Today's Caption Contest: "A Touching Moment Of European Unity"

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Attached is today's picture of a 'touching' moment of "someone else has to pay for it" European cohesion.

Still, we doubt suggested captions can do much better than the original Reuters: "Same bed, different dreams"

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I have tears in my eyes. I really do!

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Anngg-hella definitely wears the pants in that relationship.  Which begs the question, where's Nicky's skirt? 

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Little Nicky wants to hold hands!

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"Nicky!   Stop scratching my palm with your finger!   The camera's on us!"

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A Touching Moment Of European Unity

...the French civilian cries across decades from his faded photograph. He cries not only for his generation, but also for his century.


The fall of France, only six weeks after initial Nazi assault, came as a shock and surprise to many.

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"Whoops, sorry, I didn't get all your cum off of my hand!"

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Merkel:  Hey, sorry about that WWII thing. I've got a better idea, lets hold hands and rule over Europe together.

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The euro was a French idea with the objective to weaken Germany. Germany had to accept this if it wanted to go ahead with reunification. (Was this fair?) Merkel should have got out of the euro early in 2010. But she didn't have the courage, because Germany would have been accused as an aggressive egoist country falling back into bad habits. Now the mess is there. It is not Germany's fault. Now we should pay, print and shut up?

Now, what does it help to put this in context of WWII??!! Anyway, neither WWI nor the Versailles treaty were German ideas. And it was ill-prepared France who declared war to Germany in 1939. If they wanted to defend Poland, why didn't they declare war to Russia, too?

And then they cry and weep. Looks somewhat immature to me.

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Oh, you speak English, Otto?  Wunderbar!

Sorry about bringing up the war.

Can you just believe those French people, crying and weeping while Germans march into Paris?  I guess some people (non-bankers) must not appreciate the advantages of a "united" Europe.  I am sure your parents and ancestors didn't cry and weep when my grandfather occupied Germany.

Germany should neither pay, nor print, nor shut up.  They should exit the Euro and issue a DM backed by gold.

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Yep. You know, we live in 2011. And people have no other idea than bringing up 1940. This is pointless. This is ridiculous.
Germany has never regained sovereignty after 1945. We are the leasz responsible for this mess.
Yes, everyone should go back to the full gold standard.
Gold, peace and prosperity. Should not be that difficult.

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Since French and Germans have killed each other copiously, I can tell you that we are kind of Fed up with it. We had a stupid Napoleon III attacking Prussia, they had a stupid Wilhelm II Kaiser in Foreign policy, we had a stupid Versailles settlement and they had a mad man running their country. In between our guys get killed and their guys get killed. We call them "Boches" they calls us by other birds´ name. Since we are neighbors and giving our history we have the priority at taking jabs at each other, but you guys stay away out of that and leave Otto alone please, that is OUR dirty laundry. The Germans are not more responsible than the French as usual it is our respective policy makers fucking up. They stay on their side of the Rhein, we stay on our side, we mind our respective businesses.


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OMG now I realise how Germany is just a poor innocent victim of the French who "cry and weep" (WTF??)

Please come back on earth.

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You don't realize anything, my dear.

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Indeed. Cause that was irony.

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No, it wasn't ... it was sarcasm - and very poor sarcasm.

Germany is indeed just another pawn on the globalist chessboard.

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You missed the point of Otto's comment.

"Germany is indeed just another pawn..." - agreed.

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Otto go back to the Mark, we go back to the Franc and we print the Franc the way we want ok, let us stop this masquerade, let us keep a trading union and stop forcing things on people´s will. The French at this point if they were polled have no willingness whatsoever to merge with Germany and have no ill intent, you do your stuff back in Germany, we do our stuff and we live like good neighbors but we end that Euro masquerade. The EURO is mad idea from an incompetent politician (Jacques Delors), Italy had a much better trade situation compared to Germany back in the 90s check Michael Pettis blog he has a piece on that. France needs copious printing to make the banks liquid and then we need a miracle, a re-incarnation of DE GAULLE to advocate like DE GAULLE did a return to the Gold standard and we end this ridiculous fiat unbearable era of ours.

