Treasury Yields Plunge To All-Time Record Lows Across The Curve

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While it seemed somewhat inevitable given the trend, the dismal reality from Europe has sent investors scurrying for the 'safety' of the US Treasuries overnight. The entire yield curve has fallen to all-time record lows with 10Y trading below 1.40% and 30Y below 2.48%. 7Y - the seeming cusp of Twist - is below 90bps now and 2Y below 20bps. The shortest-dated T-Bills still trade around 4-6bps (as opposed to the deeply negative rates in Switzerland and Germany this morning with FX risk premia expectations, and Twist+, affecting this differential). Not a good sign at all - and definitely not yield curve movements on the basis of renewed QE as we see stock futures plunging to the old new reality (as those pushing dividend yields as the 'obvious move here may note that since Friday's highs, you've lost half a year's dividend as equity capital has depreciated 2%). Perhaps the sub-1% 10Y we noted yesterday is not such a crazy idea after all...

30Y - record low yields...

10Y - record lows - intraday

and remember equities remain a considerable way from any kind of relative reality (QE or no QE) to bonds...

Chart: Bloomberg

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Definitely not a bubble. 

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Right. The bubbles have stopped rising to the surface at this point.

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Bush's fault.

Now's a good time to buy.

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Lower rates means capital is getting destroyed.  New borrowers (few in number vs. borrowers in total) have a tremendous advantage.  This is a big distortion that destroys capital...

And of course hits savers hard.  What's next: 10-year bonds to 1.0%?  Ugh.

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Bubbles in a drowning market. 

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Step right up and get paid negative yield by the US Govt for their bonds, Talk about a Ponzi scheme....Just watch, this is going to happen soon. 

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It's as if there was a European ship that sank slightly earlier than the Titanic and the the european life boats raced straight to it.

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Purple NiRPle.  Ouch.

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"the seeming cusp of Twist"


Very poetic.  Shakespearian.  Nice way to start another Freaky Monday. 

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Remember the bus bomber in Bulgaria?  That was so long ago.  Will he be on "Where are they now?" some day?


And in other seemingly less important news:

California Police Shoot at Women and Children in Protest


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Now that's a business model worth funding.

Pay me to take your money. The more you pay the less I give back.

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Let me see. I loan the government my money for ten years and I get 1.4% return, but actual inflation is around 7%. It sure doesn't seem like a very good deal for me.

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The characters buying Treasuries are yield-desperate: they crave anything that gives off cash, however little.  They can't speculate in gold, commodities, oil, real estate or anything at all that doesn't pay out $.  Thus this will go until a)the bond buyers go bust, or b)Bernanke loses control of real interest rates somehow...

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Even at official inflation rates (i.e. very low) it's a fucking shitty deal.

It's just bond flippers, like NASDAQ flippers in 2000. 


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Pension funds have two choices, shit sandwiches, or shit pies.

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There is also shit souffle but it must not be disturbed or it deflates.

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Seniors and Pension Plans are already feeling the pain of 0.09% return.

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But RoboTard said bonds were the way to go. He said they´ll enable him to move out of his moms basement...


People searching for the oxymoron of safe yield blowing the bubble larger and larger...

Kreditanstalt's picture

To where will the lemmings flee when it's the U.S.'s turn...?

Kreditanstalt's picture

Yes!  Which is what I'm ready for...  I don't know if I'll have more fun seeing my gold go to the moon in paper money or seeing pension fund recipients, insurers, hedge funds and mutual fundees faces when their payments are cut...

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NY open was kind to gold. Fear trade? Things might get back to normal soon... Now, if that damn bond bubble could pop already and we can get some real flight to saftey. 

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"safety" trade in everything US has to be the monster trade of all history.

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There HAS to be some punishment somewhere for Total Risk Avoidance.  LIFE is full of risks.  To the brave (should) go the spoils!  There must be a special place reserved in hell for those soaking up "riskless" bond income while sitting in armchairs...

