Treasury Responds, Says Very Few Of Its Officials Use Taxpayer Money To Solicit Hookers So You Must Acquit

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And here we were, making a big stink about Treasury employees using taxpayer money to buy hoes.

From The Treasury:

Letter to the Editor: Deputy General Counsel Responds to Reports on Isolated Incidents of Misconduct at Treasury


In response to an article in The Hill about isolated incidences of misconduct at Treasury, Deputy General Counsel Christian A. Weideman submitted the below letter to the editor. Treasury’s Inspector General earlier today also released a statement, which can be found here.


July 16, 2012


Dear Editor:


The story in today’s edition of The Hill about Treasury Department Inspector General reports regarding employee misconduct—together with your reporter’s statements on television this morning—creates a misleading impression of widespread unethical behavior at this Department.  This is simply not accurate.  


Here are the facts.  The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) recently released 11 investigative reports covering conduct that occurred as early as 2000.  In four cases, the OIG concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegations.  In one case, the misconduct was committed by a private citizen (a Treasury office was burglarized).  That leaves six cases in question.  Although any misconduct is unacceptable, this is a small number that does not fairly reflect a Department with tens of thousands of employees. None of the employees at issue were political appointees or senior officials, and there is absolutely no evidence of any pattern or trend.


Unfortunately, in all institutions of every size, there are some employees who act inappropriately.  Treasury takes these matters very seriously and does not tolerate any misconduct.  Treasury has an extensive ethics program, and senior leadership continually stresses the importance of integrity throughout the entire Department.  Moreover, one of the core and routine functions performed by the OIG is to investigate allegations of employee misconduct.  When allegations of wrongdoing arise, we work closely with the OIG to make sure that any allegations of improper conduct are investigated quickly and that those who have committed misconduct are disciplined pursuant to the law and Treasury rules.


Here, as your story notes, the OIG referred all six cases to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for potential criminal prosecution.  As Treasury’s Inspector General also stated, however, the actions of a few should not tarnish the vast majority of employees who comply with government ethics laws. Accordingly, we believe that sensationalizing these reports—in an apparent effort to attract attention—is irresponsible and does a disservice to Treasury, the Inspector General, and the overwhelming majority of the Department’s employees, who serve the American people with professionalism, diligence, and integrity.


Christian A. Weideman

* * *

And there you have it: much ado about nothing. Now if only the head of the US Treasury would be so kind as to advise if in his expert evaluation of the US Tax code, whether spending taxpayer money for recreational whore purposes amounts to a business expense, then no ends will be loose.

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and whether or not he sends those hoes 1099s at the end of the year

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Silly Zero Hedge, everyone knows the only real road to recovery is through higher aggregate demand.

More whores = more aggregate demand.

Treasury = creating wealth effect here.


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It's a trial balloon. Not everyone used taxpayer money for hookers. There were several days we didn't manipulate LIBOR. Well, a few at least...and there was that one day we didn't manipulate the PMs prices. JP Morgan once thought about marking the CDSs appropriately. Seriously, you cannot possibly prosecute based on such thin cases...

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Of nobody's guilty then fire the whole fucking lot because most people who have jobs like that with no accountability, abuse the shit out of them.
Or if boss at least find about 75 people who crossed me, pissed me off, I didn't like and perp march then down the Apian Way for Crucifixion.
Make damned sure the peasantry got it's blood lust filled.
Praise the New Versailles.

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Treasury has an extensive ethics program

Yes, obviously.

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Today's top stories in Washington Post:

4. Secret Service guy says to sentencing Judge, "What the fuck.  We never expensed OUR hookers."

3. Holder testified again to Congress today.  He said categorically that he has never even SEEN a hooker.

2. Gore just wrote his memoirs.  Says there are no hookers in Portland.  Only crazy poodles.

1. Edwards split up with Rielle.  She said she's going to work for the Obama campaign because they pay cash.

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Cue OJ with the glove half on his hand.......grinning like a MF'er.


It's's just a matter of time.


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Treasury has an extensive ethics program, and senior leadership continually stresses the importance of integrity throughout the entire Department.








and aristotle thought humans the only animal to know embarrassment


without which is humanity . . .  i n e r t

satire, impossible

comedy unconscionable


dirt, motherfuckers

as the political animals cannibalize the others, ashamed

Colonial Intent's picture

An ethical man feels guilty about sleeping with your wife.

