Trichet Repeats Call For European Finance Ministry, Abdication Of National Sovereignty

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Lunitics running the asylum

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What non-Europeans too easily forget is how economically competitive against one another all the member states of the EU are.  There is no way that they would relinquish sovereignty unless forced to.   It would be tantamount to losing a competitive advantage against the other countries. 

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Abandon the experiment before they blow up the lab!!

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This will sell like frankfurters east of the Rhine;)

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 No, no.


As the experiment is blowing up, the lab clearly needs to be bigger.


Even the Vatican says the lab needs to be bigger - but it should be the whole world.  Calvi spoke from the grave.  Special phone.

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Abandon the experiment before they blow up the lab!!

But everything has worked flawlessly so far. What could possibly go wrong?


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What could possibly go wrong? Funny you should ask. What if Goldman Sachs took control of Europe?

After all, Tricky said, "For countries that lose market access, the current approach of providing aid against strong conditionality is justified." Translation: "Maastricht Treaty don't mean nuthin until we have a political union with the ECB in control."

Who takes over after Trichet? Mario Draghi, Goldman's operative in Italy.

So Tricky calls for European states to yield their sovereignty to the ECB, which in turn defers to Goldman Sachs.

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GDP of Hungary is equal to Germany don't ya know.

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Kit Juckes from Societe Gererale, Head of Foreign Research on Bloomberg sasy U.S. will pay.

Kit Juckes says they need 2 trillion.  Hello Big Ben. They are calling you.

And they wonder why everythng is rigged for the rich.

It just gives me a warm feeling knowing I am paying for the bonuses of the European Banksters.

Just after paying for Lloyd Blankfein's 100 million dollar bonus.

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tyler is a one  dimensional fool,   aka  an  idiot,  the  frigging  dow  prob  goes  to  20000  in  some  kind  of  an ersatz   dollar,  but  could  we  perhaps  grow  up.stop   humiliating  yourself.

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Follow the debt, the equity prices are just the magician's off hand.

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The dream of pan European US citizens...

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great idea, at least everyone speaks the same language. :roll:

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If you think his idealism is foolish, just imagine Europa was going to be the seat of Anti-Christ. Amazing the dreams that real labor has to support. Oh well I guess well see what happens to the dream of multi-cult next?

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Too long for algos to read.  Resume climb.

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Someone pulled the plug in the tub, algos are trading on vapour.



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Give it 90 minutes.

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Things are obviously ridiculously hopeless in Euroland.  Which end is up?

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I PROMISE, the way this is playing out there will not be a day after tomorrow for the euro. It is over, remove the respirator already.

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Isn't this the ascendancy of the 'Fourth Reich'?

Aided and abetted by French Vichy?

Endorsed by the Catholic Church?

Haven't I heard this before somewhere?

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It's incredible that this lying, incompetent criminal has the nerve to say that the solution to the problem he and his ilk created is for all of Europe to abdicate their national sovereignty to the same cartel that wrecked the continent's finances.

Trichet would have the EU match the tyranny of the federal government in the US.  The unique cultures of the member states would give way more and more to a homogenous, soulless mass of debt slaves serving their banker masters.

Centralization and globalization have failed.  The results are all around us.  The larger and more complex the system gets, the more power and wealth get concentrated in the hands of the corrupt and incompetent.

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I disagree. Competence is successfully impementing your plans. Corrupt yes, incompetent no.

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well, he does need a new job, should we consider this an application for the position he is creating?

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Reminds me of a small boy walking home in the dark whistling loudly past the graveyard...

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I wanna see how Ze Germans swallow this

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I once read a comment that Germans don't riot in the streets.  They buy gold.  That's how Germans speak out.

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Only if you do something outrageous like renovate an old railway station ( when however your country gets sold down the river by the global banking mafia they tend to go watch 'dancing with the stars' like every other civilized nation

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We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it.

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Ze Germans are obviously ze only vons capable of keeping zer finances in orda. Zerfore ze otha European countries must forfeit zeir sovereignty to ze 4th reich!

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A long-winded rambling that attempts to bridge the gap between logic and complete insanity which, in turn, creates a fragmented perpetual loop dissertation of realistic non-solutions.

My guess? gets him a Nobel Prize in the "WTF?" category. (read: past winners - Krugman, Obama, etc)

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Translation; "We need to have a much bigger debate and much more time to discuss it"

My prediction, no immediate resolution, another set of meetings scheduled - rally on.  I mean why would anyone actually do anything when doing nothing is working out so well.?

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They cant actually deliver a set plan, carrots and sticks are working so much better!

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I hear greeks are leaving for Austrailia in droves, Long European airlines and Au apartment buildings.

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I heard down-under accepts any scum coming their way with open arms, after all the country was founded as a penal colony

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Kinda like Georgia USA....except with killer beaches and less inbreeding....

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They have gold apartment buildings in Austrailia?  Wow, I am in.

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Good, feed them into that housing Ponzi you got going down under. Keep that going before the AUD gets recognized for what it is: paper... I mean plastic.

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I suppose we Europeans have been dumb enough to go along with the situation thus far, why should our overlords not continue on with this nonsense.

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Haha nice idea, lets see the people of europe join together and become one with their brothers- its amazing they've gotten this far!!

Aren't we due a major war in europe right about now? Just checking my calendar.

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MS just shit itself

Huge candle on HYG about 10 minutes ago

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"European integration has banished the spectre of war from our continent, is always stressed."

As did the Imperium Romanorum.


Well, we already have a European Ministry of Truth, so why not one of finance then, eh?

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When Truth is not something you have to empirically prove but something regulated by bureaucrats and something you may very well go to jail for, you know something has to be amiss, when Big Lies are considered 'sacrosanct truths' and blatantly obvious facts outlawed you can only do 1 prudent thing, pack your bags and get out of Doge