Tremonti Unexpectedly Cancels Public Appearance, Returns To Rome

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Just a headline from Bloomberg for now:


Will Tremonti finally resign and tell his idiot of a boss to shove it? Or will he declare the truth about Italy's toxic death spiral. Either way, the market can not wait to find out. More as we see it.

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CrashisOptimistic's picture

One of his mistresses is pregnant.

No big deal.

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Bitchez... Don't forget Japan ... $10 Trillion DEBT.


None of this phoney fiats Paper Can ever be repaid.

Run to Real Assets, Commods, GOLD !!!

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At the accelerated rate of this eurozone unwind i can't see QE3 to the Nth helping hold it all together.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Being down 2.5% is not "Black".  Just part of the relentless inevitable.


redpill's picture

Watching Europe these days is like watching the videos of stumbling mad cow-infected cattle. Staggering and rolling uncontrollably.

The US is meanwhile akin to the detective at the end of Silence of the Lambs, highly drugged and seemingly lucid whilst being fed cooked bits of his own brain.

One big happy global family.

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

The US Debt Limit was increased from $14.294 trillion to $14.694 trillion effective August 2, 2011.

Last Monday, it was $14.697.415.

What will it be tomorrow ?  

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Interesting, how CNBC -- the "actionable financial news network" -- broke its holiday programming schedule of high-margin hair removal infomercials to "cover" today's algo carpet-bombing sortie of the European stock markets.

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Addendum: Alas, at 12:00 EST, CNBC broke off EuroCarnage coverage ( but they had to shoehorn one last, late interview with Roubini via Brussels ), and returned to their regular scheduled holiday fare:

Amusingly -- "How I Made My Millions."

Flounder's picture

The German Dax is now down 30 fcking percent since May 11.^GDAXI


Waffen's picture

ZH "Look, you stupid Bastard. You've lost 30%"

DAX "No I haven't"

ZH "Look!"

DAX "It's just a flesh wound."

lizzy36's picture

Rumors of a downgrade. Moody's.

They put Italy on "downgrade review" in the middle of June.

Timing works.

Dick Darlington's picture

Add to that the looooong overdue downgrade of the still governmentless Belgium. S&P put them on watch for downgrade in last december. And if i remember correctly, Moody's put also Spain on watch for downgrade during the summer.

New_Meat's picture

bbbbbbut, Sudden Debt said it was "NO PROBLEMO!"

Mountainview's picture

Look at the Italian CDS and you know why he felt homesick!

Dick Darlington's picture

It's quite telling that the cds market never bought the ecb's cash bond manipulation. Just one more reminder of the cold hard fact that the emperor doesn't have clothes.

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BTW aren't some BTP bids due in this period?

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What did just cause the spike in EUR/USD, AUD/USD, AUD/JPY ? Intervention?

Clint Liquor's picture

Intervention? Of course not! That would be currency manipulation and only China does that.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Is Italy even a real country?

Gandalf6900's picture

I strongly resent that, and might ask the same about the USA

cowdiddly's picture

Yes it looks like a Boot. a German Jack Boot.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Whereas the USA acts like a German Jackboot around the world.

snowball777's picture

A no European countries would ever stoop so low as to attempt world empire?

You twinkies are like a washed-up elderly man complaining about the lotharios that can still get some action. Pathetic, bitter, and one foot in the grave.

Bringin It's picture

Snowball, that's a retarded comment.  Jackboots, stomping people around the world under jackboots = bad.  Bad for the people getting stepped on.  Bad for the majority of Americans who've had their Republic hijacked.

Can you understand that or do you still feel the need to get some?

Instant Wealth's picture

Negative - it´s a way of life.

Ghordius's picture

Like Germany, It's a 150 year old political experiment.

Compare to the age of the USA or the EU experiments.

ISEEIT's picture

Somebody just went full retard. Risk got pumped. About to get dumped.

DefiantSurf's picture

and........POOF!'s gone

MiningJunkie's picture

"La Dolce Vita" e morte...MORTE !!!

gwar5's picture

La Dolce morte.  Amore morte, like a big pizza pie.




thunderchief's picture

The best thing we could do for this world is to shut down Wall Wtreet for a year. 

Then we could all wake up one day and see what is reality and what is BS...

I guess we should all be thankful for LaborLess Day though...

Threeggg's picture

But, what about all the paper pushers' jobs ?

snowball777's picture

I guess they'll have to learn a useful skill.

Landrew's picture

So wrong, shut down Wall Street! That is what has been wrong with Wall Street! Wall Street has been shut out of real price discovery for years now. What we need is getting back to real unprotected price discovery! The vacuum in Wall Street will cause the largest crash in history. A 30% single day event would not be out of the question. The same can be said of protected housing prices. The lack of real pricing has delayed the REAL RECOVERY.

falak pema's picture

So wrong???

You think 'you the people' can take back WS from the Oligarchs???

Dream On....Its their garden of evil, not of Allah or any other deity that transcends us!

Yes, it has to be regulated to the nth degree. Or it'll regulate us, the people,  to the nth degree...

Oh regional Indian's picture

I think the Vatican is going to be sweating a little. But it's not those cheating, thieving Italians its' worried about. It's the other Catholic bastion, Espania that is gasping. All this Italian drama is cover.

What makes a CB strong? Gold holdings. What are Italy's gold holding's? Exactly.

And what did Spain to it's gold? Exactly. England under Brown does not count. They have more physssss on that little island than the rest of the world combined.

It's Spain. And trimonte, too funny. Like Three Card Monte.

Any Spaniards with some info? Some dirt? Some Santandar love? Who after all do you think forced Brazil's hand last week? Exactly! ;-)


Gandalf6900's picture

italy has over 2000 tons of gold...or does it?

Oh regional Indian's picture

What do you think, Italian Wizard? Does it?


luigi's picture

Could well be unless they underwent some thungsten-cure in Fort-Knox, where we have a wealthy stock of our gold stockpiled... An offer we couldn't refuse, you know...

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Part of the Ialian gold is in the UK but most of it is in Fort-Knox. So, it's for sure well taken care of !!!!! 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Indeed Pizza! I just read today that India's famous 200 tonne purchase might be perfect Gold/Tungsten bricks also.

Trust, it's what's for breakfast!

gwar5's picture

Italy is going down the tubes, but they'll do it the Milan way, with style. Looking good is always better than feeling good. Shoes are key, look great, but not made for running away from trouble. 




max2205's picture

That was good for a 1% bounce... Till the why comes out

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morning sep 23rd - German Bundestag vote for EFSF

afternoon sep 23rd - The Pope visits/speaks to the Bundestag


Cmon Italy ... breathe ! ... just a few more days !

Irish66's picture

German Development comments...oh my

HyperLazy's picture

TREMONTI is heading for da bunker via da choppa.