Treja Vu: Bond Market Starts Year With Third Consecutive "Dash For Trash" Surge

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A few days ago, we noted how in light of the most recent temporary bout of market insanity, which has seen the worst of the worst companies broadly outperform risk, one should go long the 30 most hated companies in the US as determined by the short interest to float ratio. We ourselves are unsure if this was a mock recommendation, or the only way to make money in a time when short covering is the only viable trading "strategy." Now as it turns out, precisely the same approach of pursuing the biggest losers has worked in the bond world as well. As the following graphic from Reuters shows, the three best performers of the year in rates, is 10 Year paper from Ireland, Italy, and, yup, Greece, all of which have returned over 4%. The US? Down 0.7% YTD. Why the divergence? Simple - the market is fully positioned for continued massive balance sheet expansion out of Europe which at least for the time being appears to have been passed the baton of monetary irresponsibility. At least that is what the market prices in. That and some ridiculous amount in one the next 3 year LTRO next month (which however does nothing at all to fix solvency, and in fact merely makes the day of reckoning even more painful when it starts - what happens in 3 years: the ECB is forced to do a €100 trillion 7 day MRO every week to roll the entire European balance sheet on a weekly basis?). Whether the market be disappointed, we will known in just under 6 weeks. Either way, here is what bond returns look like Year To Date. For anyone hit by a case of treja vu, you are not alone: this is precisely the same pattern we have seen for the third year in a row. What happens next is well known.

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firstdivision's picture

USG10 is dumping now.  Wonder who's dumping it?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Good question, PIMPCO or institutional investors?

firstdivision's picture

Bonds dumping...oil!?  AUD seems to be moving in lockstep with the 10Y, and the Sterling is off to the freaking races.

Spitzer's picture

It doesnt seem to matter. US paper is magical.

PIMCO can dump all of their treasuries, Russia can dump half of theirs and the price goes up.

Village Smithy's picture

They are testing Benny's resolve. BTFD.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

The worst is really the best. -Ancient Asian secret.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Could not have said it better meself Gene. As I learnt yesterday, Mundus velt decipi, ergo decipiatur.



disabledvet's picture

"dogs of the Dow" goes global. I like dogs of course. Sure they eat their poo...but while we hate them for that we love them anyway.

Spitzer's picture

US paper is the real dash for trash because its a bubble. Euro paper is not in a bubble

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This is just all full retard, everyone piling into negative real yield bonds, sopping them up like bisquits and sausage gravy at a truckstop, moron-like exuberance in stocks....'because surely another bailout will be soon arriving'....hey everyone can have fun playing with these helmeted retards in the sand box, I'll just be watching with my PM's.

Dr. Engali's picture

I think I'll buy some junk so that they can give me a 50 % haircut. You never go broke taking a profit....the sellers of this shit that is.

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Moral Hazard pays well, i see.

chinaboy's picture

The so called 'efficient' world wide bond market get drunk almost everyday (starting at the begining of every trading day).

DOT's picture

The so called 'effluent' world wide bond market....

That sucking sound is the Fed saying "Thank-you"

OldE_Ant's picture

Just another day at the FEDhole...

Where our motto IS:

YOUR price is, OUR price!

YOUR trash, for OUR CASH!

(with salesman fast caveat voice)


Come again soon with your next pile of Toxicity.

We here at the FEDhole actually DOOOOOO like SH1T!NG A$$et$.

The more the better!

orangedrinkandchips's picture