Today's Economic Docket: For What It's Worth, Here Are The Scheduled Economic Headlines

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While the deranged, schizophrenic market could not care less about actual facts and data, and continues to trade purely on month end liquidations, and the now traditional bailout rumors, here is what to expect in terms of scheduled releases today: Personal income and spending, Chicago NAPM and consumer sentiment indexes. Also today the Fed will announce the first Operation Twist schedule which will consists of 13 bond purchases in October, as well as 6 sales.
8:30: Personal income and outlays (August): Weak growth. Both average hourly earnings and total hours worked (private payrolls times the average workweek) declined during August, suggesting limited growth in nominal incomes. In addition, relatively soft retail sales suggest only a moderate gain in consumer spending—and probably a drop in real terms. 

Income: GS +0.1%; Consensus: +0.1%; Last +0.3%.
Spending: GS: +0.1%; Consensus: +0.2%; Last +0.8%. MAP: 1
Core PCE prices: GS: +0.1%; Consensus: +0.2%; Last +0.2%.
9:45: Chicago purchasing managers’ index (September). Another decline? The Chicago purchasing managers’ index is still elevated compared to other regional manufacturing surveys (e.g. the Empire State and Philadelphia Fed indexes). Goldman has forecast another decline this month—to 54.5 from 56.5 previously. The large drop in the Goldman Sachs Analyst Index (GSAI) points to possible downside risks.
GS: 54.5; Consensus: 55.0; Last: 56.5. MAP: 4
9:55: Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment (September-final): Steady? Consensus forecasts expect an unchanged result for the final Consumer Sentiment reading for September. The Rasmussen daily confidence index deteriorated late in the month, suggesting possible downside risks to the consensus forecast.
Consensus: 57.8; Last: 57.8 (September-prelim).
11:00: St. Louis Fed President James Bullard scheduled to speak (topic TBD). Q&A expected.

Source: GS

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Rumor Mill open for business !

Love all the volatility, simply stay on the right side of the newest rumor and it's a no-brainer market right now.

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I guess we can conclude that we are closer to a sell off today than yesterday in equities.  The FX markets may be signaling another rebound for the very short term especially since today is the end of the month and quarter.  EURUSD price action could rebound further in the short term as it may have a completed 5 waves down.

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Been riding the right horse all morning but I need more bad news to not wipe out the gains.

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Is that a pic of you making a trade? If so, are you using a blackberry?

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No, it´s not, I´m a male. But I thought that it would be a nice pic illustrating the continous fisting we are subjected to.

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I bet that UofM consumer report gets bullshitted upward of 60...

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The usa federal reserve announced today that they will be buying widgets over the next six months and they sure hoped that leveraged speculators wouldn't drive the price of widgets to insane levels ahead of the move. ;)

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Tantum bona valent quantum vendi possunt.

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You missed Germany retail sales which are down 2.9% month on month versus a forecast of -0.5%.

Germany has 82 million population by the way, and is a good indicator for the whole of 'core' Europe.

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Morgan Stanley CDS's soaring to highest level since 2009 and MS trades up 20% since last Friday. 


Morgan Stanley's CDS spread soars. The cost of acquiring credit-default swaps to insure Morgan Stanley's (MS) debt has soared to 456bp, higher than the cost of buying swaps for some major French and Italian banks. Morgan Stanley's CDS spread is still well below a post-Lehman peak of 1300bp, but nonetheless at its highest level since March 2009, as fears of French bank exposure heighten investor caution

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The GBPUSD is tracing out a similar wave pattern as EURUSD signaling a correction higher with the end of month and quarter today.
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Gold Market Report is available here  Price action should continue to rebound over the short term.