A moral man does'nt sleep with your wife.

i-dog's picture

Just a few bad apples...well, quite a few...actually, quite a lot...oh fuck, this whole barrel is rotten to the core!!

BTW, the banks will be taken down ... by The Pharisees That Be!! This is step one, and it's now in progress.

There will be no private banking in the NWO. No need for it. Single currency...central state allocated subsistence payments (ie. universal food stamps) private capital. That's why the banks will be taken down in the final stage. We are in the final stage.

Time to stop whining and name-calling and to start discussing how each community can take steps to avert the wholesale central takeover of political and financial control of our lives. Soonish, folks ... very soonish!

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"This is a small number, and does not relect fairly a Department blah blah blah bullshit whiny excuse..."

It's a big enough number for a DOJ prosecutor looking to shut down a political opponent to bring a case to trial for a "pattern of criminality", last I checked. Fuck those Treasury bastards! RICO their sorry asses!!

old naughty's picture

let's see, whoring is as ancient as humanity, the say (almost primal?)...

and wealthbuilding is greed, also as ancient as humanity, altho not primal...

well, I will accept the correlation. ;p

Stoploss's picture

and there is absolutely no evidence of any pattern or trend.

Except for all the Valtrex scripts.

jez's picture

More whores = more aggregate demand.


But aren't you forgetting about Bastiat's broken whores fallacy? Windows. I mean windows.


Money diverted into whores (if I can put it that way) is money not diverted into more productive areas of the economy. Choom, teleprompters and FEMA camps are just three examples that spring to mind.

Sophist Economicus's picture

I especially like the defense ALWAYS used by government that you cannot judge the actions of an entire entity because a few bad apples did something wrong.


Now, where have I heard this argument lately, and where did a bunch of political hacks act outraged that such a similar defence was untenable....Hmmmm, let me think hard,....Oh yea, Barclays....

Aziz's picture

Choomwagon = More aggregate demand.

Dr. No's picture

Whores work for the money.

Normalcy Bias's picture

It's tragic that Johnny Cochran is no longer around to defend these "Johns" and get his rhyme on...

Arnold's picture

Entities that self audit and self investigate are always so insightful.

FieldingMellish's picture

Ah yes... the Chewbacca defence.

bob_dabolina's picture

The Treausury treats it's women like it treats it's tax payers.

Dr. No's picture

At least they got paid.  We get screwed without a thank you.

erheault's picture

It had to be the janitors doing all of this misconduct as our sterling employees would never violate a law! They all are a batch of goof offs and hangerons to the political machine that is ruining our nation.

El's picture

Treasury takes these matters very seriously and does not tolerate any misconduct.  Treasury has an extensive ethics program, and senior leadership continually stresses the importance of integrity throughout the entire Department.

Really??? Who is he trying to kid? Bwaaaaahahahahahaha! Now tell me another one.

XitSam's picture

Senior leadership as in Secretary of the Treasury Timothy "Tax Cheat" Geithner?

American34's picture

“Give me your Trust”, said POTUS on high,

“For on my shoulders I support the sky.”

“Trust me to know and to do what is best,

And I will take care of and fund the rest.”


But Trust is the color of a deficit growing.

Trust is the color of hard work slowing.

Trust is the color of freedom's last breath.

Trust is the color of Death.


“Give us your Trust," said Congress on its thrones,

“For we must bear these burdens all alone.”

"Trust us to lead and to judge and to rule,

And no man will think you a fool.”


But Trust is the sound of a dead country’s bark.

Trust is the sound of betrayal in the dark.

Trust is the sound of a freedom's last breath.

Trust is the sound of Death.


"Give me your Trust," said the Senate on high,

"For under our rule you shall not die.”

"Trust us to shield you from the world's dark hand,”

"And we will protect the land."


But Trust is the touch of the weak and the failing.

Trust is the touch of the freedom’s light waning.

Trust is the touch of a freedom's last breath.

Trust is the touch of Death.


"Give us your Trust," said the Government’s hordes,

"And we will protect you by law and by sword.”

"Trust us to stand in service to the Light,”

"And we will serve with might."


But Trust is the scent of a battlefield's woes.

Trust is the scent of what the debtor owes.

