Today's Volume

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...Just because the surgeon general recommends laughing for 5 minutes at least once a day.

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I see a pattern.

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now if we can get back to 3 :00 being launch time things will be like the old days

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sell the fucking spike!

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I was expecting some archaic text from the Vatican library and I get this.


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It`a curve in space...

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The leeches stand back and "Allow" it to ramp high so they can sell at a higher price

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Double post, sorry ..connection problem...

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so, if the 2's-10's steepener is on, why is there no volume??????? 

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Well THAT tells the story...

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Jackass Hole, Bitchez!

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Jack Ass Market.  The only thing I don't get is who pushes the market up to cause short covering rallies. 

What or how do they gain. 

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In China, red means great while green means shit.  Welcome to the Chinese century.

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FUBAR, I say! I'll tell ya one thing. Volatility VXX has turned. Negative expectations are real and well supported. There's plenty of room on the bear side of the boat. Although in either direction, one must have very large hairy ones.

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Tomorrow, the volume should be even lighter. Good day for manipulation.

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the global governments have the markets just where they want them


they are ripe for manipulation

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Well they just raised the margin requirment 27%....should be down again tomorrow...

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Someone else laughed for 5 minutes straight today too. Austin Powers woke up from being cryogenically frozen for 30 years, turned on the TV, seen Obama and screamed with laughter "What the fuck happened to America while I was away"

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Meh, I just doubled down on my puts today. Not worried.

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Keiser Report: Bankers & Aliens (E175)

From: RussiaToday | Aug 23, 2011 | 23,008 views

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, notice that looking back is not an option when all the evidence is destroyed by the SEC and Max tries to explain the gold / Treasury conundrum. In the second half of the show Max talks to Catherine Austin Fitts about exponential fraud and the financial coup d'etat.

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...I saw that. Very good interview. They tried to kill her too. Pretty good gal to avoid hitting cars, must have an angel or three standing by.

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I am just now catchig up with her.. Catherine Austin Fitz! this lady is so smart and sooooo on topic that I think we all owe her our undivided attention for just a few minutes!

She worked for Daddy Bush until Clinton forced her out.. Catherine Austin Fitz is Fucking Fantastic!

anyone who can not understand why building a local economic base is so VERY! Important.. should watch this as well ---->

and to round out you information needed to be able to speak the language here in ZeroHedge ----->


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American WEALTH DESTRUCTION explained by Catherine Austin Fitts

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dude: u b talkin' to u self.

Is it good?

- Ned

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I have been here quitely for 2 years and never emailed. Is there a way to directly email you? Thank you.


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Turn on the light.

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Panic now, avoid the rush later

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You've got to laugh once a day.

Because a day with sunshine is like.....


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Did you mean a day WITHOUT sunshine is like...night?

Just wondering if it might be some Neurotypical form of humor.

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I did mean "without".  Not much of a typist.  But I'm an excellent driver

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This is un-fucking real. These markets reek of desperatation and thats how you know something is about to break or is already fucking broken. They used to levitate the trading day with a POMO, not it's just hot smelly air.

Ten years ago I just never imagined this could happen. Just utter corruption and manipulation. You have the president kicking the NY attourney genneral off the mortgage settlement case and a few days prior he fires the head of S&P. It's just surreal. I feel like we're living in an episode of the Twillight Zone and it feels very lonely cause 99% of the people around me have no clue.


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Read my mind especially the last sentence.

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I saw the end of the day and couldn't believe it. It looked like everyone went to sleep from 11am to 2:30PM then all of a sudden the floodgates opened at 3:58.

I just can't believe every news outlet hasn't come out and exposed the total outright manipulation of the market. You can even tell that every commenter on CNBC doesn't believe a single word coming out of their mouths, but they are paid to use language that support the market ramp job, so...


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< ---  Lauging because of the shooting war that has broken out between ZH & Roubini on Twitter.

Roubini is drunk on Keynesian Fruit Punch this afternoon and is lauding the magical qualities of government stimulus.

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I love this one by Roubini: 

Keynes was 100% right: 7 of 9 academic/econometric studies of fiscal stimulus prove it worked. Hacks w/o PhD shut up

If Keynes was 100% right, then wouldn't the studies have been 9/9?

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Didn't the Hacks _with_ PhDs get us into all this trouble?

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with math like 7/9=100% .. does that answer your question?

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Here is a man who sees clearly + 10

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As Zero Hedge replied, when Roubini brought up the ad hominem and red herring of PhD in economics, how did that PLUS nuclear physicists work out for Long Term Capital Management, or Enron (where Krugman provided consulting services)?

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If Keyenes and the current administration are right, and Anti-Zetuni cardz (EBT cards) are "stimulative" to the economy, well, then we ought to have more, more, more.

  • Publix in FLA: "We accept EBT"
  • Kroger in TX: "We accept EBT"
  • in CO: "We accept EBT"
  • Shaws in MA: "We accept EBT"
  • in CA: "We accept EBT"

and the beat goes on.

What a waste.  Unsnarl the enployment rules, job formation, company formation, etc.  Wasted time is wasted lives.

How many wasted lives?  Get up, go to work, get a sucky check (w/gov't vig way too  high).  But at least be a man/woman.  Out from under the scheme for < 1/2 of your life, at a best guess.

Many of my dark green bubbaz were so disgusted with this whole mess, well, they found a way out.  But it took serious ballz to do so.

pisses me off, don't cha' know.

- Ned

Do all y'all think that this pisses me off?  WASTED HUMAN POTENTIAL!!


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Hope Tyler takes that flabby Keynesian Roubini to task.  Put his face on the mat.  Fight club demands it.

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Roubini couldn't trade himself out of a paper bag, f*cking clueless guy. 

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Don't think it's impossible that guys like Roubini would like to see the US fail. Put it another way. I don't trust him or guys like him anymore.

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Guys, guys, Roubini successfully predicted 18 of the last 3 recessions, and 14 of the last 5 recoveries.

Let's put things in perspective.

And yes, he has a PhD in the most dismal science of all.