuck with your brain... the last thought you ever have will last for will never know when it finishes...


this is where i believe the concept of heaven and hell came from. the ever lasting thought. If you are 'happy' with 'pure' thought then that will be you quoted heaven..

If your riddled with guilt...then you will be in hell forever (in your own frame of time)


However...its all depending on perspective...and how you view yourself...

Steve jobs is probably deluded that he has graced us with his genius...which is true in a way...and will die being very happy with heaven technically

Thanks for listening

then again, he will probably go to one of his sweat shops in china and pick a suitable donor to replace his vital organs...dont act like you dont believe that this shit happens...


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here is something that will fuck with your brain... the last thought you ever have will last for will never know when it finishes...


this is where i believe the concept of heaven and hell came from. the ever lasting thought. If you are 'happy' with 'pure' thought then that will be you quoted heaven..

If your riddled with guilt...then you will be in hell forever (in your own frame of time)


However...its all depending on perspective...and how you view yourself...

Steve jobs is probably deluded that he has graced us with his genius...which is true in a way...and will die being very happy with heaven technically

Thanks for listening

then again, he will probably go to one of his sweat shops in china and pick a suitable donor to replace his vital organs...dont act like you dont believe that this shit happens...


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Don't blame a guy for playing by the rules he had nothing to do with setting up. Apple still employs tens of thousands in the USA.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Fuck your pity party.  Don't blame the NWO for stealing fredom and taking everyone's wealth while using slave labor to bankroll it?  Yeah right.

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let them have mr. hendrix. mr. jobs is just another ass that would step on their own grandmother for another dollar. mr. jobs may be very brillant...however an ass is just an ass.

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Jobs doesn't look to good in that black dress, but I agree that he is an evil genius.  Apple products are very innovative and stylish, but the Foxconn Chinese slave labor camps they are made in are pure globalist evil.  Given the premium Apple gets for their products, they could have set up production in the United States and still made a ton of money. 

At least Henry Ford was willing to pay his workers enough to afford the products they were producing (plus Fords were made in America), the same can't be said for Apple's Chinese slaves.

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The thing that sticks in my mind is that the company has no debt. Even Microsoft and other so-called successful companies have some debt. Either for "tax"" reasons or other. Apple has no debt and this world demands debt to function, lest you not be a slave to the masters. The Tsars learned that the hard way. And Mr. Jobs is what, 56 years old? And with the best medical treatment at his becon command he withers and will from the looks of it die. I've seen this before. And I truely wish the very best for him because I am a lover of Apple products and innovation perpetuated by this man. So why should he receive this end? Is this just fate, or exposure to something toxic 40 some odd years ago in that garage, or something esle? Just wondering.

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Why should Jobs or I care about NAFTA.  I don't believe that we as Americans should have a better life than 90% of the other humans born on this planet.  If you do, great.  But one can look at the jobs being offshored as the first step to China or whevever starting on a run to growth for their people. 

Look if the ideal of America is to spread democracy and freedom (and I don't disagree that the ideal of America is very different than the reality of America) then this should be considered good for China and the world.  Your actions and beliefs are selfish in nature in that you wish to keep the Euro and Western centric belief that we are the masters of the world and we can take/trade/borrow/steal whatever we want so we can become fat pigs at the expense of the world.

Look Jobs is no saint but he has need to keep you in a fat and lazy job.  Being born in the United States meant you've already won the lottery once and yet you want to keep stepping on the necks of unknowns in other countries so you can watch your Cowboys on your DirectTV where the world tries to find water and feed their family.  If you care about humanity you will support more policies like NAFTA as while your income will come down those in the third world should come up and that means they get to enjoy luxuries like a washing machine and electricity.

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Steve Jobs was a pioneer who changed the world.  Capitalist-hating socialist elites like yourself dream of a world where governments determine who gets what and how much, regardless of how hard you work or what you create to make society a better place.  For you, everyone that is poor is that way because the rich use and abuse them.  For you, to be a victim is more admirable than taking chances like Steve Jobs did, to create something nooneelse could create.  For you, mediocrity is much preferred to excellence because you'll never achieve it.  For an idealogue like yourself, you believe the rich get richer and the poor get poorer because the government isn't doing a good enough job of redistributing the wealth, no matter how much welfare, foodstamps and subsidies are given out. 

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180 degrees away from reality you are.  Do you believe Mr. Jobs got into the position of power within the EE some other way than by assuming a role they had for him?

By assuming that "star chambered role" he gave up his soul and it doth rot from within.  This is why in his time of trial he finds his way not to fruits and vegetables, but to needles and knives.

Capitalist-hating?  There are none.  There is only a collection of two scared little men who ask you in a back room if you want to be a "star."  If so, you sign the contract and your merry life begins right there as they unzip and you suck off.

Bought and paid for.  No innovation, just more pablum from the EE.

Just more children, the seed of our loins, to be burned in the atomic fire of the Demon Moloch.

Clue one you may have, and angry you are, but clue next one you need to see the larger picture.  Me too. always.

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What the fuck is this nonsensical drivel? Sounds like the ravings of a syphillitic mind

disabledvet's picture

Tis true then to give away a dollar is indeed harder than making one. Obviously no one wishes what he has had to endure on anyone. Of course no one would force such a disease on another either. To do that is criminal indeed.

mkkby's picture

We don't even have capitalism fuck face 454.  If you weren't so ignorant, you'd realize corporations rule this world with the help of their paid politicians and media.  We have socialism for the corporations and capitalism for the little people.

But you go ahead and keep repeating what you were told by your gov provided education.

"Steve Jobs changed the world".  Making toys or lots of money isn't a great accomplishment.  Jobs will be forgotten in a few years.  Except maybe in the minds of a few fan boys.

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Incorrect.  Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketer  taking existing technologies, repackaging, reformating, regurgitating into trendy products which kids love at near zero cost hiring 400,000 Chinese at foxconn china at $100/month.


To call him a pioneer or innovator is like calling Bill Gates one


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Well if we don't want slave labor in this world perhaps we should prepare to buy apple products for 5 times the price or better solution only buy stuff that is made in amercia in that way you will be 100% sure there is no slave labor no pun intended.. You see there is always two side of the coin, the economic system is broken. Manufacturers looks for the cheapest labor all over the world (thank you globalization) to offer us the cheapest possible crappy products we can buy. We can blame NAFTA, GLOBALIZATION, NWO, CORPORATISM and OUR GOVT for all these but have we ask ourselves what we can do? I guess we should all wake up to our self impose comma wake up and start being the solution.

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Good point.  Steve Jobs loves Marxism.

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture



Very intimidating style of debate.  Cookie monster is SATAN

Your turn. 



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I see, you want some.  So you defend the fact that corporations first set up slave labor camps and then sold the 1st world the goods after they took their jobs while artificially creating financial bubbles to subdue the masses.

Your turn.