Today's Economic Data Docket - PPI, No Volume Melt Up

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Gotta love revoking natural laws, like, I don't know,.....gravity.

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Just look at the dollar, equity melt up guaranteed.

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I just can't wait for the flat/better YoY data coming due to the base effect to the last years between QE1 and QE2 time.

There will be titles like, economy getting up, etc.

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture

...this looks like a set-up from hell. My guess is equities dump, dollar rallies. Equity shorts jump on train ...and then...tomorrow or Friday, equities rally sharply. A 100pt up on the 500. Disclosure: no index equities possie but bidding large at 1178. Short Euro at 1.4445. So yeah am talkin' my book, but that is kind axiomatic I guess

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...not 100 pips in 2 days of course, but over the course of...

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yeah, feels like a slow motion melt up day

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I don't believe it is a set up.  If TPTB want to offset the bad days with a low volume melt up, they have to take advantages of low volume no news days.  They have to capitalize on all opportunities with this much bad news.