Today's Economic Data - Services ISM And Factory Orders

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Hmmm, let's see how many standard deviations they can ramp this one to end the year on a consistant manipulative note.

(boy, those Jan 2012 downward revisions are going to be brutal)

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yeeeaaaaaaahhh, more fundamentals. this will have an impact!!


/sarc off

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All excellent numbers and have been leaked last night.

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Feds dual manadate?  Why don't we just simplify their mandate. Create a world stock market rally built on monetizing debt.

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ok...done.  Added bonus:  It's retroactive to early 1900's.

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I'm now going Long made up numbers.

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that's it! i'm going long in my practice account! i hope rules don't change, making practice accounts, actual accounts!

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In the face of the negative impact of the market economy, we have not formed a complete system of social management,' mr Zhou said, in comments reported by the state Xinhua news agency at the weekend.

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US ISM Non-Manufacturing Composite (Nov) M/M 52.0 vs. Exp. 53.9 (Prev. 52.9)