Today's Economic Data Docket - Claims, CPI, Philly Fed

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ZH readers continue Pm aquisition unabated.

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As gold rises this site goes down.

Servers need to be prepared for market crashes

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SNAP is stimulus for the eCONomy.....a return of $.73 for every dollar spent.   Selling the farm and going long welfare....production is so passe'.....

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How about $350,000,000 to Taliban?

P.S. Why doesn't this link embedding work, please?

<a href="">Taliban</a>?

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Welcome to Jimmy Carter's vision for America part II.

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heres some other data:


Freemasons===Pre Maisons= Sons of the SUN.

AMARAKA=====Land of the SERPENTS!!!!!



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Might be too late for Euro QE. The personnel changes alone make it a sure bet that europe has placed its bet...on the euro...and lost.

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Wake up to a 22 point drop in the ES. Will the HFTbots levitate this one?

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In my local papaer in Denver....Israel had a very organized attack in three location with big weapons....Hmmmmm....the natives are getting restless....

Also Unemployment up to 408,000 again...and again..and again...its never going to stop...

Got GOLD....its going to be hot today...all over the world...