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there is... it is called stockton.

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Print paper- Call it currency/money

Create bets called derivatives outside the banking system

Keep fooling the people. Give them Oprah, The Joker etc , ABCNNFOX CRAP and keep them occupied while the rug is pulled from under them

A government to fool the people, fuck the people and fix the people.

A government of the banksters, by the banksters and for the banksters.




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on the last chart.. 10yr/s&p

Good gosh look at that spread....




thats what she said..

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Maybe the risk-on (or desperate!) types are in the S&P e-mini etc....while the chicken (or cash-desperate!) big funds are in bonds.  Or maybe 99% of the S&P futures is simply seeking dividend yield...?  Who knows?  Maybe all these...

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1.4% with a -2% CPI = 3.4% real yield which is not all that bad.

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Interesting looks like a battle brewing

US 10-Year Yields Hit Record Low on Spain Fears

Investors expect the Fed to eventually decide to either make a third round of bond purchases, known as quantitative easing, or cut the interest it pays banks on their excess reserves.

 Expectations of the latter helped push the two-year Treasury yield below the 0.2 percent level for the first time since September


Treasuries Doomsday Is Four Years Away For Vanguard

Vanguard Group Inc., whose $148.2 billion of Treasuries makes it the largest private owner ofU.S. debt, says the nation has until 2016 to contain its borrowings before bond investors revolt and drive up interest rates.

“In the absence of a long-term credible plan, we are somewhere around four years away on where the markets are going to say ‘enough is enough,’” said Robert Auwaerter, head of theValley Forge, Pennsylvania-based Vanguard’s fixed-income group since 2003 and who this year was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Inc.’s Hall of Fame.


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At least the Chicago Fed had a positive report today. But UST continues to plunge and will likely be a turkey shoot today.

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But, but, but...where is RoboTard and his Church of the Holy Paper? Oh, I forgot, he´s a slow reader. Or just generally slow.

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Only feebleminded can buy EU or Treasury obligations. It became totally rediculous.

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This is insane. How could anyone lock up money in this environment for 10 years at just 1.45%??? I'd rather sit on cash and get zero. Over 10 years interest rates could easily go to 3, 6, 10% Then what would those treasuries be worth?

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Keep in mind, everyone, that Treasuries are "storage devices" for cash that are (at least nominally) 100% safe.  When you say "sit on cash,"  think of the practical limiations on such a proposition - where exactly do you put quantities of cash in excess of FDIC insurance limits? I believe this is essential to understanding the market for Treasuries.  To me, the difference between cash, which earns no return, and Tresuries, which earn little, is simply a matter of safekeeping.  Once you are the reserve currency, and the globe is flooded with electronic USDs, this "feature" of USTs is essential.  Where else would you put them?  And, they are favored collateral. Plus there is a market - no one needs to stay in for 10 years.  The cash is simply stored there and available at a moment's notice, either by outright sale or as collateral for a loan, itself at low low rates. 

Flight to safety, and the simple practical problem of where does stash large piles of USDs in a liquid investment is your answer.   The rates are due to the flight to safety, the continuing evidence of global slowdown/depression and looming QE3.  

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Jim Willie predicted this happening in his June 27 Hat Trick letter:


The USFed in its growing desperation (hardly infinite wisdom) has been attempting to control the rising cost structure by means of a steady concerted effort to render deep harm to final demand through economic damage. They will succeed, but cause a downward spiral that cannot escape the powerful clutches of capitalism gone into reverse. The central bank clowns will win a USTreasury Bond rally to bring about the final collapse all in a Black Hole. As the 10-year TNX yield zips below 1.5% and heads toward 1.0% in the future months, as the recession gallops along and enjoys recognition, the systemic failure will be more evident.

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SPX bearish weekly chart strengthens: an important development.

As mentioned on Friday, SPX downleg continues.

Useful SPX weekly chart at my blog.