Today's Economic Data Docket - European TARP and US Q3 GDP

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Knee-jerk reaction?

Futures are up another 2% on top of the 18% or so since the start of October!

If we go up another 10% between now and Christmas, is that still part of the knee-jerk?

No Mas's picture

Modest bounce?  But Dear Leader, are we not in the midst of a great recession?  What ever happened to the "double dip?"  When are the ZH Sheeple going to learn that ZH is the financial Bizzaro World where up is down and expansion is recession?

Tune in tomorrow; Same Bat Shit Crazy URL, same Bat Shit Crazy time!!!!

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Thank you so much for your accurate and valuable public service announcement.

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Oh another one on hopium. nice.

HankyPankyBernanke's picture

Must be time for another face ripping rally...I'm getting close to shorting this hopium induced Euro Pass-The-Turd Fest...

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Short Eur/Cad and long Dow.

Threw in my hat last week and went long dow. Sold longs Tuesday, re-enter @12000 missed 200pts. Hate doing it but bankers need bonuses.

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Yeah but U/E will drop to under 9% despite no change in anything. Gotta get the Neo-Commie re-elected.