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Fully agreed. We do not need a second Yugoslavia.
No normal German actually wanted to get in this crazy situation.
We did not want the euro, and we don't want to dominate this contninent (which is ridiculous anyway for a country of pensioners).

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Well Otto you have recognize that Wilhelm II was a super dumb ruler that got Germany on the wrong foreign policy tracks though. I guess he was as dumb as Napoleon III....


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Yes, that was a sad day indeed. Shit, Krauts go home (peacefully please), bring the ~Franc Français~ we will have inflation debasement of currency. The hell with this imposed monetary union!!

When I think about the following speech from de Gaulle about the Gold standard, it makes me sick!!!

Sarkozy is a midget, we had DE GAULLE and here is his point of view on teh GOLD STANDARD BACK IN 1965.


DE GAULLE February 1965 Press Conference: (google translate)

Well I'll try to explain my thinking on these points. As the states of Western Europe that have been ruined and decimated by war regain their substance, which was the situation on their own tend to appear as inadequate and often as abusive and dangerous. There is also this finding implies on their part and more so on the part of France, nothing unfriendly in respect of any country in particular, vis-à-vis America . But the fact that these states then want every day to act for themselves in any field of international relations, proceeds from the natural movement of things. This is the monetary system is implemented, reports cash if you are in practice in the world since the hardships of Europe made him lose his balance. I was talking of course the international monetary system that emerged after the First World War and which was established after the second. We know that this system from the Genoa Conference in 1922, this system attributed to two currencies, the pound and the dollar, the privilege of being held equivalent to gold in foreign trade. It is true that the pound was devalued in 1931 and that the dollar was in 1933. And we had to have thought that time that the privilege, this privilege badge, this badge advantage of these two currencies was compromised. But America overcame the Great Depression and then after World War II ruined the currencies of Western Europe are unleashing inflation. Since then almost all the reserves of the world were then held by the United States, and that they were universal providers and therefore they were able to maintain the value of their currencies. It might seem natural that States fissent indiscriminately into dollars or gold in their reserves. And that differences in the balance of payments were paid by credit transfer or sign U.S. money as well as the precious metal. And the international monetary system, the Gold Exchange Standard was therefore admitted almost ever since. But it is no longer in the same way to the realities of the present day. And therefore it has disadvantages in that will get heavy. As this issue of interest to the world must be considered calmly and objectively, that allows for the current situation that does nothing in this regard seems neither very urgent nor very alarming, it's time to do so. Note that the conditions which had been generated the Gold Exchange Standard have changed significantly. The currencies of the states of Western Europe were restored to the point that the gold reserves that these countries have, say these six states, six, their total gold reserve is equivalent to that of Americans. And even if it exceeds these states wanted to convert dollars into gold all they have for themselves. So this kind of transcendent value was recognized dollar has lost its original base was in the possession of the America most of the world's gold. But also the fact that many States accept in principle the dollars as well as gold to the regulations of the differences to their advantage in the U.S. balance of payments, this leads Americans into debt and free debt vis-à-vis other countries because they owe, they pay him at least in part with dollars that is up to them and not to issue with gold has real value, it only has to be won, and we can move to other safe and without sacrifice. But by then, this kind of facility that is assigned to unilateral America, helps to diminish the idea that the dollar is a sign impartial and international trade while it is an appropriate credit a state. Obviously there are other consequences to this situation. There is in particular the fact that the United States, for failing to pay in gold or at least totally negative differences of their payment, unlike the practice was once adopted, whereby states were asked to take, and if necessary a rigorous, if necessary, appropriate measures to establish balance, the United States I say, suffer every year from non-point deficit balances the total course of their trade are at their against it. Their material exports exceed imports. But it is also the case with dollars whose outputs exceed inputs always. Then he created in America by means of this must be called inflation of capital in the form of dollar loans granted to states or individuals are exported abroad, and of course this increase in U.S. currency in circulation makes it less profitable investments within the United States. Where home a growing propensity to invest abroad. Hence it follows for some countries a sort of expropriation of such of their companies. It must be said that this practice has long favored and still favors to some extent by using multiple and significant that America ready for many countries. And we ourselves, at other times, greatly benefited. But circumstances have changed and why France is advocating that the system is also changed. Stop this kind of fundamental imbalance that is now a fact. France has advocated, as you know, at the monetary conference in Tokyo. Given the potential consequences of a crisis that would occur in such a field, we believe that we must take timely means of avoiding it. We consider it necessary that international trade should be established as it was before the great evils of the world on a monetary basis indisputable and that bears the mark of any country in particular. What basis? In truth we do not see that there may actually test, a standard other than gold. And yes the gold that does not change its nature, which can be put differently bullion, in bar, in room, which has no nationality, which is eternally and universally held to immutable and fiduciary value par excellence of the rest . Whatever, in the midst of the immense hardships that we all crossed, whatever may have imagined, or say or write, or do, the fact is, that even today is not worth any money, if not by direct or indirect, real or perceived with gold. Of course one can not force any state to do what he must do within himself. But in international trade the supreme law, the golden rule, this is the case to say that we must restore honor and in force, the obligation to balance a currency area the other in and out of actual precious metal, the balance of payments resulting from their trade. Of course, the rude shock end without the Gold Exchange Standard which is the restoration of the gold standard and the additional measures that would be essential and transient in particular, the organization of international credit, based on this new, all this must be considered calmly between states. And in particular between those States which their economic and financial power confers a special responsibility. Besides appropriate frameworks in these studies and negotiations already exist. The International Monetary Fund which was established to ensure the solidarity of currencies, to insure as much as possible, the International Monetary Fund is certainly a decent place for such negotiations. The Committee of Ten, which as you know, is made independently of the United States and Britain on the one hand, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands Netherlands, on the other hand Japan, Sweden and Canada, the Committee of Ten would prepare the necessary proposals and finally it is for the six states that appear on track to achieve an economic community of Western Europe, they belong to develop them and to enforce the outside, the sound system that would be consistent with common sense and that would meet the economic and financial power of reviving our old continent. France for its part is ready to actively contribute to this great reform is needed in the interest of the world.

