The Trannies Have Spread Wide Open

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Presented with little comment but the Dow Transports are now around 5% out of line relative to the impervious Industrials over the short-term and on a longer-term basis are sending some rather concerning signals that we have seen before...

LT Industrials vs Transports...


and short-term it is becoming quite pronounced...especially post-Draghi


Charts: Bloomberg

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The Trannies Have Spread Wide Open



Fooled me...I thought this was another Secret Service article.

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"Past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes."

"Current market structure has evolved."

"Other DOW components have established power to remain decoupled."

"This time is different!"



"Ouch ... my portfoli-hole hurts."

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I didn't read the headline carefully enough the first time. I thought it said "The Tyrannies Have Spread Wide Open." My first impulsive thought was to wonder who was brave enough to expose the inner workings of our government and its cronies. I'm relieved that I was mistaken. I don't think that the public could handle the truth.

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Chugga-chugga, choom, choom.


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Brilliant. Headline of the month for sure. LOL

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bullish....blame it on the TSA perverts

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The Trannies Have Spread Wide Open


For a minute there I thought I was going to be directed to an SEC porn site. But then I realized the midgets were missing.

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Woah, woah, woah.  It really was just a misunderstanding.  The transmission had gone bad in my car, so I thought I'd fix it myself.  Looking for instructional videos, I searched for "Bad Trannies", and after the 5th video I realized they had nothing to do with car transmissions.

-SEC Lawyer

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As we all know, the transportations lead in recoveries.  Yay.

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Clearly this is short term bullish!



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maybe they'll kiss again at 10k/4k?

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Looks like a year to go before the superslide if the pre-2008 divergence is anything to go by. Which it probably isn't, but still ... this can be a slow burner.

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Trannies. Midgets?

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Perversion in finance leads to uh more perversion ?

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No reason to bring Professor Bernanke's nighttime activities into the public light.  What happens on the West Side stays on the West Side.

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Nothing to see here, people.  Please keep moving.

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when those impacted inventories start flowing all at once, you'll be gladUdid!

slewie intel notes secret plans for a water ballet of unicorns to go on the road and fix everything (formerly known as 'back to skool');  now, they will hafta borrow more money to get there:>  what a set-up!

to students everywhere:>  bong-HO.000.000. BiCheZ!

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whens the next leg down...getting hungry

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But it's still an efficient market, right?

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The most depressing thing about trannies is when their penis is bigger than mine.

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"Hey, whad'ya rent?"

"Best of Both Worlds.  You should see the box.  Beautiful chicks with dicks that put mine to shame."

"And you rented this?!"

"Hey, I like to expand my horizons."

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This is just a algo programming glitch.  The SEC will be issuing a new ruling shortly.

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Dow Theory non confirmation bitchez!

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Yeah, and if that chart plays out the same way, then it would appear we're still at least a year out from the crash. 

I wil be completely insane by that point.

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Doc keeps sayin I have to have "goals".

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Funny, I'm starting to hear that from others around here too. Must be the newest version of "healthcare."

Better yet, they have to get it on paper in order to create a measurable metric.

Stupid allopaths; always substituting gimmicks in an effort to hide their lack of understanding of how to STAY healthy.

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Probably depends on who wins the election.  Obama will crush all hopes of a better tomorrow from business (the people that hire, write pay checks, etc.).  Romney will get a huge bounce until reality hits home.

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Yes, I have learned that the market can stay irrational much longer than I can stay sane.

The main problem is the imperfect correlation with the economy.  And that is more true now than ever with CB intervention. 

A truly free market economy / stock market would be much more fun to "play".

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I seriously doubt that it will take that long this time.  We are NOT in the same condition as we were in the 06-08 drift prior to the crash, we are in a much worse position.  Trans are based in reality, Inds are manipulated HOPIUM.

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Like this one isn't too late to trade (except for writing covered calls closer to currents)

Isn't another decilne already priced in? 

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nothing sadder than unloved trannies

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sittin there on the tracks, with noone to push them from behind, and no "load" to carry.


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wanting to pull a train but alas nothing but an empty caboose

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Well, now, this is some interesting imagery.

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Great article title!

Enter the Scissor Sisters; the world's biggest tranny loving band:


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Put your shorts back on the trannies have left the barn.

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most excellent headline!


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Manipulation to sucker in shorts. It's all smoke and mirrors.

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we are going to need some news event out of europe if the bears have any hope here..otherwise 1425 spx in a few days looks like a done deal..

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Good catch.  I was just noticing this negative divergence earlier this morning.  Not bullish for equities.  Or, given the central planning, maybe it is bullish for the trannies.

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Trannies and TBTFs are acting all kinds of erratic.  Neither give a refund:

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too