Today's Economic Data Docket - Trade Balance, Jobless Claims, Consumer Credit And The Chairman

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These consumer credit gains are not good news.  This is people now paying for weekly groceries on the credit cards because they don't have enough money in the bank account.

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Bernank is prepping for his speech by running to Walgreens and grabbing an industrial tube of "K-Y Jelly for Middle Class applications".  Wait...scratch that, he's going dry with a glue and glass shards application.

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Gold/silver off to the races again - $1,856/oz and $42.45/oz - and with gold having no overhead resistance until $1,920/oz, WATCH OUT.

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He should try Gorilla glue, has a nice foamy action to fill your hole.

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dow dives today...eerie calm out there -- go look at futures.

short heavy.

free money.

afternoon BLOODBATH!

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The pickup in growth—if sustained—could be evidence that easier lending standards for consumers are starting to have an effect.

Another interpretation -- people are having to resort to credit ... again