The show today is sickening.....

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"Come Sweetheart, we must talk to Carla..."

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One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Two can be as bad as one

It's the loneliest number since the number one, uhh

No is the saddest experience you'll ever know

Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know

'Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

One is the loneliest number, worse than two


It's just no good since you went awway

Now I spend my time making rhymes of yesterday

One is the loneliest number one is the loneliest

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do!!

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I was thinking more along the lines of Queen:

Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round.

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You can't see the lies from behind, ORI...You can smell it tho.

Thanks for sharing.

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Sarkozy Whispering to Merkle: I'll spread your bunds unless you sterilize my Oats

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You are too emotional, this thing only last one night.

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"Your manly hand.   It's so soft, Angela."

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Do they both speak a common ?

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You can keep your money but I want yer baby!

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Jack and Jill went up the hill...yada yada yada?

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Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a dollar and a quarter.

JACK came back down with two fifty. OH!

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Two little socialists sitting in a tree - K I S S I N G

First comes Globalist love;

Then NWO marriage;

The comes tyranny in a baby carriage.

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+1000 from the wayback machine. 

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Deffo reckon they are doing it.

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"If you didn't wear high heeled shoes I would be taller than you."

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That'd be Merkel saying that to Sarkozy, yeah?

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Imagine sending that picture back in time to the Ardennes in 1940 or Verdun in 1916.

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Sarko the pimp !

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Angela, stop the inappropriate touching of my French kornhole.

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Attempt 1:

Merkle: DSK usually holds onto my butt as we walk.  Do you mind?

Attempt 2:

Merkle: I hope you don't mind if we shit on each other.

Attempt 3:

Merkle: Let's see how far you can spread me.

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I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours.

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I assure you - hers is bigger. MUCH bigger.