Trust is the scent of a country's last breath.

Trust is the scent of Death.


"Give us your Trust," said a Congress lacking life,

"And we will heal you of pains and of strife.”

"Trust us to be with you and stand at your side,”

"And we will hold your stride."


But Trust is the taste of a Dictator's kiss.

Trust is the taste of a slave man's bliss.

Trust is the taste of this country's last breath.

Trust is the taste of Death.


“Trust us with your funds,” said a Government divided,

“And we will ensure that all is provided.”

“Give us your rewards, from all your hard work,”

“Give us all that is earned from birth.”


But Trust is envied in air filled with fear.

Trust can be broken in moments, but is earned in years.

Trust is the last word that the free man speaks.

For now he’s a slave and is weak.


“Give us your trust,” it will always be kept.

“Give us your trust it is all you have left.”

“Trust us to rule and always provide.”

“Trust us or you will die.”


But Trust from the slave means nothing at all.

Trust is the sound of Freedom’s fall.

Trust is the sound of winter approaching.

Trust is the loudest of warnings.

robnume's picture

Once again, all I can say is - "Jump, Fuckers, Jump"!!!

nmewn's picture

If the used rubber don't fit you must acquit!!!

ziggy59's picture

To legit to acquit? I don't think so!

Bunga Bunga's picture

Finally I understand the term "government stimulus program".

caimen garou's picture

very few cases? sure thats just a few who were caught!

XitSam's picture

"In four cases, the OIG concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegations."  No evidence? Or insufficient evidence to refer for criminal prosecution?  Back to 2000? So is this blame Bush? Or maybe Clinton?  Six cases were referred to the US Attorney for prosecution? What were the outcomes? Convictions? Jail time? Were they even fired? Seems like the OIG only pursues cases that are referred, so how many ethical incidents were not referred? What were the GS levels of the offenders? Let us decide if they were senior officials.

indianajohns04's picture

what's this futures rally for?

ziggy59's picture

Are we talking the same government department that Turbo Tax Tim is Secretary? Just ask'n

alfred b.'s picture


    So I guess that was what Barry meant when he told the entrepreneurs that they did not do it by themselves:   the gunerment was there to supply the internet, rent the vehicle, build the road to get you there and dim the lights.....goood job brownie.

    Plse tell me, do u have anything in blond, 5'2".....for wednesday.





DavosSherman's picture

Participating in counterfeiting and fraud.

Now hookers.

Shocked I tell you.  Just shocked.

nah's picture

so it wasnt rape

world_debt_slave's picture

Alexander Hamilton, First Treasury Sec. set the tone that has been followed ever since.

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Today, Hamilton would be CEO of Goldman Sachs.

i-dog's picture

Exactly. That Jesuit motherfucker should have been shot! Oh, wait....

nmewn's picture

"...should have been shot! Oh, wait...."

Ah yes, the good ole days...

q99x2's picture

Hookers to Canadian politicians are so hot that: The Canadian dollar is melting

Son of Loki's picture

They sent in the s*cret service agents ot investigate:





JohnKing's picture

The taxpayer would better served if all they did was kill time with hookers.

Hobbleknee's picture

If you got busted with a hooker, you would be arrested immediately.  If the government does it, they make "investigative reports" for 12 years, which are never released unless they get busted.

Ace Ventura's picture

"None of the employees at issue were political appointees or senior officials....."

Yeah, it's always the low-level 'non-senior' types who breach ethical standards. Just like in the military, where all the ugly stuff is only done by guys with embroidered stripes, never the paragons of virtue sporting metal rank pins.

Another example of how the establishment views us all as utterly clueless simpletons, who read something like the above quote and conveniently forget that Tax-cheat Timmah G. is THE most senior official at this wonderful organization.

Then again, would it really be surprising if the average ADULT boobus amerikanus has no idea who Timmah G. is? It wouldn't even surprise me if the average boobii believes the Treasury Dept. is where we keep all the 'sunken treasure' recovered from pirate and conquistador era shipwrecks.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Secret Service is a division of the Treasury Department. So is the Columbian prostitution scandal on the list as well?

Colonial Intent's picture

The coming presidential election pits a centrist Republican against a representative of the far right.

It is a sad fact that there is no good choice for liberals in November 2012.