Today's Economic Data Docket - Durable Goods, House Price Index, 5 Year Bond Auction

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Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:40 | 1594518 Muddy1
Muddy1's picture

Reuters is printing durable goods up 4%.

Thu, 08/25/2011 - 04:52 | 1598431 myne
myne's picture

Reuters is printing durable goods now?

That can only mean one thing! HeliBenny's printer broke!

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:46 | 1594538 anyways
anyways's picture

wait a minute.. sounds good, BUT what about QE3 now?! I bet we go fat minus today. LOL

Fri, 09/16/2011 - 01:48 | 1676232 jasmine
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