Today's Economic Docket: Just More Headlines

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Gonna be hard to ram through QE3 if the market just melts up this week.

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there just has to be some shock and awe in the markets this week. dow to 9,600.

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Don't fight the Chinese and the Fed if they are both working at bring down the dollar gradually!!!

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QE will continue on a steady basis into the next term of the next President.   Conditions in the equity markets do not matter.     

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All mondays have shades of black in them from here on out. Quiet days, dull days but any one can explode into a deep, dark black.

Like today. Last week's tremendous tension suddenly seems dissipated? Maybe this is geo-political risk week, last week was bank liquidity crisis week.

Good to be merely observing at thsi point, not playing.

Vivek (ORI)

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This week is Jackson Hole week.   Bulls are waiting ready for their next bucketful of easing. 

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The dollar has to go down another 20% for the deficit, sovereign debt and bank problems to be brought back into control.  This puts Gold at $2500.  No need to worry.   This is a no-brainer.